Ho’oponopono is a genuine practice. It has several different teachings that have a similar theme. The idea behind ho’oponopono is to “make things right.”

I first learned about ho’oponopono back in 1996 from some truly spiritual teachers.

Then, back in 2004, I was given a course guide and several articles on a different flavor of ho’oponopono by a friend of mine in Mt. Shasta, California. It was both different and similar to the first brand of the practice I used 13 years ago. I liked Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len’s style and new angle right away. It added to the ho’oponopono I knew before.

Relaxing on remote beachThe issue with what is happening right now now is the mix between ho’oponopono as a spiritual practice and marketing.

While I am happy that Joe got the word out about ho’oponopono to a wider audience with Zero Limits, I am not so happy with the marketing of it. I think that the marketing will scare people away from the beautiful concept within of making things right. I think it should stay as a spiritual methodology and not be used as a money making technique. That’s not to say it can’t help you with making money, but I think the focus should be on the original message.

I am in the process of writing a new book on it bringing it back to its spiritual roots and away from the magic goodies it might bring.

In my humble opinion, Zero Limits, which is Joe’s version of ho’oponopono, is not telling it all. There is a big gap. But I think that when people get it, they will experience something incredibly profound.

Again, I don’t mean to be critical. I am VERY happy Joe listened to me at the NGH convention the second time I talked to him about ho’oponopono. I am very happy Joe has spread the word about it. But right now, I think it is my turn to clean it up.

Without sounding superior to Joe, I think that we can only describe a spiritual philosophy from the level we are at. Joe understands it from his level, and I understand it from mine. And I am more interested in the spiritual aspect of it than the money making or magic genie effect.

I am sure Dr. Hew Len can get it to an even deeper level than I could. When Joe and I would talk, I knew he was missing a big piece. But as I got into it, he would get very defensive and I would back down. That is a clear sign in coaching that someone is not ready for it yet. This missing piece has been a big bone of contention between Joe and me. I still hope and pray he gets it because it means so much to so many.

What i think I offer with my new book and DVD is another perspective that will make it come alive for all. I have seen it happen and am excited about teaching and sharing this.

When I filmed and edited Zero Limits 3 for Joe and Dr. Hew Len, I had to watch it over and over again to get it perfect for viewing. Something pretty amazing happened as I watched over and over again. What I thought I knew years ago… Ho’oponopono transformed into a whole different meaning for me.

I realized it was not about whether the process is true or not. It is about how you do the process.

I will be telling more about this in the near future.

Even though I never was paid for production, speaking, and I never received any percentage (of the massive amount of money made from Zero Limits) by Joe for anything he has done with Zero Limits seminars or products (except the subliminal DVD I created), I am still thrilled to see its entrance into the world grow wildly because of my contribution and introduction to Joe.

And I am even more excited to be able to take it to the next level in 2010.

This is going to be fun!!!

Note: this post was inspired by Dorothy’s comment here.



Mark J. Ryan

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