Mindset Matters

As we prepare for the Attract Wealth Seminar this weekend, I’ve had a lot of conversation with folks about the mindset of wealth. Kathy pointed out an interesting Oprah show she saw quite a while ago in which movie producers gave a homeless man $100,000 to see how it would change his life. The film producer even gave him the opportunity to visit a financial advisor… for free.

This man was given a new lease on life and an opportunity to start life anew.

The money changed his life experience considerably. He got a new $32,000 truck, made new friends, he even got married. He got an apartment and stopped living on the street.

A year later, though, the money was gone. The truck was gone. His friends disappeared when the money ran out, and his wife left him.

One year later, he was back where he started… going through dumpsters to collect aluminum cans for money.

What is the difference between the homeless man who was given an opportunity to live a prosperous life and others? Why was this man unable to capitalize on his opportunity… an opportunity that could have changed his life forever? What makes the difference?

We’ll explore how mindset matters this weekend at the Attract Wealth Seminar. But what do you think?

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  1. Mark,

    That is a great story and one I would not have understood on a deeper level a couple of years ago. Luckily, I have grown spiritually since then and I will therefore give my take on what happened with that man.

    There are basically two types of consciousness. Prosperity Consciousness and Poverty consciousness.

    When you are living from poverty consciousness, it really does not matter how much money you are given, you win or what you have. You wind up loosing it all, you wind up loosing your hapiness or health. The reason is the self limiting beliefs rooted in your mind (be it conscious or subconscious) are based upon fear and scarcity.

    If you are rich, you are constantly thinking about who is going to rip you off or how they are trying to do it. If you have a new significant other you are thinking about when they are going to cheat on you and whith whom. If you are healty you are always thinking about which form of cancer you are going to die from because you mother died of ovarian cancer etc…

    Because the Law of Attraction is CONSTANTLY WORKING and it does not discriminate it obeys what you put out… you wind up in Poverty…. Which we all know is the opposite of wealth (for those who think wealth is only money, think again! You can be rich and not be wealthy!)

    It’s a mindset, and the bottom line is if you are never happy, satisfied and no matter what you have,it’s never enough. Then the Universe keeps giving you more of ITS NEVER ENOUGH…

    RESULT: More often than not you wind up loosing everything.

    The person who lives from Wealh or Prosperity consciousness =-) ME! KNOWS that:

    Life is just a story, Its a game. It has ups and downs for everyone, its what you do with the situation that counts.

    Adversity equals opportunity, to grow and thrive. Think about it. If everything were perfectly tranquil all the time, how could you expand?

    People that live from prosperity consciousness understand this. Money is a tool not an end. Money by itself is PAPER.. And it does grow on trees by the way!

    Here is the biggie. WEalth is not money.It is measured by the satisfaction with what you DO have.

    It is waking up and being grateful that you have warm water to shower with and a warm cup of coffee. It is being grateful to be able to type these words with the knowing they may help someone wake up and realize that you need to be grateful for the NOW!

    Prosperity Consciousness is realizing that you are ALREADY WEALTHY! no joke! When you wake up to that….

    The millions of dollars you seek will rain down on you faster than you can put them in your purse…. And you will always have more than you need, actually, you already do…. Its just the waking up to it.

    So now that I have gone off on this rant… The bottom line is rather than hope for winning the lottery or someone giving you an opportunity to come into alot of money. What is far more valuable is to make the switch from Poverty to Prosperity …..

    Once you do that… You will win the lottery EVERY SINGLE DAY! I DO!!!!

    And the miracles continue… Day to day, minute to minute and I thank you, Joe and every other participant of the Attract Wealth SEminar this past weekend.

    p.s. Save my space as a guest speaker next year.=-)

    Thank you Mark for your dedication to helping your fellow man. You are an awesome guy!

    Love and Blessings,


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