Start Where You Are

What happens when you know you’re supposed to be doing certain work, but the money hasn’t shown up to support you while you do that work?

I was recently asked that question by someone who, while working in an office doing clerical work, knew her calling was in the healing arts. It’s a good question. You know your heart’s purpose, but the realities of daily life — bills, children, the mortgage — get in the way.

The first step in making any change is to start where you are. Even if you’re working in the most boring cubicle farm doing the most mind-numbing work, invite change into your experience. Ask for the Divine to show you places where you can start using your talents, your gifts, and applying your purpose. If you’re in the healing arts, maybe the person in the next cubicle ends up being a client, or maybe s/he knows someone who needs your talents.

The problem becomes when you think where you are doesn’t match up to your higher purpose. If you’re placing your trust in the Divine, then where you are — where you are right now — is the perfect place for you to practice your talent and give your gifts.

By taking the step of trusting that you’re in the perfect place, you let go of the belief that you’re blocked, and you begin to open to the Divine’s plan for you to actualize your talents and give more of them.

That small step of trusting that the Divine is there to work with you will do more to remove the blocks towards manifesting exactly what you want.

Start where you are, give what you can give wherever it is needed. Then the plans you make to transition to giving your gifts full time while being supported financially won’t seem like plans at all. They’ll unfold magically from a place of inspiration.

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