Proof The Secret Makes your Life Better

In the controversy surrounding The Secret, I have noticed people who adopted belief in the principles of the law of attraction seem to be happier to me than those who didn’t believe in its assertion. While this observation is quite unscientific, I may have found some scientific evidence that people who hold out for the Law of Attraction really are happier… biologically.

I have many friends and family members on both side of The Secret and the Law of Attraction… those that believe and those who say that it is bunk. I have noticed that those who continue to come up with arguments for why The Secret is bunk, those who say that things that people “Attract” can be very easily explainable, are not nearly as happy as those who believe they attracted the good or that a higher force has seen to it that they received it.

I am one of those believers. I am a believer who also believes firmly in practicality. Like my good friend Jerry Stocking says, “If it is easier to levitate your laptop by picking it up than using your powers, take the easiest way, levitate it with your hands.”

I am also practical enough that when I have an amazing synchronicity and some thing I have been wanting to attract falls into my lap, I don’t try to explain it away. Why? Because it makes me feel better to wonder, to be in awe about it. Yes, the awe of it all makes me feel better.

And that has been my argument to the non-believers. Leave them alone. If it makes their lives even the least bit better, then let them be.

I hear arguments back like, “Well, what about the guy who spent his paycheck trying to win the lottery by the Law of Attraction and his family is now broke?” I agree he is an idiot, and it is more likely that he attracted more idiocy, it was easier for him and he took the easy way, remember!

I am talking more about that person who is doing the best they can and then read a book on the Law of Attraction and amazing things begin to happen in their lives… different things… unique things… things that have not happened before they changed how they believe.

There is a mystery and an awe there that begins to make you feel better, and now there seems to be proof to back this up.

The Pleasure of Uncertainty
I was reading an article yesterday. The article discusses studies showing that when people get a gift out of the blue, they begin to try and figure out why. The think that the person might want something from them, etc.

The reason for this is the “uncertainty” of the event. Uncertainty can cause discomfort if we have to know why. The paradox of this is that once we explain it away, the pleasure that is possible with uncertainty can disappear as well. Yes I said that: The pleasure of uncertainty.

Studies are beginning to find out that the simple act of rationalizing events or using the rational parts of your mind can eliminate the pleasure and romance of the moment.

Am I suggesting that we turn it off all the time? Heavens no. But what if we are able to decide when to turn it on and off?

What I am saying is that when you receive an unexpected gift, don’t try to explain it. Don’t try to figure out why or reflect on the gift. Keep yourself in the dark. Marvel at the gift. Be in awe at your unexpected good fortune and the happiness you receive from it. The pleasurable feelings will do both your body and mind good.

If something will help you enjoy life more fully, take it and cherish it.

I remember the magic shows when I was a child that kept me in awe. Certainly there were explanations for the illusions I enjoyed, but it was the mystery and awe that kept me coming back every time. The pleasure I received from watching those shows lasted a long time. The thoughts of going to another show would bring me anticipatory pleasure; I would feel good thinking about it.

It happens in many areas of life. Think about that gift of uncertain attention from someone of the opposite sex you might have been attracted to. WOW what that would do to your system, the pleasure, why did he or she smile at me? Why did he or she look at me that way, say those things, etc. The mystery keeps the pleasure alive.

Many of us only tend to think about the negative side of uncertainty and all the things that could go wrong. But like all Laws the Law of Opposites say if there is a bad side…then there must be a good side. Where is your good side of uncertainty? and what gifts can you get from it?

The Secret and the Pleasure of Uncertainty
I have seen many people become alive by reading The Secret or other books on the Law of Attraction. Sure, they might not be attracting in a million dollars or winning the lottery, but they are beginning to experience pleasure in their bodies by playing with the principles.

Just by toying with the idea that you can attract your dreams by your thoughts puts you right smack dab in the middle of the pleasure principle of uncertainty. Pretty interesting huh?

And how much money could buy these people pleasure? If you are feeling down, how much might you pay to feel pleasure again?

Joe and I just completed the Attract Wealth Seminar in Austin, Texas, and we saw this effect over and over again. People who had not experienced any hope or pleasure begin to fell this pleasure.

Many people thanked us with tears in their eyes as they left. And the testimonials from people who have been experiencing a cornucopia of unexpected gifts that they become thankful for and stay in awe and mystery…and feel pleasure in their bodies.

How much is that worth? How much would you pay?

And it costs you nothing to simply feel better about your life. Well, sorry, it does cost you something: your old stuck beliefs. Are you willing to pay that price?

Remember that the mystery of the gift prolongs the pleasure. Even if you find out the reason at a later date and it wasn’t so special as you thought, at least you felt the pleasure while it was still a mystery. Sometimes ignorance can be bliss. The older I get, I find that I am more willing to take the door marked ignorance and bliss than right and miserable.

A little mix of both goes a long way.

One of the great things about hypnosis is that the change can occur at such a deep unconscious level that the conscious thinking mind cannot figure out what happened to cause the change. Those that try and figure it out don’t seem to get nearly as good of results as those that are happy with the change and can live with the mystery of it. Maybe this is one of the reasons hypnosis works so well.

We also get a lot of people writing us about our Subliminal Manifestation DVDs. People will invariably ask how the magic is done, and I write them back and ask them to hold off on that thought for a bit and enjoy the change in their body and mind for a while longer. Others write and say they don’t care what happened or how it happened, they are just very grateful for the change. These people seem to get the most pleasure from the change.

I remember someone telling me about how the Japanese eat seven-course meals. The size of each course would starve the average American. When asked, the Japanese would say that the pleasure was not in the meal but in the anticipation of the courses.

How can you begin to serve up anticipation and wonder and mystery in your life? You can start by not having to explain everything. What if you just took some time and made it a mystery and did your body and mind good in the now?

Here is one thing I know. We decided yesterday to have another Attract Wealth Seminar on January 9-11, 2009 in Austin, Texas.

We are leaving the guests and content a mystery for now and letting the universe pleasantly surprise us. We do know that half of the seminar will focus on attracting wealth from the inside and the other half will be on attracting wealth on the outside, in other words, practical ways to attain wealth.

We decided to do it right at the time people want to make the most change in their life – at the New Year and right before the country changes course with a new president. What a perfect time to change.

We also know we sold out the seminar last week and the room barely handled all of us, so we’ll be in a larger venue with even more like minded people.

We decided the price will be $795 for 3 days, but in our giving spirit said we wanted to give a super early bird special price of $500 to people who sign up now.

We will be going back to the $795 price eventually, so please register if you know you want to be a part of this life changing event in January.

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  1. Hi Mark,
    I certainly will join next year. I even would like to come on stage and tell my story as a surgeon. I use all your tapes and the Honoponopono mantra during my cancer procedures. I hope to have my book published this year , title, Secrets of a Successfull Surgeon ,Healing is my Passion..
    Jerry was tremendous , he is a modern Socrates! I made many friends.

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