Are you ready to live a fulfilling life?

  • Do you feel discontent
  • Do you know deep within yourself that there is more to life than what you’re experiencing?
  • Do you feel like you try, but you always fall short?
  • Do you feel like you get close to creating the life of your dreams, but that something stops you from fully actualizing that experience?
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John Overdurf Talks About Mark J. Ryan


60 Minutes
$ 150
  • Deep Focus
  • Get Clear
  • Powerful shifts


60-90 Minutes
$ 250
  • Focused session
  • New beliefs & habits
  • Powerful shifts


2-3 Hours
$ 500
  • Longer session
  • Mystical exploration
  • Spiritual meaning


6 Hour Intensive
$ 1500
  • Values redefined
  • Life-altering shifts
  • In-Person Intensive


The breakthroughs you've been waiting for

Sales Training

Connect with customers and prospects in meaningful ways.

Public Speaking

Motivate and inspire audiences.

Sports Performance

Individual and group performance improvement.

Leadership Development

Inspire and lead teams towards their greatness.

Spiritual Guidance

Discover who you really are.

Why Work with Mark?

Mark J. Ryan is a gifted coach with over 20 years of experience with thousands of coaching clients. Mark is an intuitive coach with extensive experience in hypnosis and NeuroLinguistic Programming. He is adept at intuitively delving into the patterns that block us from aligning to our best and highest good so that we can remove them and live more fulfilling lives.

Mark is the coach’s coach, the trainer’s trainer. The people who know this work, who help others become the best they can be, these are the people who turn to Mark for help when they need it.

Mark loves working with people who are ready for a change — the bigger the change, the better.

If you’re looking to really catapult your life to the next level of experience — whether you’re looking to take things to a larger stage or a deeper spiritual experience — Mark can help you get there.

Why NLP Coaching

We’re living in very uncertain times. Those uncertainties make life more exciting and more interesting, but it also makes things a lot more stressful. It’s almost as if a part of ourselves is pushing us to dig deeper for answers. We no longer have the luxury of sitting in a dead end job waiting for retirement to relieve us of the drudgery.

Some luxury that was!

How about fully living your life’s fullest potential? That’s the real luxury… and it’s a luxury Mark can help you tap into.

You’re going to have to do it anyway. We’re all in a place now where we’re being asked to really live our lives to our fullest capacity and potential. We feel that inner stirring within ourselves. And if we’re not feeling it within, we’re feeling it as external stresses. It seems as if everything is culminating now into a place where we have to really explore the depths of who we really are.

The Stress of Overwhelm

Let’s face it. We’re all overwhelmed these days with information. Many of us walk around with smartphones — devices in our pockets that can access the entirety of human knowledge. You need an answer? It’s right there in your hand.

We all have so much information, we often don’t know what to do with it. Our minds can only handle +/- 7 bits of information at a time… and that’s when we’re not feeling stressed. But add the overwhelm of too much information, then we are unable to focus on anything at all. It feels a lot more empowering to just walk away from it all.

Because we do have access to so much more information, we are being forced to learn how to develop capabilities of discernment in order to learn what is relevant and what is not much more quickly. Without the ability to prioritize what is important to our lives — what will make the biggest shifts and give us the biggest bang for our time and effort — we can find ourselves paralyzed.

This paralysis of information overwhelm can leave us feeling fearful, unfocused and confused. We can become depressed at the sense of not being able to fully create the life we want.