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Thriving in Chaos and Uncertainty with John Overdurf

John Overdurf InterviewManage and Thrive on Chaos and Uncertainty! Hello Everyone! What an Amazing seminar we had yesterday on Zoom! We had incredible feedback from people on email and Facebook on posts and through Messenger. Some folks were not able to get into the meeting… but here are resources and the recording which is the

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Mark J Ryan Experience Podcast

I am excited to be back and bringing you new content! It has been a busy year, and I have had a lot going on. I get into some of it on the new Podcast. I then get into some of the new podcasts i have planned which includes teaching, Interviews, new research and much

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Why people hire me: Getting Unstuck

… When people need to get unstuck, they hire me to help. Even if they’re not quite sure why they’re stuck, or what they’re stuck on, I help them get past it. Whether it is money issues, relationship issues, career, or life path, I help my clients quickly — within an hour or so —

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What is ho’oponopono?

Ho’oponopono, sometimes spelled Hoponopono, is an ancient Hawaiian healing practice that can change your life. It’s a rather simple practice, with a long history. How to pronounce ho’oponopono Lets start with the pronunciation it is HO – oh – Po-no – Po-no When it is all bunched together as one word it seems very hard

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What really matters

My good friend James is someone with whom I’ve shared many conversations about spirituality. He isn’t doing so well these days. He is living in a nursing home now as he’s having difficulty remembering. I visited him yesterday, and he didn’t recognize me. And yet, he did. “I know that I know you,” he said

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Timeless Forgiveness and Love

What does it mean to be timeless?

I taught Kathy some of the concepts related to the new DVD as they related to some sadness she’s been having. You see, she’s fostering these kittens, and they’ll be moving on this week. After two months of being a foster mama, she’s sad to see them go. They’re really adorable, but it is time

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Letting Go and the Law of Flow

I recently asked some of my email subscribers what patterns they most wanted to change. Many wrote to me about fear, procrastination, self worth issues, or the inability to manifest what they wanted. I have been meditating on the commonality in all of these responses, and how I can better serve my customers. I have been thinking

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Overcoming Fear of Failure

The Big Fail

I’ve been inundated with coaching sessions this spring. I know that a lot of people are going through some really rough stuff right now, so I discounted my coaching rate. Our economy is in a wobble, there is a ton of fear in the media, on top of the general changes in our consciousness that

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Could you become as successful as John Travolta?

This weekend, I watched an old video of John Travolta on Inside the Actor’s Studio. I had seen the interview years before and was struck by how well John Travolta managed his mindset in order to achieve great success in his life. It’s a great interview, if you have the time to watch it, you

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server room isn't really a matrix

You Cannot Go Back

The movie The Matrix captivated so many people, including me. There are so many archetypes of our patterns as humans interwoven into a story of awakening that we so deeply identify with. Recently I had a coaching client who was gripped by fear after losing her job. She knew she had to move forward with

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