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Recovering from Sales Fatigue

Sales fatigue is a very real part of business. It’s not only something that faces large businesses with a highly trained sales force, it happens to entrepreneurs, too. Whether you’re a sole proprietor with a work-at-home business or a multi-national corporation, sales fatigue is one of the most important factors that can destroy your business’

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why you should meditate

Ten Reasons Why You Should Meditate

I have been meditating for decades, using the attention focusing power of meditation to shape and optimize my brain. I knew from experience that meditation worked for me. Science is now catching up and meditation is becoming as important as regular physical exercise to your well-being. Here are 10 reasons why you should meditate. Meditation

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The Secret Meditation

The Secret Meditation: The Magical Frequency

Last week, I released the meditation that might have saved my life last year. If you’re on my mailing list, you probably got this message. (If you’d like to be on my mailing list, use the box to the right!) Since I sent The Secret Meditation mailing, I have had quite a few long-time customers,

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Self Hypnosis: You had the power all along

Both of my kids love The Wizard of Oz. The first time Claire was able to choose a Halloween costume, she went as Dorothy. Her mother had great fun making her costume and picking out sparkly red shoes to go with her gingham dress and pig tails. When the movie was released in 1939 to

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obstacles before success

Why obstacles come up before your success

July was a busy month with a lot of coaching. I attended and assisted with John Overdurf’s Trainer’s Training in Scottsdale, Arizona and had an amazing time. I’m always working to improve my skills as a coach and trainer, and being able to work with John and the amazing people that attend his seminars is

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Free subliminal videos

Because I’ve done so much work with subliminal videos, I often get asked for input from other video producers how best to work with the unconscious mind. My consulting work with other video producers has created some amazing products that are helping to transform lives. Of course, I have a number of subliminal videos both

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Managing Risk in an Unstable World

Do you make decisions based on safety? Do you make decisions based on avoiding risk? Have you ever looked at your own patterns to determine why you are choosing what you choose? Risk is everywhere. And in our unstable world, there is more risk than ever. We are all being asked to learn how to

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Hypnosis, Subliminals, and NeuroLinguistic Programming

A while ago, a film crew came to the house and interviewed me. They were working on a project investigating the use of psychological techniques in mass media. They had seen one of my YouTube videos, and they were intrigued. We discussed some things prior to the visit. But they came here not quite sure exactly what they were going to get.

They were here for hours. We filmed in my second-floor office with a view of my back yard and the mountains behind us.

The final product is completed in the movie Pseudology.

When you watch the trailer, you’ll get an idea of how important this film is.

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