Hypnosis, Subliminals, and NeuroLinguistic Programming

pseudology_posterA while ago, a film crew came to the house and interviewed me. They were working on a project investigating the use of psychological techniques in mass media. They had seen one of my YouTube videos, and they were intrigued. We discussed some things prior to the visit. But they came here not quite sure exactly what they were going to get.

They were here for hours. We filmed in my second-floor office with a view of my back yard and the mountains behind us.

The final product is completed in the movie Pseudology.

When you watch the trailer, you’ll get an idea of how important this film is.

Why is Pseudology important?

You experience subliminals, hypnosis, and NeuroLinguistic Programming every single day. It doesn’t matter if you’re skipping commercials, watching outtakes on YouTube, or limiting your screen time. The principles of persuasion are being used regularly.

They’re being used on children, teenagers, and adults. Even if you think you’re smarter than that, you’re still under the influence of these techniques. Sometimes they’re easy to see. Other times, they’re next to impossible to imagine.

Subliminals, hypnosis, or NLP in and of themselves are not dangerous techniques. They are just tools.

subliminal-sleep-productIn fact, I use them in my videos to help trick your mind into allowing you to live a better life. My most recent DVD, Subliminal Sleep, is helping people get a full night of restful and recuperative sleep. This DVD uses very similar techniques — all with the goal of helping you to sleep better. These hypnotic, subliminal suggestions bypass the conscious mind to ensure that when you use the product, you sleep better.

Subliminals, hypnosis and NLP can be really great tools.

Yet sometimes these very powerful tools are used for an agenda that might not be in your best interests. They want you to buy, to vote, to believe. They want you to feel something. Those emotions then lead you to believing and acting in their interests instead of your own. The agenda is to get you to believe something is true so that your actions will support that agenda, even if the belief isn’t, in reality, truth.

If you’re interested in how to take control of the decisions you make, the feelings you have, and the beliefs you hold dear, I highly suggest watching this movie.

The Success SwitchThe DVDs I create for wealth mindset, to remove fear, or to heal trauma and negative conditioning work in the same way. As I developed them, I knew about the negative conditioning of the mainstream media, and I used many techniques to undo some of this prevalent programming (e.g., the fear of loss, the not-good-enough conditioning, lack mentality). The Success Switch has been extremely effective in helping people overcome this negative conditioning.

In fact, The Success Switch is an excellent tool to use in order to combat negative conditioning. While the media and advertisers prefer to have you bypass the higher centers of your mind and react emotionally with your lower, reptilian mind, The Success Switch quiets those emotional centers. The Success Switch actually stimulates the very centers in your mind that media shut down. The result is proactive decision making that is in your best interests instead of fear-based reactive decision making.

I highly recommend you watch the trailer. I’m thrilled with how much airtime and You can buy the movie directly from Little Light Studios or rent it on Vimeo.

Don’t fear the tools. Get educated, become aware, and open your mind to finding ways to live the best life possible. The key is your mind. How will you use the tools in your own life?

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