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Mark J. Ryan is one of the most respected leaders in the world of Subliminal video, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Hypnosis. With over 20 years of personal coaching and therapy, Mark delivers dynamic, interactive coaching that helps people get clear about what they want. His unparalleled and heart-centered guidance helps his clients create rapid, measurable change in their lives, their businesses, and their plans for the future.

Mark collaborates with and has mentored some of the leaders in the field of personal development, success, and small business product generation. When the world’s top leaders in business and personal achievement need a coach behind the scenes, Mark is the guide they turn to for clarity and support.

Mark’s has spoken to audiences around the world, including extensive presentations in Moscow, Russia and Novosibirsk, Siberia. His speaking style challenges both the conscious and unconscious minds to open to new possibilities so that greater understanding, knowledge & growth can occur.

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Testimonials about Mark J. Ryan
A. F. –
My session was freaking awesome! I just went through the website and booked 10 more sessions. I wish I would have done this sooner! I guess it was really time for me to have made these changes!
Military Medic

I was having problems that were hindering growth, not only in my business, but personally as well. Mark lasered in on the issues very quickly and helped me to get though the darkness in very little time. He has a gift for putting you at ease and speaking like the voice of a beloved grandfather. If you notice that you are having an issue that is preventing you from succeeding in an area of your life, I would highly recommend the that you pickup the phone and call him right now, it’s really that simple.
EJ Lear
Web Designer
Thank you very much for making the time to help me out yesterday. I really enjoyed our conversation.
I was on a buzzing feeling of high and contentment for a few hours afterwards. I went on a walk and the surrounding: people, animals, etc seemed a lot more kinder.
Although the high has dwindled down now, I feel that I have gained perspective and acquired new tools that will help me.
As you said, I’m sure the positive effects will start to show up soon. I will keep in touch.
Thanks again!



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Why Work with Mark?

Mark J. Ryan is a gifted coach with over 20 years of experience with thousands of coaching clients. Mark is an intuitive coach with extensive experience in hypnosis and NeuroLinguistic Programming. He is adept at intuitively delving into the patterns that block us from aligning to our best and highest good so that we can remove them and live more fulfilling lives.

Mark is the coach’s coach, the trainer’s trainer. The people who know this work, who help others become the best they can be, these are the people who turn to Mark for help when they need it.

Mark loves working with people who are ready for a change — the bigger the change, the better.

If you’re looking to really catapult your life to the next level of experience — whether you’re looking to take things to a larger stage or a deeper spiritual experience — Mark can help you get there.
I did a phone coaching session with Mark where we worked with issues related to confidence and uncertainty. Mark gave me some really good insights, and knew exactly the right questions to ask to make shifts in my thinking. Being coached by Mark almost felt like having a tour guide for my mind. In retrospect, I realize that a lot of the beliefs that I now hold as true and my own were actually suggested to me during our coaching session! I guess such results are exactly what you want when you are being coached, and what you can expect when working with Mark.
Highly recommended!
Mark took to hypnosis like a duck takes to water. I think he’s going to make an impact. He’s going to be a lot like me…
Richard Bandler
Founder, NLP
Mark’s coaching was spectacular, he connected so well with me that he managed to pull the unconscious mind’s trigger in no time, oh boy I laughed. I will be calling him again soon
BC Canada
I love having Mark on my show. He’s one of my audience’s favorite guests whenever he is on. Great insights!
Chris Baker
Radio Talk Show Host
Mark, when Kevin Hogan says that you get inside people’s minds and rearrange furniture… and that you’re REALLY good at it… he wasn’t kidding. I can already see a change in my wife.
Later this month, she had a first appointment set up to see a traditional psychologist. She was on an eight week waiting list to see this therapist. She asked me to call and cancel the appointment tomorrow.
I’m so glad that Kevin Hogan introduced us to you. I’m extremely glad that we took Scott Bell’s advice and scheduled the session.
Today you’ve given me an amazing gift for my birthday…you’ve given my wife hope and peace. Thank you.
Gary M. – Seattle

Why NLP Coaching

We’re living in very uncertain times. Those uncertainties make life more exciting and more interesting, but it also makes things a lot more stressful. It’s almost as if a part of ourselves is pushing us to dig deeper for answers. We no longer have the luxury of sitting in a dead end job waiting for retirement to relieve us of the drudgery.

Some luxury that was!

How about fully living your life’s fullest potential? That’s the real luxury… and it’s a luxury Mark can help you tap into.

You’re going to have to do it anyway. We’re all in a place now where we’re being asked to really live our lives to our fullest capacity and potential. We feel that inner stirring within ourselves. And if we’re not feeling it within, we’re feeling it as external stresses. It seems as if everything is culminating now into a place where we have to really explore the depths of who we really are.

The Stress of Overwhelm

Let’s face it. We’re all overwhelmed these days with information. Many of us walk around with smartphones — devices in our pockets that can access the entirety of human knowledge. You need an answer? It’s right there in your hand.

We all have so much information, we often don’t know what to do with it. Our minds can only handle +/- 7 bits of information at a time… and that’s when we’re not feeling stressed. But add the overwhelm of too much information, then we are unable to focus on anything at all. It feels a lot more empowering to just walk away from it all.

Because we do have access to so much more information, we are being forced to learn how to develop capabilities of discernment in order to learn what is relevant and what is not much more quickly. Without the ability to prioritize what is important to our lives — what will make the biggest shifts and give us the biggest bang for our time and effort — we can find ourselves paralyzed.

This paralysis of information overwhelm can leave us feeling fearful, unfocused and confused. We can become depressed at the sense of not being able to fully create the life we want.

Mark’s coaching was life changing for me. After my first session with him that I did 3 or 4 months back, I started experiencing some very significant internal changes that have changed my views about life greatly for the better. I’m talking about paradigm shifting views.

And from what I have experienced Mark is very versatile in being able to meet people on different mental levels and offer very wise guidance, I can tell you that from my personal experience because that’s what he was able to do with me.

I was struggling to learn how to forgive people at the time of our first session Mark was able to teach me how to look at situations and people in a new light and with more clarity which in turn helped me realize how to recognize some harmful behavior patterns that I had developed unconsciously.

I’m 22 years old, Mark and I come from different generations and age groups, but he was able to connect to me on my personal level and build a conversational bridge to which we could both connect, so we really met on a whole new conversation level during our session. He talks with a very common sense approach, he doesn’t try and force anything on you, at no point in time during the two sessions that I have a had with him did I ever feel uncomfortable.

To me the most significant thing that happened for me during the sessions was some key internal paradigm belief shifts. I learned that’s how true change is started. Through him walking me through our discussion and him explaining key concepts and ideas that helped me to free my mental belief systems, I was able to plant and cultivate ideas that have helped and still are helping me today.

There was a huge internal change, I have a completely different perspective on life, I realized that you can be in one particular situation in your life, and depending on your perspective you can have radically different experiences based on where your state of being is coming from. I’m extremely grateful for the changes that occurred and am happy I made the decision to pay for Mark’s service because he provided such a profound experience for me.

Brandon A.



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