The genius behind the stars

About Mark J. Ryan

Mark J. Ryan is one of the most respected leaders in the world of subliminal video, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and hypnosis. Mark has been the personal coach to many well known people in both the entertainment and self help industries. When the world’s top leaders in business and personal achievement needed a coach behind the scenes, Mark was that guide they turned to for clarity and support.

After a catastrophic stroke in November 2021, Mark is now retired. His work, however, lives on through his courses, educational materials, book, and videos. For updates about Mark’s health, or to be notified of new content he creates, please subscribe to his newsletter.

Mark delivered dynamic, interactive coaching that helped his clients get clear. His unparalleled and heart-centered guidance helped his clients create rapid, measurable change in their lives, their businesses, and their plans for the future.

Mark has spoken to audiences around the world, including presentations in Moscow, Russia and Novosibirsk, Siberia. His speaking style challenges both the conscious and unconscious minds to open to new possibilities so that greater understanding, knowledge and growth can occur.

Though Mark no longer provides coaching services, feel free to view some of the testimonials of clients and colleagues who have worked with Mark in the past.