Timeless Forgiveness and Love
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What does it mean to be timeless?

IMG_4962I taught Kathy some of the concepts related to the new DVD as they related to some sadness she’s been having. You see, she’s fostering these kittens, and they’ll be moving on this week. After two months of being a foster mama, she’s sad to see them go. They’re really adorable, but it is time for them to go to new homes. And they’re going to one of the best shelters on the west coast, a place where kittens are adopted almost as soon as their paws hit the adoption room floor. They’re blessed, and she’s happy for them, but she’s sad, too.

The sadness is bringing up memories of when her canine friend, Riley, passed away two years ago.

She started working with the new DVD, and then spent some time at our local lake, which is a magical place.

Here’s what she said,

“I could wholly feel that timeless self you talked about. I felt the timelessness of me, and how these experiences are always with me. It was really a wild trip to have this awareness, to really viscerally feel how I am a part of All That Is, and that everything around me is a part of me. I just kept moving my awareness and attention to everything I saw and felt how it all is a timeless part of who I am.”

She got it. She could really feel, “this lake is a timeless part of me.” She could feel Mount Shasta as a timeless part of herself. It blew her away.

Could you imagine how powerful that can make someone, to really tap into the beauty and power of themselves as a part of creation?

So, you’ve probably heard all of the analogies about how we’re in a matrix. But what is that matrix made of? It is made of time and space. Time is an illusion, it is something that automatically limits your perception of yourself, your body, and your existence in physical space.

But this is not really you. It is not who you are.

To discover more of your true self, who you really are as a spiritual being having a physical experience, you must begin to explore timelessness.

Why this is important to you.

Listen, we’re living in really difficult times. While Kathy’s sadness is related to her furry friends, she’s also feeling the sadness of a larger shift happening in our world. Systems that have been a lifeline of support are now shifting, and even dying. And sadness is a big part of that. Of course, just like the kittens are moving on to new, better homes than the limited one-room experience they’ve had with us, we’re moving into a multidimensional experience beyond anything we can comprehend right now.

We’re a lot like those kittens… ready for a new adventure in our reality that is a big unknown. It’s going to be good, it’s going to be great, but from where we are right now, it’s kind of scary, isn’t it.

To fully, viscerally understand your timelessness right now gives you an ability to dive deeper into your own power. You are able to fully understand who you are and why you’re here. The sadness, the loss, and the pain that is a part of any major shift becomes much more manageable and bearable when you can tap into timeless forgiveness and timeless love.

You see, that timelessness is who you really are.

Are you ready for that experience?

Timeless Forgiveness and LoveAre you ready to really learn who you are from a timeless place? Are you ready to let go of the blocks that keep you fearing what’s next?

The implications of knowing your true self are as endless as you are timeless: better relationships, better manifestations, and a better quality of life. Take a look at Timeless Forgiveness and Love.


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