How Zero Limits Came to Be

A few people have asked me lately for my story of how I came came to know about ho’oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian healing modality that was made popular by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len in the book Zero Limits.

I usually tell people that Joe tells the story in the book, and recommend that they read it. But a few people asked, “What about your side of the story, Mark? How did you learn about ho’oponopono?”

Kathy recently found a transcript in which I told the story to an interviewer, so I figured it would be good to share that here.

First, a word about where I was the summer I discovered ho’oponopono and Dr. Hew Len. I had just finished reading The Book of est. The entire philosophy of est was to take 100% responsibility for everything in your life.

So when I went to Mt. Shasta that Fourth of July holiday, I was basking in the revelation that I was responsibile for everything I experienced. A very good friend of mine and fellow spiritual seeker gave me a blue piece of paper and he said, “I am inspired to give this to you.”

Literally, that was his word.

It was an article written on blue paper and blue ink that they had gotten from Dr. Hew Len’s Ho’oponopono event that had just been held in Mt. Shasta the weekend before I got there. I read the article.

It hit me so deeply.. the main portion of the article discussed being 100% responsible for everything in my life and healing my experience from that acceptance. I knew I was on to something important, that this was the “Secret of Life” basically working deeply inside of me.

It really shifted me. I read the article over and over and over again until it got deep inside of me.

Within a few weeks later, I attended the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) convention on the east coast with Joe Vitale. I kept thinking about ho’oponopono and Dr. Hew Len the entire time I was there. And there was a part of me that wondered whether or not Joe would think I was crazy talking about a therapist who healed an entire ward of the criminally insane without ever seeing a patient. But I felt inspired… and I acted on that inspiration.

Joe smiled, but there was that skeptical part where he didn’t fully believe me. He was curious, but didn’t immediately feel his own inspiration to investigate further.

The next year, I again helped Joe sell his products at his booth at NGH. We had just arrived and set up the booth, and I asked Joe, “By the way, Joe, did you do anything about that article with Dr. Hew Len or do anything with Dr. Hew Len?”

He said he hadn’t, and asked me to tell him the story again.

I told him the story again and it HIT him that time. HE got inspired. He goes, “Let’s just go look it up on the internet right now.”

He got inspired right at that point. It got him, it hit him and he took action. We are sitting on this little couch, getting internet access, looking at these articles and searching on them. We couldn’t get enough. We got enough for him to then get more inspired to do…take it to the next level.

As with the previous year, we sold out everything on the table. We had a lot of stuff and he was very happy about that. After that inspiration, Joe followed his inspiration on ho’oponopono. I got a phone call from him and I think it was like, October, a couple months or a month and a half later.

He started telling me about how he had contacted Dr. Hew Len and if you want to read about it, it’s in his book Zero Limits, the whole story of what happened, but he got inspired to do some email therapy with him and then he got inspired to do a phone call, convinced him to do a phone call, found out where he was going to be speaking, which was in Calabasas in November.

He called me up and said, “Look, I’ll pay for your seminar. Just get your butt on a plane, fly out here and we’ll do this seminar together.”

We had an incredibly, miraculous, magical weekend in Calabasas, in Malibu, and again, he writes about that in the book.

From there, Joe and Dr. Hew Len worked together to write the book and host many events about Zero Limits.

After the most recent event, we decided to create a new product to take ho’oponopono to the next level. As I listened to Dr. Hew Len speak, I realized that we could use our unconscious mind to clean for us, erasing memories and data at an unconscious level. You can learn more about Subliminal Manifestation: Zero Limits and experience it yourself.

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