As many of you know, I recently accompanied Joe Vitale on a trip to Moscow and Novosibirsk, Siberia. Joe was contracted for 2 two-day seminars in each city, and I accompanied him for support and as a back up speaker on topics such as the Law of Attraction, ho’oponopono, and spirituality.

The trip was intense all around – from the schedule, the content, and the immersion into the Russian culture. I especially enjoyed the architecture and scenery in Moscow, and I was lucky enough to visit the Kremlin with Joe, Russian media following along.

I’ll tell the story of the Kremlin soon, but right now I want to tell you of the synchronicity that happened as we were leaving the Kremlin, as this is just a glimpse into the good things that happened while we were there. There were many challenges, of course, as we traveled through a country that had been closed to the west for so many decades. Yet even with those challenges, I firmly believe that all of the experiences we had in Russia, and on our trip home, were for the Highest Good of all involved.

So, I’m sitting on a bench waiting for the limo to come pick me up after our visit in the Kremlin. I was exhausted from our traveling, from the media schedule, and from walking for hours through the Kremlin and museums. I felt off center, and I needed a quiet moment to relax, re-center myself, and reconnect with Spirit, if even only for a moment. It was a crystal clear blue sky day, and I knew that recentering with Spirit would come easy, if I could only rest for a moment.

I was instructed to go sit there on this bench… in America, I would have never chosen this spot. Because on this very bench were two adorable… but very YOUNG… Russian girls. I am very sensitive to not giving the semblance of impropriety, so I would normally avoid putting myself in contact with young girls. However, I was encouraged that sitting there next to them would not be a problem.

I sat and meditated next to these two girls as they watched Joe being interviewed by the Russian media. With my eyes closed, I could hear them speaking, in Russian, but I distinctly heard that they had said “Joe Vitale.” I kept listening, because there is a common Russian phrase that sounded like “Joe Vitale,” but I was pretty sure that I had heard Joe’s name.

I figured I would ask. Sure enough, they were talking about Joe. The one girl, Olga, was a fan of Joe’s books and had read many of them. She knew there was a seminar in Moscow in a few days, and she wished she could find a way to go. She was a university student and couldn’t afford the $500-$1,000 it would cost to attend.

I explained to her who I was, that I would be teaching at Joe’s event and that I was there to support him through his travels.

She was amazed, and we began speaking about the seminar, The Secret, and other spiritual topics. We got talking about manifestation, the Law of Attraction, and she was rather weary that she hadn’t manifested people in her life that believed the way she did. She didn’t think she was any good at manifestation and needed to learn a lot more. She was nearly depressed at her apparent lack of manifestation skills.

It was pretty funny, really. She’s sitting in the middle of Red Square, in the heart of a city of 12 million people, and right in front of her is the camera crew setting up to film Joe Vitale, out walks Joe Vitale himself, and then she’s sitting next to Joe’s best friend who is reconnecting to Spirit. And she thinks she can’t manifest anything miraculous.

There’s some good manifestation right there. It took quite a while for her how to see how well she had manifested the experience… she was still locked into believing she couldn’t do it.

Eventually, she got it. A bright light went on behind her eyes, and it was a light of knowingness I had seen before, a look that lit up our little corner of Red Square. I knew at that point, I had to extend the miracle further… to ensure she was at the seminar. I could feel the inspiration welling up within me.

At that point, our translator comes and summons me to come over to the limo, that it was time to go. I asked her to wait a moment and explained to her Olga’s situation and that I wanted her to come to the event as my guest.

Our translator was not convinced having just walked into the scene and not fully grasping the miracle that was transpiring right there. Quickly, Olga opened up a notebook on which she had written information someone had given her about the event, along with a contact telephone number. Our translator looked shocked. She said sternly, “Where did you get this number?”

Olga explained that someone had given her the number as a contact number for volunteering for the event. Our translator said that she was extremely surprised that it was HER personal telephone number. “Only my FRIENDS have that number. This is actually kind of scary.”

Her little wake up call of synchronicity was enough to convince her that this was no ordinary meeting of a random Joe Vitale fan.

Olga came to the event and was very thankful. The second day of the seminar, I taught the audience of 600+ people a technique for becoming centered in Spirit in order to open for manifestation. I used the synchronicity with Olga in Red Square as an example.

Had I not been working to become centered in Spirit, I likely would not have been open to hearing Olga speaking, and I certainly would not have been able to recognize the synchronicity that was happening. I asked Olga to come on stage and talk about what happened from her perspective… and she explained how she had her dream come true and how her Miracle in Moscow came to be.

The real lessons are that miracles happen everywhere… if you can take a few moments to center yourself enough to recognize them. Spirit is just waiting for you to open to what manifestation can happen for you.

More stories to come soon!



Mark J. Ryan

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