Changing the Paradigms

There are a lot of people who are not exactly thrilled with the state of the current economic and political situation. That may be quite an understatement. In fact, we see a lot of things that are downright WRONG.

My gut tells me that certain political decisions are like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. And then, I have a dream about the movie Titanic and my placement on it as it is going down. Interesting. Apparently my unconscious thinks so, too!

But what is going down? Is it the end of the world? Is it the collapse of civilization that so many people predict? Peak oil? Should we buy guns, ammo, 5 years worth of food and build an underground fort?

When fears seem to circulate in the collective consciousness like this, it is critically important that we center ourselves and find out what is really happening at a deeper level.

I see “bad” things. But I also see some really amazing, innovative good things. How can things be so bad in one arena and so really good in another?

Fears are justified in some respects. But to succumb to fear completely is to deny who you really are and how powerful you are. Succumbing to fear gives power to that which is dying. Using fear to propel you to greater understanding of a new paradigm and your power to create within it makes fear useful.

Here’s my prediction: it’s the end of economic systems, belief systems, and paradigms that are no longer relevant as we discover our true consciousness and our true nature as spiritual beings having a physical experience. New economic systems, belief systems, and paradigms for understanding our reality are being born into our collective consciousness now.

And yes, we’ve all heard that saying before. But I don’t think we’ve fully explored our true nature as those spiritual beings as much as we could have. And I think it’s time for us to really delve into some hardcore adventures in consciousness.

Part of the fear-based paradigm that keeps us from exploring are all of these beliefs in the end times. It makes us feel and think that these events are beyond our control: apocalypse, end times, 2012, Jesus’ return. We sit on the edge of our seat waiting for an external event to save us from ourselves.

Mark reminded me, as he knows Bible better than anyone I have EVER met, that it says we must continue to work until Jesus returns. We don’t get to sit back and wait for his arrival. I would postulate that this work is the inner work, the spiritual work, the REAL work that we came here to do. Unless we do this, the change we think is coming is postponed until we do.

You see, it isn’t an external event that happens to us. It is an event that occurs BECAUSE OF WHAT WE DO. We bring real change about through our inner work, our belief work, and our commitment to be the best we can be.

We cannot cover up our past hurts, our pain, our anger, our sadness, and put on a happy face. The vision that comes to me as metaphor is of old Italian families that I knew that had plastic on the furniture in the living room and dining room, while they live their very real and sometimes messy lives in the basement. No, we don’t get to do that and take the plastic off of our reality when the change happens. Change happens because we’re doing the daily data cleanup on our realities every single day. It is about doing the inner work to make that clean and happy reality part of our every day experience.

We must learn how to traverse levels of consciousness better. We must learn to access and explore deeper parts of ourselves so that we can expand our knowledge of who we really are. This is what elicits the change.

If you want a new paradigm to be adopted by more people, a new mainstream belief system that is less egregious to you, or a new economy that is more to your liking, or a new political system that actually FUNCTIONS, then you need to begin to cultivate a larger awareness within yourself and expand your knowledge of who you really are.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. – Buckminster Fuller

I really believe we are at a tipping point. I believe there are more aware people on the planet now than at any other time in recorded history. And I believe that if more of us do the work of expanding and traversing our consciousness, we will immediately begin to cultivate and open to a more functional world. I think that with more of us expanding our knowledge of who we are, we will begin to see greater innovation, greater technology, greater and kinder business practices, greater government, and greater leaders.

But we don’t get to experience that greatness until we turn away from complaining, worrying, and stressing about what is broken. We don’t get to experience that greatness in our outer world until we expand the greatness in our inner world.

And even if my theories of changing the collective by changing ourselves is completely wrong, my ideas of applying yourself towards spiritual growth will do nothing more than improve the quality of your life. It might even *gasp* help you become happier and more in tune with the parts of your life that give you joy.

Tomorrow, we’ll post a list that will help you begin to build pathways to deeper, more powerful, and more connected parts of yourself. It’s all there.

It’s waiting for you to open to it.

We’re all waiting for you to open to it.

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  1. WOW!!!

    Wonders if you have some how sneaked into my world and can read my thoughts! lol

    I like how you said “But we don’t get to experience that greatness until we turn away from complaining, worrying, and stressing about what is broken. We don’t get to experience that greatness in our outer world until we expand the greatness in our inner world.”

    And we do that by: “Change happens because we’re doing the daily data cleanup on our realities every single day. It is about doing the inner work to make that clean and happy reality part of our every day experience.”

    Some talk about how the world needs to change from ‘me’ to ‘we’. When we make the conscious choice to change ourselves….it automatically changes our environment which extends outward & continues out.

    But what of those who CHOOSE to stay STUCK in FEAR? How do we protect ourselves from those – who no matter how spiritual you are with them – no matter how NICE or how OFTEN you turn the other cheek they CHOOSE to continue to respond to you in the same manner?

    How then does one build a shield around themselves to keep oneself, family etc. protected? Does this mean that somewhere inside of us – we are still stuck in fear some place?

    Just some thoughts that keep me thinking, searching and cleaning my daily reality! πŸ™‚

    Thank you for such a timely and profound post.

    All my best,

    1. Hi Laura! Thanks so much for your thoughts. Dealing with people who are resonating in a place of fear, doubt, and worry… sounds like a blog post in and of itself! Here’s the jist, from my perspective. When someone is stuck, you don’t move them by telling them how stuck they are, or by joining them in the stuckness, or by allowing yourself to feel powerless by their stuckness. Think about that sweet little girl of yours… and how you help her learn something new or move beyond a hurt. We nurture our little ones, kiss the boo boo, and then we MOVE. We move them to something else that distracts them from what just happened and gives them a new emotional state.

      I think the same type of action works with grown ups. We’re all just little kids inside anyway. We want someone to nurture us and love us. And deep down, we really want someone to help us feel better and help us take the steps necessary to grow.

      We do that by being an example, by doing our work, by not letting ourselves feel powerless in the face of external circumstances. Ever.

      There are meditations and visualizations that we can do to protect us from negative energy that may wish to feed off our own negativity and powerlessness. Visualizing white light surrounding you and expanding outwards seems to help me.

      But if you really think about it, you are at your core pure light and love. You don’t need protection from the dark; it cannot hurt you. The real solution for moving past negative people and overcome the dark is shine your light so bright the darkness disappears. Shining your light is contagious! As you shine, others start shining too. And when we all shine, there is never anything to fear or protect yourself from. The positive energy builds upon itself and compounds itself and expands… and infects others with similar positive energy.

      But even thinking about positive vs. negative can be limiting… we just need to do what feels right for us and put our attention and focus where we feel best.

      Thanks Laura! <3

      - Kathy

  2. THANKS Kathy! πŸ™‚

    I don’t think you can even realize how much you just helped a very, very weary warrior soul!! πŸ˜‰

    Easier said then done most times ~ moving on. It is hardest to do when the pain is in our heart such as loving someone who doesn’t return it or watching loved ones suffer but yes I agree…..even if it just baby steps towards distracting oneself from all that is surrounding us. It is hard to do alone and having someone/s to keep us going is truely a gift and I think why we are put on this earth with others…!

    I do think that where alot of people get STUCK….(feeling another blog post coming…) is that they think that ALL they should do is be positive…..I have even gotten in a place at times where I think – I am bad or not doing it right if a negative thought sneaks in….. πŸ˜‰

    I like my current meditation that I do that talks about letting the negative feelings come out or up to the surface – saying something like ‘That hurts’ or ‘I feel this’ but then saying ‘but I am ohk.’ or ‘I will be alright’ or “It will work itself out.”

    We are human beings and we do have feelings and we were given them for a reason.!

    We REALLY have a habit of HOLDING onto the negative feelings – but man when we are HAPPY ~ it seems like we can’t HELP but let it out.!

    I think we would all do ourselves a great SERVICE if we did happen to become like two year olds again ~ albeit with the control of an adult!

    Letting our emotions flow rather than keeping ourselves in one state – perhaps really is attaining that all elusive balance! πŸ™‚

    Thanks!!! πŸ™‚

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