Subliminal Sleep


I’m happy to announce my new course: Subliminal Sleep. This is both an audio and video product, designed using subliminals, Hypnosis, NeuroLinguistic Programming and some of the most beautiful video I’ve ever captured. All of it is designed to help you sleep better.

My best friend of 30 years has had problems sleeping for years. I’ve had other friends who have had trouble sleeping. I created this product with them in mind, but I knew it could help many other people out there who are struggling to get enough sleep.

Not getting enough sleep can cause myriad problems, not the least of which are health related. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re putting your health, your life, and your sanity at risk.

Subliminal Sleep can help you start sleeping through the night.

It’s available as a course.

The product contains over 106 minutes to help you sleep better, including:

  • Refreshing Sleep Video. (20 minutes) Includes 15 minutes of Subliminal Priming video with some of the most amazing and relaxing video Mark has ever created. Escape to a magical, hidden waterfall near Mount Shasta, California, where this subliminal video guides your unconscious mind to a deeper, more restful sleep. This video contains special binural beat music to support the brain in syncing both hemispheres for optimum learning. Headphones recommended.
  • Tense to sleeping. (31 minutes) An audio process using a time-tested technique to help your body teach your mind to relax and let go so you can sleep.
  • Sleeping space. (24 minutes) A very unique process to not only relax your body and mind, but also take you on a journey to open certain states of that will encourage restful sleep and productive dreams. You’ll awaken knowing you have experienced refreshing sleep.
  • Accents to sleep. (31 minutes) Mark uses hypnotic metaphors from his own life experience to put you to sleep like a parent reading a child to sleep. Mark uses several metaphors with deep hypnotic language to let your unconscious mind know it is time to let go… and sleep.

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