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Letting Go and the Law of Flow

I recently asked some of my email subscribers what patterns they most wanted to change. Many wrote to me about fear, procrastination, self worth issues, or the inability to manifest what they wanted.

I have been meditating on the commonality in all of these responses, and how I can better serve my customers. I have been thinking about the common patterns of all of us as humans. And then I had a memory come back. I woke up in the middle of the night with a “download” — a packet of information that comes in from something bigger than my conscious mind. (Do you get those, too?)

This download was related to comfort zones and change. This download was for me and something happening here, but then I realized it was a download applicable to a lot of us. It applied to a lot of those who wrote me.

Comfort zones. We’ve all got them. We work hard and achieve something, and then we get comfortable with it. We want to protect it. We fear losing it. We fear movement at all because it might change our present good fortune. We worked so HARD to create what we have. We’ve invested in something — a career, a choice, a relationship, or a belief — and we don’t want to let go.

lawofflowRemember the Law of Flow? I know some of you have this product either as a DVD or a download. Well, one of the principles of the Law of Flow is that everything is always changing.

We are always changing, expanding, exploring, and moving.

Our highest selves are like rivers on our way to something bigger. Even when we think we’ve arrived, we have something else to expand into.

Fear and anxiety can sometimes stop us from growing. We get comfortable with the way things are, and we stop taking risks. We stop striving, and we stop growing. We end up grabbing on to a branch hanging over our river of flow and holding on. That branch ends up depriving us of our flow of energy and life force. It deprives us of excitement and passion.

Here’s the thing: it takes MUCH more effort to hold on to that branch than it does to let go and flow into your expansion. You’re stressing yourselves and exhausting yourselves holding on. Let go.

Getting comfortable and holding on to what is can kill us. It isn’t living, because living is a part of flow. If you’re feeling like you’re scared to let go of something, if you are fearful that the exciting rapids of your flow are a warning of something frightening, then sometimes a guide can help you. My coaching process is designed to help people like you get out of fear and relax into the flow of your life. If you need help, let me know.

But know this. You live in a safe universe. You are blessed and protected. Change is a part of life, it is a part of who we are. The beautiful thing is that we get to decide how we manage change. Do we embrace, welcome, and pursue change? Or do we fear, recoil, and try to mitigate change?

Thanks for reading, and may your flow always bring you to your highest most joyous value fulfillment.

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