Cultivating a sense of wonderment

It’s been said that miracles can happen every day, and miracles take place when we open enough to allow something new to enter into our experience. It’s when we think we need a miracle that they’re less likely to happen. And it is when we have a sense of wonderment that we find ourselves most open to receive them.

A few weeks ago, I was driving home at night near my home in Mount Shasta, California. The moon had not yet risen. It was glowing behind the mountain, making the mountain look like a big black monstrosity across the horizon. There were clouds hovering over the mountain, illuminated by the moon’s rising glow.
Mount Shasta
Here in Mount Shasta, we get used to seeing amazing cloud formations around the mountain. However, this was unlike anything I had ever seen before. The sense of wonderment came over me to the point of not being able to drive without stopping to take in the amazing sight.

My conscious mind wanted to see shapes and images in the clouds, and I attempted to discern what it was showing me. But I remembered that feeling of awe and wonderment, and I stayed there and allowed it to be whatever it was. I allowed whatever was within me to be whatever it was, too. I felt humbled at the amazing beauty such a simple natural experience could create.

As adults focused in our everyday life, we tend to avoid experiences like this unless confronted with them. We want to know, and we want to know everything. We don’t want to be tricked. We don’t want to be embarrassed by not knowing. And yet, there is a part of us that longs deeply to do just that: to let go of knowing and be vulnerable to new interpretations, to experience wonderment, to get lost in awe. We know, at a very deep level, magic and miracles happen in that space.

What magic and miracles do you want to experience? What breakthrough would you like?

Cultivate that sense of wonderment, the place where miracles are not only possible, but probable. You can find it in many places. But it is often more fun and empowering when it finds you.

After I saw that amazing sight, I drove home in a heightened state of awareness. This is also something that happens often here in Mount Shasta. I was able to make a breakthrough on a project I was working on and found a new outlet of my creativity that has continued to add inspired ideas into my experience. That experience, also, adds to my sense of wonderment, magnifying the miracles I experience.

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