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Why You're Stuck

The Mark J. Ryan Experience
The Mark J. Ryan Experience
Why You're Stuck

Hey everyone, Kathy here.

Mark is actually working a seminar this week, and he’s speaking at Kevin Hogan’s Boot Camp the week after that. But I couldn’t wait to tell you about this.

Mark did a teleseminar for free last week with Dr. John Burton about Dr. Burton’s new paradigm of healing called The Sacred Sequence. I finally got a chance to sit down and listen to the call, and I was really blown away.

You can get the call here.

Mark and I have both done sessions with Dr. Burton. He’s really quite talented and brilliant in how he works.

He’s incredibly intuitive, and if you have worked on your intuitive abilities whatsoever, it really is an incredible experience. From my own experience, it felt as if Dr. Burton was working with my own Higher Self and the imagery it wanted to use in communicating with me.

I still use the symbols and imagery uncovered during my sessions with him.

If you want to learn more about how Dr. Burton works, listen to that teleseminar. And if you do any healing work whatsoever, The Sacred Sequence is the perfect complement to any and all therapy.

I’ve had some people ask…

How does the Sacred Sequence relate to ho’oponopono?

Can Sacred Sequence be used for manifesting?

If you do any manifestation work to affect your reality, The Sacred Sequence is crucial to getting results FAST.

Let’s face it. We, as Spiritual Beings having physical experiences, came here for a reason. Deep within us, we carry a desire for experience, a desire to know from an experiential perspective. We want to LIVE! We want to EXPERIENCE!

And we want to live and experience fully.

We have these blocks that we carry in our unconscious… Dr. Hew Len calls it data, others call it programming, or patterns. These patterns often take a hold of us and capture our attention, often causing us – and others – great stress and anxiety.

How do you know when data is causing you problems?

According to Dr. Burton, whenever you have that experience of wondering “why does this keep happening to me?” — it means there is some pattern getting in the way. The stress and pain you feel is your message to do something about it.

We can use ho’oponopono to get to a place of peace. We can HOPE that the unique perspective from the Zero State allows us to clear the data in the way. We don’t really don’t have to look at the data. There is no requirement for healing that the data needs to be analyzed…

But there is immense power in the experience.

There is always great power in experience.

You can tell your children one thousand times not to touch the stove… but the experience of touching the stove is a lesson you never have to repeat.

What would the experience of removing that block that you now have teach you?

What information, experience, and insight would you gain from the experience of removing the block allow you to feel and know?

What does your life look like after that experience…

What does your life look like with that block gone?

The Sacred Sequence is the methodology of healing that gets you to that place.

Go ahead. You’ve got nothing to lose from listening to the teleseminar. You have everything to gain.

But after listening to it, you’ll know within you that there is an experience waiting for you… an experience of growth and change that only comes from transcending the traumas and limited belief systems of your primitive brain.

That experience WILL come to you. It might come to you in your marriage, in a relationship with a parent or child, or with a co-worker or boss or client.

That experience of freedom is waiting for you to open to it.

And frankly, the quickest and easiest method of removing that block is to look at it, experience it, and experience your power over it.

Edit: The next Sacred Sequence event will take place in the fall 2011. If you want to get more information when the event is ready for registration, watch this blog or download the teleseminar and give us your email!

Dr. John Burton, along with Mark J. Ryan, can show you how. On April 9-10 in Atlanta, GA, you can experience that freedom.

And that experience of removing the block will transform you into a magical manifesting machine… an emotional shape shifter.

I’ve done it. I’ve been there on a number of issues. When the blocks are removed, Spirit moves in and plays with you. Spirit asks you to dance and enjoy. It is something that happens that is BEYOND gratitude. It is beyond forgiveness. And it is beyond an apology.

It is pure love, joy, and it is magical.

Gratitude doesn’t even equate… it is purely and simply the most profound experience of love that you’ll ever feel.

The Sacred Sequence will get you there. Quickly.

Mark and Dr. Burton are keeping seminar attendance limited to a few people. If you sign up soon, you’ll get the early bird discount.

If you have ever glimpsed what is in that place of One Truth for you, you’ll know that you deserve to experience this. (We all do.)

It’s just a matter of time before we all experience it… and it will happen sooner for some than others.

How soon will it happen for you?


P. S. The sooner you sign up for this seminar, the sooner you will begin to feel things shift in you.

It is almost as if Spirit starts moving ahead of time as soon as you align with the decision to heal the blocks that keep you from One Truth.

In the days before the event, it begins to shift. Events, memories, ideas, impressions, intuitions, they all begin to line up.

Once you decide to claim your birthright, your higher self and Spirit begin to align with the healing God desires for you.

Don’t believe me? Try it.

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