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Taking ho’oponopono to the next level with neuroscience

I’m very happy to announce my new DVD, Clearing to Zero. You can learn more about it here: http://www.clearingtozero.com

I wasn’t planning on doing another ho’oponopono DVD. I felt I had put much of my heart and soul into Subliminal Clearing: Advanced Ho’oponopono. Even though I launched that product over 3 years ago, I still received messages regularly from people telling me how it has changed their lives.

But then Spirit started moving. I had a request from a good customer and friend, Jeremy, to do a continuous cleaning product similar to my other products. Then my good friend, Teo Kim Merlino, offered to do music. Dr. John Burton offered his healing metaphor stories. And I ended up in some magical places where the video was breathtaking.

I’ve been delving into the world of neuroscience lately, and I got an opportunity to put some of the new learning in this field to work by supercharging some meditations using the latest research in neuroplasticity.

It just all came together.

A friend asked, “Did you use special effects to put that angel-shaped cloud in there?” No, I didn’t. It was just there when I was, and it showed up on the video. Miracles were happening all around me, ensuring that this video was completed. “Did you know those people were going to be doing those things at sunset on that beach?” Not at all. But the Divine knew, and put me in the right place with my video camera in my hand.

Even the name, Clearing to Zero, showed up in a magical way.

You can learn more about what the DVD has and does on the web site. But I wanted to share a little more about what this DVD can do. When you use Clearing to Zero, you’re using a powerful video technology combining neuroscience and ho’oponopono to change your unconscious.

This DVD can change your state… and that will change your life.
You see, you know you came here, to planet earth, for a reason. You chose to work through things, achieve other things, and expand your experience.

Do you ever question that? Do you ever feel that perhaps you’re not living the life you chose? Or maybe you feel lost, disconnected, overwhelmed, and disempowered?

You know — deep inside of you, you know — this is not who you really are. You know you are a Divine being with Divine purpose.

So what’s the difference?

Getting clearly connected to the Divine changes everything.

I remember someone once saying that Spiritual messages come as whispers, and then they get louder and louder until you get the message.

If you’re connected, the whispers never need to get louder. You get them as whispers.

When you are clear, something magical happens. Your external world and your internal world begin to line up. The whispers and external experiences coincide. They work in harmony. They all begin to make sense.

Miracles happen. Not just big ones. Little ones. You get into the flow of your life. Love flows from your open heart. When you say the four phrases, they really mean something.

The intuitive knowledge that you haven’t been able to get before now begins to make even more sense. This magical state happens when you get data out of the way. 

Data… the things we’ve all been taught, the things we assume, the trance the media puts us under, the separation from All That Is… these are things that are not real. They are illusion, but they can sometimes be an incredibly hypnotic illusion. Your mind cannot help but believe them.

When you clear the data away, your connection to the Divine is clear. Your life is clear. Your intuition makes sense, the life experiences begin to line up to those miracles that are your divine birthright.

You don’t need this DVD to make that happen. All you have to do is clear and clean the data away. However, the powerful illusion-busting hypnotic music, video, and words that I have woven together on this DVD will make that clearing happen much, much faster.

When a friend watched it, she was out of it for a day. Luckily, the kids and the business were quiet enough that day that she could flow with where the DVD brought her. She’s someone that does her spiritual work and does walking meditations every day. Yet this DVD was something that created a big shift in her.

Another friend, Dave, recently lost his mom. He bought the DVD the day after she passed. My assistant was in contact with him on Facebook. He wrote to her:

“Yep, lots of clearing has been going on lately. Friday night/most of Saturday was not good. I have a health issue which has not bothered me in 14 years. Well, certain events kicked it into overdrive and kept me awake all night. Mid-afternoon, I decided to watch the new DVD. Early evening I sat down to watch the Advanced Inner Child Meditation. I began doing the Mind Power exercise; a few minutes later I fell asleep. I had been up for over 24 hours. When I awoke, the Advanced Inner Child Meditation was over and all the negatives I had been feeling — anger, stress, resentment — were gone.

Just like that, pfffft, GONE! Health issue? Totally quieted down. All day I had this feeling like this kind of current was running all around the outline of my body. Weird I know, but the only way I can describe it. Anyway, that was gone, too!

And I’ve felt fine since, totally calm, accepting, all that. Nothing but good! Basically just laughing at everything now while I focus on what I need to do.

Your man has outdone himself this time; I watch the DVD everyday now. Thank you both!” – D. G.



What can Clearing to Zero do for you? Find out here:


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