Power of Choice: Awakening from Patterns

awakeningI’ve received a lot of personal letters about my recent post on awakening. As such, I figured I would write a follow up and answer some questions.

First, the questions.

“How important is becoming awake? I mean, I’m pretty happy with my life. I don’t know if I need an awakening.”

Important question. First, assume you are under a trance. We all are. We’re all under multiple trances. If it is working for you, great. Wonderful. Keep on swimming. However, know that your life happiness is not necessarily permanent. All we are is change, we are all growing into something else. What works for you now, today, might not work for you in a few years. As such, learning the process of awakening while the trance is going well fine tunes your decision making so that you can make changes and shift when a feeling of discontent arises.

“Why do I need to awaken? All I need to do is clean on anything that goes wrong and let the Divine fix things.”

Sure. The process of surrendering to a power higher than you — to the Divine, to your higher self, to God — is an extremely powerful act. Letting go of conscious control is breaks you free from the trance of having to do it all, and it lets the Divine do the work for you. Trust in a higher power to remove obstacles expands opportunities you cannot envision yourself. It is an extremely powerful process.

I love you. Please forgive me. I am sorry. Thank you. The four phrases popularized by ho’oponopono are incredibly powerful in the process of surrendering to the Divine.

However, it doesn’t awaken you to the trance of this reality. It doesn’t let you see who you really are. It does not awaken you to your limitless, Divine self. When you let go, you put the power of manifestation outside of you. You turn over the power of creation to something larger than who you believe to be yourself.

The key difference in awakening is that you become aware that you are that Divine self. You see your patterns, your beliefs, and your trance for what it really is.

You begin to see others’ trances for what they really are.

You don’t need ho’oponopono from that vantage point. From an awakened standpoint, you walk through life aware. You can look at the broken pieces in life and feel in every cell of your being, “forgive them, they know not what they do.” You can do the cleaning work, and I recommend doing the cleaning work from an awakened state as it opens you even further.

Awakening Gives You Power of Choice

The real reason you want to awaken is to gain more power and control over what happens in your life experience. When you’re asleep, you don’t know what patterns, or programs, are running in your reality. Your beliefs operate like computer programs, and your experience is the output of those programs. If you don’t wake up, you’re at the whim of hidden unconscious programs.

When you wake up from the dream, the programs run outside of you. You can watch them running, and you know you are not your programs.

Here’s an example.

Recently, I had a client who had a run in with a neighbor. There was a miscommunication on the neighbor’s part, and when my client set a boundary of what was acceptable, the neighbor kind of lost it. It was very upsetting for my client. She got incredibly angry at the neighbor and said some things that were very out of character for her. She was even more upset at herself for getting so angry.

In working with her, I was able to guide her to seeing her patterns outside of her. She was able to see how she was limiting her life experience by her patterns. She found out that one of her assets, a fantastic photographic memory, was actually limiting her from seeing other people differently. She “built a case” against people, and that case was air tight. She really should have been a lawyer. But she started to see how that really useful pattern was also creating emotions that were counterproductive. She got angry a lot because of her memory and ability to build cases against people. It limited her interactions with others.

By awakening to that pattern, she was able to see that not only is the pattern not her, but the emotions she feels because of the pattern were not her either.

Within minutes of awakening, she was able to turn off all anger. She couldn’t get angry anymore. She wasn’t able to get angry at her neighbor, even though the memories were fresh in her mind. She wasn’t able to get angry at anyone. The emotion just did not run anymore.

This was incredibly important to her. She had been having health issues that directly correlated to how she processed anger.

Freedom from something that limits you is power. It’s a power of choice. Awakening to your patterns gives you that power of choice.

Anger is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes anger can motivate you to do things you might not have done before. However, holding on to anger for days, months, even years, can cause serious problems.

Your memory can be a wonderful tool. However, every time you remember something, it is as if you are reliving that experience again. You actually are recreating the past within your present. When you imagine the future, you are creating your future in your present. All you really have is now.

And now is a good time to awaken.

If you need help awakening, I can help. I do one-on-one coaching to help people find their limiting patterns and release themselves from them. I can usually help within a few sessions.

I have two types of coaching sessions. Clarity coaching and comprehensive coaching. Learn more about them here.

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