Miracle Mark

5.0.2I just returned from a two-week seminar with a group of professionals in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was quite an experience, both in and out of the classroom.

One day as I was preparing, I received a rushed call from one of the guys in the class. He said, “Mark, can you come to the lobby? Soon? I’m working with Angela (not her real name), and she’s got a real headache and is feeling dizzy. She’s a bit emotional. She asked for you.”

I set up a meeting in a quiet training room. Angela was resting on a sofa with a pained look on her face. I sat by her and asked a few questions. My intuition directed me to start sending energy to certain parts of her body while I spoke to her. I asked for her permission to put my hands on her neck and head while I spoke to her.

After a short time, she started to feel better. She joked with me, “I am going to start calling you ‘Miracle Mark.'”

I laughed, of course. But she didn’t stop. For two weeks, I was called Miracle Mark. The activities of the two week seminar didn’t help me lose the moniker. It only solidified it.

A few days later, I was preparing for class again. I got another call from the same guy. He asked me to come help with another woman, Elaine. (Also not her real name.) Elaine worked for the hotel. She was having headaches and emotional difficulty with some personal issues. She had actually seen my friend helping the first woman and asked what he was doing. He explained what had happened, and then they called me. I used similar techniques of energetic focus and conversational NeuroLinguistic Programming to help Elaine come to an expanded awareness of her issues, her problem, and the resolution. It helped. A few hours later, word spread throughout the seminar.

“What did you do with Elaine? She seems like a completely different person!” said one person.

“I guess we’ll all have to start calling you Miracle Mark,” said Angela.

energy-wavesAt the end of the seminar, it happened again. This time, however, it was in the classroom. A very intelligent woman was giving her presentation. She was very good at speaking, but for some reason was having a hard time incorporating the feedback we were giving… primarily to slow down. It was my turn to give feedback. I decided that for her to really get to the next level of speaking, she had to get to the next level of understanding herself.

Isn’t it always the way? We think we can use our minds to get to the next level of performance, but we push, push, push, and we cannot get to the next level as hard as we try. Our minds just cannot get there. I showed her how to get to her power centers within her body, out of her mind, to relax and let go into where her power really lies.

I used my latest learning in brain science to help coach her to a new level of connecting with people… both in interpersonal communication as well as in her stage performance. I also did some energy work with her at the same time. She was blown away. And so were the others in the class. She was a different person presenting after doing the exercises with her.

I heard those words again… Miracle Mark. Of course, Angela was watching the presentation as well.

I have to laugh… because it isn’t necessarily “Mark” that is creating these miracles.

Yes, I have studied personal growth, spirituality, and brain science for most of my adult life. I have worked hard at learning, applying, and also letting go. I have learned many different modalities that help me get my clients to deep, unforgettable change.  But it is not me doing the change work. I am more like a facilitator.

As I came home and told my partner of my experiences, she reminded me of how we met. She saw me work with a small group of people as a facilitator. She said, “This is where you are most needed, and it’s where I am most proud of you. You’re healing the world one person at a time.”

I decided it was time to take the show on the road.

I’ll be doing one-day seminars in Chicago and New York in October 2013. If you’re interested in attending, write [email protected] for more information. I’ll also be doing limited individual coaching sessions during those visits.

If you’re interested in me coming to your major metropolitan area, please write and let me know. Again, it is a one day seminar and a few individual coaching sessions.

* Names have been changed.

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  1. I loved the story with the woman moving past her blockages re speaking . I am in that place re having the courage to find and us my own unique voice. Trusting it and my ability to connect.
    I am excited for you Mark. You are finding your “home”. Where you are meant to focus your gifts.

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