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Deeper Secrets…. 2012… and a special invite


I hope you are all having a great summer on this end of the globe…and winter on the other!

Here is something that will for sure interest you if you are one of these people below…and even if not i think this story is still very much worth reading.

Are you….

1. Asking yourself “What’s next?” I have gone to all the self help and spiritual seminars..read all the book…listened to the tapes etc. I have a gift but no structure for it or how to get it out into the world.
Whats Next

2. Have lost everything..or are at the end of your rope. You must change or feel like you are going to die. Maybe you have not been well for a long time…or are just really tired and want to experience something different?

3. Are you wealthy or powerful… maybe well known… and have reached what you thought would be the pinnacle for you… and it is still empty? You realize money or power or fame doesn’t help

4. You are done looking for gurus… and want to know for yourself. You never want to ask anyone again for an answer because you will have it always within you. You are ready to take full responsibility for your own true power.

Five or so years ago when I introduced Dr. Joe Vitale to Ho’oponopono, I knew there was something to it and kept pushing Joe on what I had discovered. Because of Joe, it has now it has become an quick spreading movement drawing crowds as big as 800 people two weekends in a row.

In the last few days, I have told Joe about something new I have discovered that I think will also be something that will change the world. Let me give you a little background on this wonderful story of synchronicity.

Last April while at the Zero Limits Three seminar here in Austin, Texas, I saw a man stand up to ask a question. I immediately recognized this man but not his name or where I had met him. As I listened to him and his German accent, I remembered where I had met him and his name.

I was a trainer at a Hypnosis Trainers Training in Lancaster, PA back in 2002 or 2003 and George was in the group I was evaluating to make sure he was capable to train people to become Hypnotherapists.

George was definitely capable. He was one of Germany’s top Orthopedic Surgeons before he decided he wanted to begin to teach others how to become better human beings. While he was still helping people on the inside… it was in a different way. He went through a difficult time as many of his medical peers did their best to persuade George to remain a surgeon, but there was a calling deep inside him that won him over.

After George sat down from asking his question, he looked over my way and acknowledged that he remembered me as well. During a break we re-hashed old times and became familiar again.

Once Zero Limits was over, I invited Him to my house as he had planned a few days for sightseeing in Austin.
After the first day, George didn’t do much sightseeing because he came back to my house every day. We went very deep into what he had discovered since I had last seen him.

You see George was a different person. He is a big man — 6’7″ with a deep voice and commanding presence — who like to utilize his power image in the past. Now he is more of a gentle giant. Something in him had changed and he gave credit to this new process he had discovered.

It gets very interesting here. He had read an old out-of-print German book that was 1500 pages long. Yes 1500 pages! The book was about research this man had done years ago into near death experiences and dying. He said the book was fascinating. There was one part about a process from the 13th Century that was waking people up to their Divine nature all over Europe. At first the church was encouraging it, but then the Church became afraid as so many people were waking up that they didn’t have as many people coming to church anymore and, of course, financial contributions went down.

George experimented with this process and had great success. The problem was the process took over 6 hours to do. So his experience as a Doctor and his trainings created a desire in him to see what he could do to shorten the process so more people would be open to trying it. He got it down to 1.5 hours after much experimenting. Then he began using the process itself on how to shorten it…it is down to just under and hour.

I asked George more about the process and he told me how he first used it in his business to acquire a 7 figure contract for him and his associates. He also told me he uses the process with engineers with two well known German auto companies that recently have come up with inventions that will change all the automotive industry.

I asked George how the heck did he get these big name companies to allow this spiritual process to be used in their engineering. First he said when you can show them how to make this kind of money they are more open to it. Second, Europeans were more open to it than Americans. Third, he changed some of the names of the process to make it more palatable.

The more we talked over the three days, the more interested I became in the process, and the deeper I dug.
What I found out is that this one only one step of three…and that George had a partner in Switzerland named Monica who was doing something different and just as amazing…maybe even more so.

This trip however was about what George was doing. As you will read, I just found out about Monica in the last few days.

George was right. It was incredible. She was incredible.

But more on that later.

George and Monica have offices in Germany and France and Switzerland where they do coaching and seminars.

Their seminars are always full as they don’t do big seminars because these processes require personal attention and are very powerful. So they choose to keep them small and they are able to give the attention everyone needs.

The seminars are usually 4.5 days. Their customers are some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in Europe…and well known.

I asked George and Monica about this and they told me that people at this level of success have figured out how to get just about anything they want…but they still do not know who they are or know their purpose. On the journey of their success they thought they were following their purpose. But once there they realized it was empty, they had in a sense been chasing a false trail. They could do what they did well, but when they went deep inside and asked if this was all there is and is this my purpose, they knew something was still missing. They could not explain the “WHY.”

This was interesting to me as i had discovered something similar when doing work with people of this level of success.

Monica explained that most people are fulfilling a biological desire..not their true spiritual purpose…and only until they discover their true spiritual purpose will anyone ever be at peace.

This was huge for me because I knew the truth of what she had discovered.

When Monica looks at you, there is no escaping what you are really feeling. You feel as if a saint or an Angel is looking into your very soul… in beautiful and kind and loving way. You are so convinced of this that you can feel yourself opening up and allowing this part of yourself to be seen and accepted.

Monica went though some pretty tough times in her life. The most difficult was the grueling loss of two of her three children; her two beautiful girls at ages 7 and 10. While this is not the place to go into the details, I will tell you that through her experiences, she learned how to not only deal the pain of loss but has established herself as one of the best grief counselors in Europe.

When George introduced her to his process she was able to refine what she was doing to help people even more people ..much better.

George and Monica teamed up and combined what they were doing into this life changing 4.5 day seminar.
Over the 4.5 days people learn about and experience three things.

First is their false biological purpose. What is it that you are chasing to complete a biological purpose? Once you know this, it changes your mind set completely almost immediately (it did me). Then they show you how to complete this for yourself so you no longer are chasing after something that isn’t what you came here for. Each person has a different purpose.

Once you have felt and experienced the completion of the biological purpose..the false purpose, understanding opens up incredibly.

Step 2 is showing how to truly let go from this past drive inside you that takes you in a false direction for your true purpose. This process can take some time in real life. So George and Monica show you how to keep it working for you over this period of time.

Also the letting go process can be emotionally powerful. When i asked why, Monica answered that when people realize that they have really not been on purpose and chasing something they can never get the way they go after it. People sometimes experience grief. And while you are now moving in the direction of your true purpose, there is a process of letting go of the past and people need structure on how to do this. She has been doing this with people and it is her specialty.

Step 3 takes you through this highly refined 13th century process to discover your true purpose and to connect with the Spirit as never before. This is Changes everything for you. Especially after going through step 1 and step two before this step

4.5 days to go through 3 steps that will forever change you….back to who you truly are.

Back to the story

When George left my house last April after Zero Limits, I was on a high. I knew something was changing in a big way, the same kind of change I knew was coming with Zero Limits. I see the incredible things that happened in the Zero Limits seminar with 200 people in the room, and I also see that people wish they could have personal attention to their specific issues. And while What George and Monica do is not Zero Limits, it sure does incorporate the same philosophy on a much more personal level. And they let you experience what is impossible for people to in 2 days with so many other in the same room.

George said that he would like me to meet Monica. He said in July she would be in New Mexico for several weeks finishing her latest book and that if we could manage it he would love for Monica to stop in Austin and meet Kathy and me. We agreed we would love to meet her as well.

I forgot about it until I answered the phone last week and this sweet voice started talking to me and I could feel her healing energy… right through the phone. We talked for a bit and I welcomed her to come by and stay or visit with us. She accepted and said that since she had been away from George for so long, George was going to fly here as well. I was excited.

I told Kathy that she was really going to like Monica. Kathy said that I had said that before about people. And i said, “No, you are REALLY going to like her.” (She did.)

Well. Last night, after 3 wonderful days with both George and Monica, Kathy is excited about her new friends and what we are doing together.

I asked George and Monica why they had interest in telling me so much about this. They said that Spirit had been telling them that they were going to do seminars in the USA and that when George stood on my 4500 square foot deck overlooking the Texas Hill Country, he knew this was going to be the place.

I asked why they would want to come to America when they are so successful and selling out seminars in Europe. They both said that they had insight on 2012 and that America would play such a huge role.

They continued that 2012 was going to be time of great confusion, and people would not know who to look to. We would all be so disappointed with leaders and gurus because they could not give us anything to hold on to. But people would still have a burning desire to know what direction to take themselves and their families. 2012 would be about only going one place to get answers that would help us to not only survive…but to thrive.

And that place is INSIDE of each of us.

They said there would be so much confusion that the answer for today would not be the answer for tomorrow and the answer for you would not be the answer for me. We can no longer rely on the outside for assistance and only the inside would offer any hope.

The process that they are teaching is directly from Spirit to prepare and help us to get through this difficult time for the whole Earth.

The more people that knew and discovered this work the more chance that we as the human race have of getting through this. If we are able to do this as a race…we can save the race and enter into a different world than the one we were in before 2012.

George and Monica said that America is Key to this…so they were led to go to the Zero Limits Seminar.
George told me that he was told the path would be revealed at this Zero Limits seminar… and it was.
When he told Monica what had happened they knew that she must now become involved and come here as well to begin the teaching hear. So they spent 3 days revealing this to me because they believed I was the one Spirit had led them to… that I would help them begin the process in the United States.

I felt honored and at the same time a huge responsibility. And I knew they were right. Both Kathy and I had been getting the message that the fall of 2009 would change everything we do..and it would start in the summer.

Everything I had been teaching and learning has lined up with this message..Zero Limits and Ho’oponopono lines up perfectly with this message. So I am beginning to spread the message right away to you.

This is also the first of their seminars in English and in the USA. George and Monica speak fluent English!

The seminar dates are still in the working for the initial 4.5 day seminar. You will not be up sold. You will have everything you need — in you — for the 4.5 days. You will also have it when you leave…. and you take it with you for the rest of your life.

The seminar will be at my house on my big deck overlooking the wonderful Texas hill country.

The first seminar will be limited to 15 people. I have invited one special guest already and two of my friends who met George and Monica a few days ago have taken two seats…so we have 12 seats.

You will receive the very best personal attention while here.

We will feed you. And we are buying special zero gravity chairs for each of you for your use while here…and they will be yours to take with you.

We will help you with hotel & transportation as much as we can.

The dates will be finalized and the seminar will take place between October 10-17 with extra coaching available before and after the event.

The event will cost apx. $2200.00

You will be responsible for air and hotel.

Remember this seminar is not for everyone… but if this email resonated with you then please email me right away at [email protected]

Please feel free to pass this blog or email on to anyone else who you think might be interested or benefit from this.

Thanks for staying with me:-)

Mark J. Ryan

PS: Kathy and I were a bit concerned about one of Claire’s ( our 11 month old girl ) legs not being straight when she walked. We were going to go see the pediatrician about it.

George was watching her walk and Kathy mentioned her leg without voicing much concern. George said, “Her leg is just fine. It will straighten out in time.” I started to ask George how he was so sure. Then I remembered I had had manifested one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the world to my house for my daughter.

There were many other stories during our visit…

Let’s make one happen for you.

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  1. Hi Mark,

    If it was almost anyone else, I would have tuned out while reading this.

    Mark, I know you, and I know you are a man of integrity. I’m holding in mind being at one of these special events in your home.

    I am glad to read George’s assessment of Claire in this email too. Carol and I were just talking about how she must be getting so big the other day.

    Hugs and love to you and Kathy and the rest of the crew!

    Twenty Twenty

    That guy who changed his name to the number of perfect vision, becuase you living yours matters!


  2. PS: What I forgot to mention in the first commentl is that Mark you have a gift for seeing what most people miss. I have watched you do this with clients, I know you did this when finding I Haleakala, and I am certain you have found another hidden gem. Blessings.

    Twenty Twenty

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