Surviving the Shift

There is something rather big happening right now.

Can you feel it?

Whether you’re looking at its surface-level effects, or delving deeper to find meaning, you’ll notice that there are some major stresses happening in our reality right now. The structures of our world – financial systems, monetary systems, electric and transportation power systems, political systems, healthcare structures, environmental, media systems – everything is in a state of stress, degradation, or even downright falling apart.

It is becoming apparent that the systems in place to support and protect us aren’t exactly what we thought they were.

The public relations people are certainly busy trying to keep the visage of having it all together intact and sweeping the bad news under the rug, but it is too little, too late, and people are waking up to the fact that life on earth just isn’t what we thought it was.

Even the FBI and NSA are releasing documentation that extra-terrestrials have been found, contacted, and yes, they do exist. Isn’t this huge news? Important? And why now? Meanwhile, the media and politicians distract us with discussions of birth certificates.

I am aware of all of this happening… the earth changes, the shift in consciousness, openings, the interdimensional blurs… my intuition is on supercharge. The knowledge of what is real and what is imaginary patterning is strong. I’m noticing it in the kids, too. Max will verbalize something I am feeling. I will be writing something, and Claire will speak what I am writing, even though she’s across the room.

I’m aware that the surface level activities that we’re seeing are just ripples of effects from important things happening at deeper levels of awareness and consciousness.

It’s to the point where a lot of what is going on with conventional discussion just makes no sense anymore. It’s not about Obama or taxes, or the government, or even the banksters, or HAARP, or even illuminati, or whatever else explanation people have for what is happening.

There is something else shifting, something deeper, something beyond what we can comprehend or understand. If we go deeper and unplug from the mainstream explanations, we can sense what’s really going on.

I can see it astrologically, but I can also sense it from the depth of my consciousness. I just can’t really explain it.

Something really huge is happening, unlike anything we’ve experienced on earth ever before. That’s about all I know for sure.

And sometimes I get scared and wonder why, and then the download comes in and tells me that we are all here to participate and witness this shift… we wanted to be here for this… and it’s happening now.

Breathing in… breathing out.

We’re all breathing in, we’re all breathing out. Earth, all of us us, even the universe. Energy has been moving one way for a long time… and now it’s moving in another, but none of us understand exactly what that means. We’re sitting on the chess board, and we can’t tell what is happening in the overall game. We can’t get it intellectually, or even emotionally. But somewhere within a deeper part of us, we know.

And it’s really quite exciting.

We all came here to witness this, to experience it, to feel it, and we’re all doing so at different levels of awareness and from different perspectives. Some of us are angry. Some of us are distressed. Some of us are at peace. Me, I’m bouncing around somewhere in between. Being in Mount Shasta, I am A LOT closer to peace than I ever have been before. I feel incredibly guided by Spirit within me, grounded in nature, and protected and loved by All That Is.

My connection to that deeper part of consciousness guided me to this experience, and the more I open to it, the more the deeper part of me is guiding me in every decision I make. They all turn out to be fantastic decisions when I am plugged into that deeper part of myself. And the systems falling apart don’t mean as much to me then.

My job is not to fix it or even feel angry about it. My job, apparently, is to let go of attachments and desires that things be a certain way. Our collective job is to unplug from the manipulation machines that make us want things that we don’t really want.

We think we want certain things, but we don’t take a deeper look at why we think we want them. This is one of the things I’ve learned most from Mark… and one of the reasons why his presentation about subliminals at Kevin Hogan’s bootcamp last month was so amazing. It exposed the manipulation machines and how it happens, and how we end up plugging into a system of experience that makes us feel good even though we’re giving our energy and power away. We get an emotional experience, they get our money.

That whole system is falling apart. Our collective consciousness won’t stand for it much longer.

If you’re holding on to a broken system, angry that it isn’t working anymore, you’re just making yourself unhappy and you’re not helping yourself or anyone else. It’s like standing in the driveway beating on a broken car. It gets you nowhere. Get the car fixed, or get a new car. Or start walking, call a friend for a ride, or go back in the house and turn on the music really loud and dance naked in the living room.

The Key to Surviving the Shift
I don’t really know what’s happening, but I know what is working for me. So here it is.

Let go to that deeper part of yourself that knows something really big is happening. You don’t have to fully understand it, just trust that the deeper part of yourself knows. There’s a part that finds it all rather laughable, amusing, or even exciting. You don’t have to hurt through this shift. In fact, hurting through the shift doesn’t mean you’re any more noble, and you’re unable to help those who are hurting. So find a way to make it not hurt. That part is important.

By letting go to the part of yourself that knows, you start to integrate that deeper part of yourself into your daily experience. You begin pulling more of your consciousness into your life experience, and you begin to strengthen the connection between the you that you think you are and the you that you really are.

You’ll start to see that the systems you think you needed or wanted aren’t really important, they aren’t what you really want. You’re not looking for the things that they’re selling, you’re not looking to plug into THAT system.

You’re looking to plug into a deeper part of yourself. That deeper part of you is what you’ve been craving, what you’ve been looking for, the whole of yourself that has been neglected, feeling like an empty hole in yourself.

The deeper part of yourself knows what to do next.

You don’t have to understand or even know why, you just have to let go and trust. And you’ll find that you will live through interesting times without having to feel the curse of it.

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  1. Great Post Kathy!

    At the end of the game there is nothing you will be left holding onto.
    What you are holding onto keeps you from the deeper part of yourself.
    Why not learn how to let go now and find out who you are before the end of the game?


  2. This is simply amazing. As you know, I feel it too. This is such a powerful entry. Thank you for being you. xo

  3. Hi Kathy ~ this is my first visit to this blog and I really resonate with your post. My husband and I talk about the shift all the time, incredulous when some people claim not to feel it. Mostly I feel peace and excitement about it all ~ I agree that THIS is what we all came here for. It can be beautiful if we let it, right?

    I loved reading that the FBI is admitting to ET’s ~ I’ve been waiting for that, it’s about TIME!

    I also love hearing about your experiences about Mt. Shasta. That is one place I would love to visit ~ I hear it’s quite magical.

    Thanks for your thoughts and insights, Kathy!
    ~ Kate, a kindred soul

  4. Sounds like the polar shift that may take place in 2012.

    There was a very interesting and thorough lecture by Ivan Stein. It’s posted on YouTube as a 16 part series entitled Timeline To 2012. The 16th part is particularly interesting where he describes the after scenario (at around 4:30):




    As far as this blog post is concerned, I for one had similar feelings in March when the Tsunami hit Japan. Some enormous changes coming up…


  5. This is probably my first visit here and I like what I see;what you both have written resonates with me to the highest degree.I will come back later and read some of your previous posts. There is definitely something happening right now.I feel the shift in the energies every day.Each day is different.

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