Law of Flow

Manifesting what you want: how the Law of Flow works

lof-smallThe Law of Flow is about movement. It is also about manifesting what you want.

Let’s face it. If you’re not where you want to be… something IN YOU must move in order that you  can align to where you want to be.

The Law of Flow creates that movement within you. It aligns you with the natural flow of things so that you can let go of resistance.

One thing we’ve learned is that when you DESIRE something, it already exists. Your desire creates what you want.

So if you desire something, and it’s not in your reality as your experience, what’s the problem?

Resistance. Something within YOU is resisting the experience.

It doesn’t matter what is resisting. Looking for the reasons why or the cursed hows only places your all-powerful attention on the problem: you don’t have what you want.

That’s right. Searching for the resistance or trying to figure out WHY you are resisting only energizes the resistance with your attention.

Let me tell you a story.

I was once working on a project, trying to solve a problem. And the more I tried to solve the problem (it was a problem with the software that was throwing an error), the more problems came up. Now the network was dropping its connection. Then there were interpersonal misunderstandings. It seemed like no matter what I did, there was resistance.

I wasn’t flowing.

My attention was magnifying the resistance. I was magnifying the problem.

I was stuck.

I decided to let go of the project, let go of the problem. I just decided to go do something else.

The network problem was really ticking me off, as it was not only causing problems with my work, it was causing problems with my distractions!

I decided to go do something else.

I decided I might as well check on my finances, cancel an account, and clean out my email.

That decision… the decision to create movement in another area of my life where I was feeling no resistance whatsoever… created movement.

I was able to take care of those things, and then when I went back to my project, I was able to solve all of the problems. The interpersonal issue cleared up on its own.

I created movement instead of resistance.

And that’s precisely what the Law of Flow does for you.

Manifesting what you want

The Law of Flow creates movement. It creates movement at an unconscious level that will allow you to create movement in areas where you are feeling resistance.

The Law of Flow gets you unstuck. It gets you moving.And when YOU get moving, the UNIVERSE gets moving and reflects that back to you.

You create your reality. Whether your stuck or moving forward towards your goals at lightning speed, you
are creating that experience.

If you’re stuck, or looking for more freedom in your creations, The Law of Flow will create that
movement for you.

It automatically programs your unconscious mind to look for ways to keep things moving. It leverages
the very ideas that your unconscious already recognizes: that The Law of Flow is at work all around you.

Using the Law of Flow system is by far the easiest way to get things moving in your life.

It works for:

– work and projects
– money
– relationships
– manifesting physical toys (cars, houses, etc.)

But primarily… and this is something that you might not get from “marketing” — it creates a pattern
within you that helps in ALL areas of your life.

It helps with how you FEEL.

How does it feel to be stuck?

How does it feel when your life is moving effortlessly?

Which would you rather feel?

Which do you think will create a better life experience for you?

The Law of Flow installs that natural movement in your unconscious.

It creates a better life experience.

Use it once, use it multiple times. Use it when you want something. Use it when you don’t know WHAT you want.

The Law of Flow creates flow in your life.

But only if you use it. Get it here:

And if you’re feeling stuck right here, right now, do something completely different. Do something out of the ordinary. Communicate to your unconscious that you are ready to move, that you are ready to flow. It can be anything. Just do something different.

If you want to lose weight, go for a walk, no matter how short. Tell yourself you’re doing something different. And it will communicate to your unconscious that you want to get the flow working in your life.

It’s right there for you now…

and when you’re ready to supercharge your efforts, check out the DVD.

Much more to come.

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