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The Super Bowl Flow

For most of our time here in Mount Shasta, we haven’t had much television entertainment. We’ve had basic local channels and Netflix for movies. We’ve spent most of our time exploring our immediate environment, to the detriment of television. It has been great for our peace of mind and the clarity in our intuitive processes. It’s also been great for the kids.. But it has been not so great in other ways.

I’ve never really been a fan of television. Knowing everything I do about NLP and hypnosis, I see it used regularly on television, much more than you would expect. As such, I’ve wanted to give some exposure to that usage. Someday I will. For now, I’m going to be teaching you how to use these tools to better your life.

Because the better — and more spirit-directed your life is — the less open you are to messages of disempowerment from television. Or from anywhere else, for that matter.

Because of the DVDs I produce, I decided it was time to move from the dark ages of television into current technology. So I bought a 60″ plasma HDTV, just in time for the Superbowl.

Since releasing The Law of Flow downloads last week, I’ve received a number of messages from people who are using the system. They’re getting immediate shifts in their consciousness… shifts in their perceptions of how things are. If you haven’t read my blog post about How The Law of Flow Works, please do.

The Law of Flow creates movement in your spirit.

Watching the “big game” on the big HDTV was an interesting experience, especially after having been away from television for so long. It was quite apparent how The Law of Flow was working in the game.

If you watched, you saw it too. You saw how Baltimore had momentum during the first half. You saw how they were in their flow… how everything seemed to go their way. Every play seemed effortless, at least from the watchers perspective. They found their flow and stayed in it. San Francisco did well too, in the second half, especially after the bizarre power outage.

The Success SwitchThe power outage was an interesting metaphor for what was happening. As the flow of power disappeared, the flow of Baltimore’s dominance went with it. San Francisco was able to rather quickly get back into the game after Baltimore’s momentum and flow was cut.

Managing Your Own Flow
How about in your life? Can you recall times in your life when all seemed to flow effortlessly? Haven’t you experienced a time when the right people showed up when they should, the opportunities presented themselves miraculously, and everything fell into place easily?

And you’ve likely experienced the opposite where nothing ever goes the way you want.

How do you get out of those stuck places? How did Baltimore regain their flow after it was pulled out from under them?

When your flow gets cut, you have to get back to basics. You need to find a way to do the following:

  • Get out of the fight-or-flight response
  • Get out of your primitive brain (as I taught you to do in The Success Switch)
  • Manage your flow
  • Manage your response to the situation
  • Make empowering decisions in a high risk environment.

This is what the entire NeuroScience of Getting Rich program is about.

lof-smallThe Law of Flow teaches you a system for managing that energetic flow within you. The videos will teach you how The Law of Flow is working in your life… and you’ll also experience meditations that you can do for the rest of your life to stay in your flow… no matter what is happening outside of you.

Listen, the Harbaugh brothers who coaches these two amazing teams understand The Success Switch and The Law of Flow. They have teams of professionals coaching their players. A lot of money is on the line when you’ve got a successful team. Football is a business. So they hire the best experts to figure out how to turn the Success Switch on and get The Law of Flow moving in their direction.

I’ve distilled these principles from the latest in neuroscience research, the best in NeuroLinguistic Programming, and I use hypnotic language to get these principles installed in your unconscious. These principles work for everyone…. whether they are playing in the most watched sporting event in America or whether they’re trying to get a project done around the house.

Had I been one of those coaches, my players would have had The Law of Flow meditations memorized. They’d know immediately how to get out of the fear-based reactivity that happens in a high pressure sporting event. And they’d know how to get into their flow, so they can turn their Success Switch on.

I can show you how. To learn more about the products, visit the web sites:



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