Being the change

Working this field, I come across people from all walks of life. Some of them are debilitated by traumas, fears, and despair. Others are living pretty wonderful lives by comparison, but they were looking to get ahead and get more from their experience.

I am proud that in most cases I am able to stir old, unproductive patterns loose and help people find more peace, freedom, and joy in their lives. Sometimes those people are so thrilled that I’ve done something good, that I receive glowing energy back from them as thanks.

They think it is me doing the work. And a lot of it is me, the knowledge I’ve accrued from some pretty amazing people, and my own personal challenges that have given me the ability to see what’s not working.

But it’s not really me. Yes, I’ve worked hard to gain knowledge that helps people. Yes, I am continuing to learn more things. And yes, I love helping people.

If anything, my gift is that I can open a place where God, grace, and forgiveness can enter in. I am more like a catalyst than anything.

You see, underneath whatever is holding you back, there is an undamaged person with amazing joy, love, and abundance given as a birthright. That is the real you.

Your thoughts, your unconscious patterns, your beliefs… these are all just tools we’ve inherited, adopted, or chosen in order to cope with challenges. But these challenges are not permanent, and the “sin” is thinking that we’ve got it all figured out and we’ve found a way to protect ourselves, adapt, and survive those challenges.

Every event in your life is an opportunity to uncover what thought, belief, and unconscious pattern doesn’t fit with the true nature of who you really are. It is important to remember this when such challenges arrive. It is the gratitude for the challenge to clean unconscious patterns and grow that allows us to accept grace and healing when it arrives.

If you’re interested in dislodging patterns and uncovering the real you, I am available for coaching. I typically do 1-2 sessions only, as I’ve found this is all it takes for most people to experience breakthrough on their issue.

If you want to do something right now at home, check out Mind Power for Free. This is a free program that John Overdurf and I released to help people get clear.

You can also dive deeper into ho’oponopono with the Subliminal Clearing DVD. It can change your life, too.

I love hearing from people who have been moved by my work. I love it even more when I hear that someone has spread that good feeling forward. Those changes can transform your relationships and transform others. As you change, the people around you tend to change, too. Imagine what change can occur in the world when you begin to reach out and touch the lives of total strangers, too.

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