Managing Risk in an Unstable World

Do you make decisions based on safety? Do you make decisions based on avoiding risk? Have you ever looked at your own patterns to determine why you are choosing what you choose?

Risk is everywhere. And in our unstable world, there is more risk than ever. We are all being asked to learn how to manage risk in this unstable world. And the only way to really learn how to create real wealth is to learn how to manage risk.

Instability does not foster risk taking

If you are in a state of fear because your world feels unstable, you cannot handle much risk. If you feel overwhelmed by data that makes no sense, risk is out of the question. And if you have too many unknown variables in your life, taking risks isn’t going to be possible for you.

In the financial industry, they call it “risk tolerance.” Individuals who score high on risk tolerance are more likely to make big investment decisions. People with high tolerance for risk make decisions that pay off big. They are the folks who look over investment portfolios, make sense of the information they find, and take a risk. Those risks, if calculated, can pay off incredibly big.

Taking investment risks on Apple or Tesla

Would you have invested in Apple just as Steve Jobs was coming back into the corporation after having been outed by his own board of directors? Apple was performing poorly, had lost their innovative edge, and from the outside it looked like a bad investment. Steve had been working on NeXT, Pixar, and neither of those looked very successful. At the time, Apple looked like a big risk.

Or look at Tesla motors. Elon Musk took on a massive task, to create an electric car that people would actually want. No other electric car had ever been able to do that successfully, and even his biggest competitor, the Fisker Karma, burned out rather quickly. The media was against Tesla, running articles proving that the car was impractical…. until Elon Musk and Tesla showed the data proving that reporters were skewing their experience.

The cards were all stacked against Apple and Tesla. Investing in either of those companies at that point was a huge risk. However, if you had invested at those times — if you had been able to tolerate that risk — you would have had a huge return on your investment.

Entrepreneurial Risks

Entrepreneurs are constantly making these types of decisions. To be a successful entrepreneur, you’ve got to be able to make sense of information, capitalize on trends, and take calculated risks. You have to be able to spend money developing products, marketing, investing in infrastructure, human resources… there are a lot of things on which you have to take a risk and spend money. The more risk you can tolerate and the more knowledge you have, the bigger your payday is going to be.

I have known a lot of smart entrepreneurs that have a ton of knowledge and skill, however, they have been highly risk averse.

Life is about taking risks

If you’re looking to make money, if you’re looking to create a new stream of income, you have to be willing to take risks.

Heck, even if you’re looking to go out on a date with that special someone, you’re going to have to take a risk and ask them… and risk being turned down.

Fear is the culprit, and fear is the thing that’s holding you back.

How different would life be if you had invested in Apple, Google, etc? How different would your life be if you had taken a risk and started your own business? How different would your life be if you had asked that girl/guy out?

Taking risks triggers that fear-based paralysis that stops us from making a change. It stops us from doing all sorts of things that would improve our life dramatically. Think about it… whatever you really want has some degree of risk with it. The higher the risk, the bigger the payoff, the more the fear of change kicks in.

You can take risks and succeed

The Success SwitchI created The Success Switch so that people can become more risk tolerant. By watching these hypnotic videos, you can increase your ability to cope with instability, tolerate risky situations, and make better decisions about the data that’s in front of you.

When you’re operating at your best, when you’re calm and centered, you can take in approximately 7 bits of information into your conscious mind at any one period of time. When you’re in fear, that number goes down dramatically. Even if you have all of the data to make important decisions in front of you, you cannot make sense if it if you’re operating in fear.

The Success Switch quell that fear so you can make rational-based decisions in your life and your business… and also your investing. This collection of hypnotic trance and hypnotically written stories help quiet the primal fight-or-flight response — the response that usually makes us modern folk take flight into escapism and distraction from our challenges. When we can quiet that response, we can then really look at what our goals are and take calculated risk and powerful actions that change our lives.

Let’s face it. You’ll never live in a world where there is no risk. Risk is a part of life. Nothing is set in stone, nothing is a done deal, and nothing is a for-sure win. But you can reduce the risks you take when you’re able to make sense of data.

If fear is holding you back from making big changes, then you’ll want to take a look at The Success Switch. For only $27 (and free shipping for our US/Canada customers!), this is a DVD that can really change your life.

Take a risk on yourself… and flip your success switch to the on position… and learn to keep it there.

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  1. It’s good to see you back writing again, Mark!

    This makes a lot of sense. I usually avoid making any decisons when I am stressed out. I put things off until I am not feeling so much stress. Can this dvd help me when I am stressed out?

  2. Fear can certainly be paralyzing, especially with so much uncertainty in the world these days. Thanks, Mark.

    1. The uncertainty is just going to increase, Glenda. We’ve got to learn to let go of our fears and stay focused on what we really want. Thanks for your observation!

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