What makes you feel abundance?

One of the coolest things about living in Mount Shasta is the city park just north of town. There you can find the headwaters of the Sacramento River… a spring from which extremely cold, pure, delicious water gushes from the ground, thus beginning a rather substantial river.

People come from all over to see the spring, to dip their water bottles into the frigid water and taste the cool water right from the ground. The first time I drank the water from the spring, I felt a lightness and cleanness of energy that I haven’t felt any other way. I guess you could liken it to a runner’s high, but without exertion and with a lightness and cleanness that.

We bring our 5-gallon water bottles to the spring and fill up on the water and enjoy it at home. It’s not quite the same once it’s been sitting in a water bottle for a while, but it’s still better than anything else I’ve tasted elsewhere. I recommend if you’re ever in Shasta, to go up to the spring and taste the water yourself… and test how it makes you feel.

Here’s a video someone else posted to YouTube of a girl filling up a water bottle at the spring.

Meditating in front of the springs is also a joyous and opening experience. The sound of rushing water and birds chirping in the trees, children playing in the park and along the creek… there is a peaceful playfulness that happens here. I imagine it is the same type of peaceful playfulness that happens as the water dances over the rocks.

Oddly, Interstate 5 runs directly to the west, and a train line to the north, so that peaceful playfulness can be interrupted by the sounds of the machines of industry turning away. But the peaceful playfulness is overpowering here… and you can’t help but be reminded of Spirit as the overwhelming source of All That Is. That feeling comes through and overwhelms the energies that may normally disrupt your peacefulness in any other setting.

Is it any wonder why we love to call this place home? The natural abundance surrounds us here. There is no lack in our experience here… and if there seems to be a challenge, it ends up being for our own Highest Good.

One day, a man with about 20 5-gallon bottles came and started to fill them at the spring. I imagined that he was filling them to take them and sell them somewhere, and I wondered about that. It brought up a feeling of impropriety, a feeling that was clearly representative of data I had about people taking things that are free for us all to enjoy and selling them.

I laughed pretty quickly after that. I imagined this man taking 1,000 5-gallon bottles and selling them to people, people who couldn’t perhaps get to the spring themselves to fill up their own bottles.

I laughed because… no matter how many bottles of water he took from the spring, the spring kept giving, and giving and giving… the water kept coming. It came at a rate that wasn’t even affected by the spring water bottling plant that was about a mile away. Of course, there is probably a point if there were 1,000 bottling plants that the spring wouldn’t give any more, but as it stands right now, that spring keeps providing the best tasting, energized water no matter how many people take from it.

I wondered where else I experienced this amazing abundance… and the wheels began to spin in my mind about other ways that Spirit shows me how I live an abundant world.

Somewhere in your life, there is a spring of energy that is available to you. It might not be Mount Shasta water, but perhaps it is something else. Maybe you live in a city surrounded by an abundance of like-minded people. Maybe you live near the ocean and its abundant calming waves.

What in your life makes you feel the universal abundance available to us all? What feelings come up for you when you allow yourself to take in the experience of that abundance? When you have feelings of lack, or maybe a wondering about there being “enough,” be thankful for finding a space that allows those feelings to come up… and begin focusing on the areas where you have more than enough.

Your consciousness expands where you put your attention. Attention is all there is. Where can you put your attention today to change your experience for tomorrow?

Please share what comes up for you personally… those who read your comment may need the very inspiration Spirit shares with you.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Group Ho’oponopono Experiment on the Gulf of Mexico this weekend. It’s amazing what your activity inspired in others. We’ll be doing more Group Ho’oponopono Experiments going forward… look for an announcement of topic #2 later this week. (email your suggestions for future topics to kathy at hypnotici dot com)

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  1. Mark,

    The spring that I drink from is the spirit that arises in me when I connect with my heart and allow source to flow up within. I love to meditate and can do so at the drop of a dime, frequently doing so even during my busy day. I need not even close my eyes but can connect to that source inside of me and up swells an abundance of love and joy that permeates my soul. If fact it can come so quick and overwhelming that I could just sit in it all day. This has come as a result of learning to be in spirit by following the meditation of Self Realization (Paramahansa Yogananda), the breathing of Art of Living( Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) and from Ho’oponopono and the meditation and breathing taught there. Thank you for a chance to share. I love you!!

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