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  1. Mark,

    This is some mind blowing stuff. I have to admit, I have not yet watched the movie (I am going tonight) but I could not keep myself from watching your videos .. I doubt they will spoil the movie… All I can say is I’m fascinated.

    The main healing modality that use in my practice is EFT along with some other stuff, but with the results I have gotten from using your Subliminal Manifestation series products and the more I watch you the more interested in NLP and Hypnosis I have become.

    I have done a bit of NLP self- study through books and CD’s, some Jerry Stocking stuff too, but what I really would love is to see you do is have training for people like me. I have so many questions and so much to learn that I think people can benefit from.

    You are without a doubt, a teachers teacher and I’m so grateful..

    Keep those videos and podcasts coming Mark, and thank you for inspiring me every day!

    Love and Blessings


  2. Hello Mark

    I found yr vids here from a google of NLP and Inception. The reason was that I saw the movie two days ago and when I came out I felt I’d been hypnotised! Actually I stepped out of the movie theatre and I wanted to go back and see the movie again – I just wanted to go back to where that movie took me. I have never wanted to see a movie twice. Ever. (Oh and btw the way I have never knowingly been hypnotised).

    I occasionally do Yoga Nidra on a guided meditation and I had the same feelings I get when I do that.

    Thanks for your videos and for reassuring me that I wasn’t imagining things.


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