Subliminal Messages Work

The Subliminal Manifestation DVDs were some of the first videos created to use the power of subliminal messages, hypnosis, and hypnotic stories to help people focus their conscious and unconscious minds towards living a better life.

There has been a lot of debate on whether or not subliminal messages actually work. An article in the Telegraph earlier this week shows that subliminal messages do work.

A lot of the discussion since these findings were published has been about the negative effects of subliminal advertising. Of course, any technology can be used for both good and not so good intents.

But the singular goal of the Subliminal Manifestation DVDs has been towards helping you live a better life, whether you want to Increase Sales, experience more Forgiveness and Love, become Fear-Less, or Attract Wealth. There is even a DVD to train your unconscious mind to use ho’oponopono to clear negative beliefs for you.

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