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Creating the Rolls Royce Mastermind

The Mark J. Ryan Experience
The Mark J. Ryan Experience
Creating the Rolls Royce Mastermind

Many people have asked me how the Rolls Royce Mastermind with Joe Vitale came to be, and if I had any part in it.

They are surprised when I tell them the story. Maybe you will be, too.

It all started at Miracles Weekend Seminar in San Diego, California. This event almost didn’t happen until my wife, Kathy, Joe’s assistant Suzanne, and I stepped in to rescue it.

We had turned lemon into lemonade and had a successful seminar. Joe was feeling good, relaxed, and relieved.

He had gone to dinner the night before with John Assaraf. On the way to dinner, he saw a car dealership with two Bugatti Veyron sports cars. They were valued at $1.8 million (at the time :-)). When Joe told me about the cars, he was more excited about them than the dinner and meeting with John Assaraf, and he wanted to go see the cars again.

Joe and Nerissa had hired a limo and invited me to go sightseeing around San Diego, and back to the car dealership. So we drove along the coast to the Symbolic Car dealership.

When we arrived, we immediately went to look at the Bugattis, but they weren’t ready for viewing. So, we looked at other cars including many rare race cars in their private museum. These cars were amazing and worth millions. If you’re ever in San Diego, I recommend a trip to their dealership.

They also had Rolls Royce cars. Joe got into the new convertible Rolls Royce. When he got in, both Nerissa and I said he looked fantastic in the car, but we agreed that he looked too much like a mafia guy with his sunglasses in the it. So he got out of that car and into the sedan.

That was it. You could tell it was Joe’s car.

We took the car for a ride, it was amazingly smooth. Joe asked how I liked it, and I said it was like sitting on my couch driving down the highway.

Even Nerissa who is very green and earth conscious was initially concerned with the low gas mileage. But when she got into the back seat, a nice happy smile came over her face. She said she thought she could live with the low gas mileage. It was nice to see Nerissa so happy.

Joe was unsure. So we went back to the dealership to see the 1.8 million dollar Bugattis. We pulled the Rolls up next to the Bugatti building and went in to start one of the cars.

Joe started the Bugatti and sat in the driver’s seat. He was shaking like a leaf when he got out. The pistons sounded like a sledgehammer hitting a railroad tie. It was too much power for Joe to handle. We had a good laugh at how nervous he was. I on the other hand got excited as I had worked on and around Nascar engines. I was ready to drive!

We were excited about the Rolls Royce, but Joe wasn’t convinced.

We went back to the hotel and walked to a nice restaurant on the beach. We ate and then walked off some food along the beach while talking about the Rolls Royce.

Joe called me in the morning and said that Bill was coming to get us in the Rolls Royce. We were going to ride and shop for the day to get Joe used to the car. When Bill came to pick us up, we were smiling seeing such a beautiful car coming to get us. We drove around, shopped, and went back to the dealership.

At one point, we were looking into the back of the car. Joe was nervous about spending so much money on this car, even though he loved it. As he looked into the back seat from the door, he said, “It is almost big enough to hold a table and meeting.”

Like a bolt out of the blue, it hit me. I said, “Joe, how about a mastermind meeting?”

Joe eyes widened.

Then I said, “How about a rolling Mastermind?” I had told Joe in the past and on his testimonial page that I always wanted to do a car mastermind. So I said, “How about a Rolls Royce mastermind?”

He lit up, but still was not convinced.

Our salesman, Bill, had some things to do and told us to go for another spin in the car, so we did. Then it came to me. I remember Joe telling me something about how he had recruited for Rajneesh Majaraj (Osho) in Houston for 7 years and had ran a center for him there as well. While this guru was not popular in the United States because of his tactics, I remembered the reverence Joe had for Rajneesh. I appealed to that side of Joe, because I knew if he listened to me he would have a much needed source of income for both him and myself.

I asked him to remember how many Rolls Royces Rajneesh had (over 90). I said, “And here is one of his disciples now driving one, and it could be his.”

I reassured Joe that i would be there for him to start the masterminds and get it going.

Joe has some issues about talking to folks he doesn’t know. I reassured him that I was good at this and could teach him how to coach people.

I have flashbacks to 2004 when I first told Joe about ho’oponopono (he rejected the idea at the time; it later became Zero Limits). That weekend, I helped him set up his booth at the National Guild of Hypnotists. Thanks to my 15 years of experience doing trade shows, we completely sell out of products. At one point during the weekend, Joe had to speak. He asked me to help set up his Power Point presentation and make sure the stage was OK.

Attendees were filing into the room, and I noticed Joe was sweating bullets on top of his head. I got him a towel, and I noticed he was shaking nervously. I asked if he was alright. He said, “No.” He hated public speaking. I asked him if I could do a few exercises to help him calm down. I did the exercises, and he calmed enough, but not completely. I talked to him some more and he asked me if I would introduce him. I told him I would and that I would sit right up front and smile and support him.

He did great and he thanked me and said he had to speak again tomorrow and would I do it all again then. The whole weekend went so well, he asked if I would come again next year and help him again. I agreed, and it went even better. Sales were great, we did more coaching, and that is when he did finally listen to me about ho’oponopono. It wasn’t long before Zero Limits came to be.

Joe and I became good friends after that. I helped coach Joe to the point of where he can get up in front of a group and speak for two hours without notes. Joe always had the information, but he was afraid to speak the information with authority. This is what I am good at doing.

Back at the dealership, Joe asked me if it would be okay to have others ride along on the rolling masterminds. I said, “Joe, it’s your car.”

We went in, and Joe leased the Rolls Royce… leased it so he could have a better write off.

Over a year later, I’ve done 12 masterminds with Joe. It is now his thriving business.

I knew Joe was ready to take it over by himself. When I was driving, he would proudly explain to others how he came up with the idea all by himself. At first I was a bit upset, but I knew that is Joe’s way of reclaiming his power.

I knew he was telling me he was ready to try doing masterminds more by himself with others riding along. And I guess I don’t blame him. He was paying me half of the profits, and I am sure he could pay others less. After all, it is business, right?

So off goes Joe in the Rolls Royce, masterminding on his own with some new folks! While I am not sure of the quality of what others bring to the mastermind, they seem to be working out. I do know that Joe is now capable enough to do it all by himself. Joe learns well… and, as he puts it, humorously… just sitting with him in the Rolls Royce and for dinner is worth more even if he doesn’t coach or give product ideas.

And I am moving into doing my own brand of coaching, which is different. Joe wanted to do more product development coaching, as he got pretty good at it. I wanted to do the deeper work with clearing others of what stopped them from attaining their goals.

So maybe we will work together again. He has told me that, several times, he was wishing I would have shown up when he had brought others instead of me. When I wasn’t there, he had to work harder. He didn’t realize how easy I made it until another tried to fill my shoes. But hey, that is part of how you grow. And I thank him for the compliment.

Go look at the website and see the testimonials with me in them. There are less of them since I have left, but there is enough still there to give you an idea of my contribution. (Go here to see a video testimonial from Nancy Philpott after her experience with me.)

There it is! The Rolls Royce Mastermind story! And there is a lot more coming.

In the future, I will talk more about other successful products I helped Joe develop. I will also talk about the Russia trip, and many more interesting things. Stay tuned!

One of the reasons I am doing this is because Joe said I didn’t toot my own horn enough. He said I should do it more. Now that I am, let’s hope he contributes some of his positive insights! 🙂

Thanks, Joe, for a wonderful time on the Rolls Royce Masterminds! Good luck in the future.

If you are interested in a very productive and life changing Mastermind with me, let me know. It won’t be a fancy meal or a drive in a Rolls Royce, but you will walk away with much more than I could have given before. My focus will be completely on you, your issues – whether business, personal, financial, or spiritual. I also charge a lot less because you don’t have to pay for the glitz… but you get the same results.

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  1. We mess with big guns, baby, and you know that… We make your life flash quick, like a Kodak.

    Remember when the founder of NLP, Richard Bander, Who graduated from Stanford University told you on stage when you trained with him told you that you’re gonna be a lot like him and scare the hell out of alot of people when you received your certificate in NLP from him and all those people were like “Mark, Bandler just said that you were gonna be the next Tony Robbins.”

    but you were nonchalant about the whole thing because you didn’t know that Bandler never complimented anybody.

    Is that a true story?

    And thanks for the tips in the e-mail. I never realized how close I was to becoming a millionaire… All of this great stuff just came down on me. This gestalt just crashed into my reality… F-ing Phenomenal!

    I’ve been thinking about you and you said your schedule books were filled until next year, and you’ve been on my mind constantly, more and more, so I had to get into your mind… Don’t… I repeat… Don’t forget about me boss.

    -Guy Eros Olivera Guillermo
    Happy New Years =-)

    1. Hey, Guy, yes, Bandler said I took to hypnosis like a duck to water. And yes, Bandler never complimented anybody.

      That was a long time ago. A lot has happened since then!

      Don’t know if I want to be the next Tony Robbins. I think I’d rather be the only Mark J. Ryan. 🙂

  2. Hi Mark,
    Glad you are claiming your contrabution to the programs. You have “star power”. My brother used to say, “if you do not toot your own horn, no one else will”.

    1. Thanks, Eunice! I just want to toot what feels right, but I am still quite human. 🙂 I love your comments and letters.

  3. Hi Mark,
    Loved the Rolls Royce Mastermind story! What a great idea striking you. I am excited to get to know you better for you have made such a difference in my life.

    I was involved in an SUV rollover accident in 2004 and slowly was becoming home bound unable to drive. I was imposing a lot of limits on myself and not functioning in life very well until I got H’opoponopono and your DVD love and forgiveness. It freed me to be able to live my life again and enabling me to make a difference in the world practicing H’opoponopono. I can never thank you enough!!! You are healing so many through sharing H’opoponopono and yourself.

    Live out loud Mark! You are awesome and so much greatness is flowing through you. Shine your light! I myself am having to learn to live out loud because I am more of a quiet and one-on-one kind of person. Stretching myself to share all the goodness I have been blessed with and looking forward to learning all of the wonderful messages that are flowing through you to all of us. :))

    Peace and love to you and Kathy and your family wishing you a very blessed holiday and a shining new year!!

    1. Donna, your comment brightened my day. Thank you! I take no credit for anything that flows through me. Only thing I can take credit for is being open when Spirit wants to move. I am so glad the dvd helped you. Peace and love to you and your family, too! 2010 is going to be an awesome year for all of us. Lots of clearing over the past year, lots of growth and miracles coming up next.

  4. So is Ho’oponopono a genuine practice or just some ‘whoo whoo’ product that was marketed?

    1. Ho’oponopono is a genuine practice. There is a lot of information on the web if you google it. Zero Limits is a slightly different take on it, but essentially the information is the same as what Ihaleakala Hew Len teaches. I very much believe in the practice and find that the philosophy of getting closer to God (the Divine) is critical to happiness and fulfillment, and the methods of getting closer to God include forgiveness of self and others.

  5. Mark,

    It’s YOUR gift baby! Let it shine

    Love and Blessings,

    p.s. WOW! 😉 .. I’ve always recognized your genius..But today you BLEW ME AWAY..! HUGS

  6. Mark,

    Thank you for this post.
    I have had a bad feeling about Joe for some time.
    What really got me was the secrets of attracting money that was marketed as having new never published before.
    I listened to it twice and found nothing new that Joe hadn’t said before.
    The DVD was a dvd that I had had for 2 years sold by Pat O Bryan. It took me 2 months of emails to get it sent to me. They forgot apparently…
    I love Hooponopono and have really liked Joes products in the past, but had decided to stop buying them because of my bad feelings. I am releved to see that respectable people have different opinions, and hope that he will get his integrity back.


  7. Mark, I’ve only been following your page for a short time, but I’m gald to hear “the rest of the story” as PH used to say. We see so much on the internet that makes us think that this stuff falls from the sky and 24 hrs later the pauper is the prince. I don’t get so discouraged when I remember guys like you and Joe have been at this for a few years!

  8. Mark,
    I just found your website today, although I have seen your name around for years it seems. You have a sweet loving energy that feels so warm and I just wanted to say that and honor who you are. I am cleaning on some issues surrounding my throat chakra and speaking my truth, and felt that maybe it’s something similar you are cleaning on…regardless I send much love and peace your way.

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