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Subliminal Wealth Teleseminar

You are being Subliminally Manipulated…YES You! And we can prove it.

Whether you believe it or not, you are being subliminally influenced every day… all day. The technology is way too powerful today to ignore if you want to live free and make your own choices.

And the technology is powerful enough for you to use for your own advantage.

Want to learn more? Visit this link and register today for the Subliminal Wealth teleseminar on Tuesday, January 11, 2011.

You may have heard of the old flash on the screen on the movie theater causing people to buy more Coca-Cola or popcorn. Well that was in the 1950’s… and believe me, as much as TV and computers have advanced since then, so has the understanding and usage of this technology to get you to buy.

My highly successful Subliminal Manifestation series has helped thousands around the world to use this technology to get past conscious resistance and improve their lives through unconscious allowing. Perhaps you’ve used one of these DVDs to improve your life.

And once you’ve done that, and learned how this technology can work for you, you can use it yourself.

You can use subliminals to:

  • Change beliefs, habits, and patterns
  • Develop new behaviors to achieve more desirable results

And you can also use this technology to influence other people in your life. You can use it to improve your relationships both personally and professionally. You can use them to help those you love allow more joy and expansion in their lives, and you can use them to forge greater connections with your sales prospects and customers.

You can use them to increase your own ability to allow more wealth producing experiences in your life!

If nothing else, you can learn how to protect your mind and your loved ones from the influence others may try to exert on you, and your wallet.

Join Dr. Kevin Hogan and me next Tuesday, January 11, 2011, at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time to learn more about subliminals, and how subliminals directly affect your wealth.

This will be a fast moving hour, packed with information you can use immediately to improve your life experience in a number of ways.

To learn more and make an immediate impact in your life, listen to the teleseminar! You’ll also receive a free MP3 of the call, register today!

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