Attracting Wealth Isn't Really Attracting Wealth

It’s summer in Mount Shasta. Mark and I are working on new projects, but we’re also acutely aware that we’ve earned some time outside. We didn’t get much of a spring here. It snowed incessantly throughout March — totaling about 8 feet of accumulation — and rained and snowed most of April and May.

Yesterday, we spent time at Lake Siskiyou. The sky was as blue as you’d ever see it and the temperatures topped 90 degrees. We played with the kids and soaked up the sun.

As I sat on the banks of the lake listening to the motorboats going by, I closed my eyes and watched the light sparkles flash through my eyelids. It felt surreal. I joked to Mark that it was nature’s hypnotic subliminal video. I felt a quickening of connection and an opening of awareness. Those types of things happen when you’re in Shasta… not something I can really explain. You just have to come here and feel it.

My son has been studying the indigenous Indian populations, and I wondered if they had these feelings (without the motorboats) along the water ways here before modern toys came into play. Those cultures lived much more closely with nature and much more like how our ancestral selves lived.

I know that the experience of being in an enclosed space – even a stunningly beautiful home like I currently have – insulates us from the extraordinary beauty and inspiration of our world. It often leads us to feel cut off from nature, from abundance, and from our real selves.

We’re supposed to feel that beautiful inspired feeling more often than we do. It is our natural state.

That got me thinking about what other natural states of pure abundance we’re supposed to be feeling that we often do not in our modern world.

We’re supposed to feel immense love. Excitement. Happiness. Joy. Abundance of it all. We’re supposed to feel that most of the time. Sure, life has its stresses. We need stress in order to grow and expand our awareness. But your life is not supposed to be a trial of epic proportions. It’s just not. If it ever feels like it is, you’ve veered far away from your core self.

Mark’s meditations, especially the advanced ho’oponopono inner child meditation, are an excellent place to start reconnecting with that core self.

I have a personal goal of financial abundance that I’d like to see happen in the next few months. I don’t need it to happen, but I’d like to see it happen.

And as I sat meditating on that financial goal and ways to make that goal happen in this reality, I got a very strong inspired feeling. I’m sure you know that feeling, that feeling of knowingness that brings a physical feeling of openness and clarity. That feeling told me that I already have the goal, it has already happened. It exists in the here and now, I just see, hear, and feel it differently.

For example, you’ve heard of people who start to renovate their house and find something amazingly valuable behind the plaster in their living room, a discovery that grandma’s piece of furniture is worth thousands.

That energy is transmuted from a physical manifestation – such as a piece of furniture – into a symbolic manifestation. Sometimes you transmute your talent and expressive energy (e.g., songwriting) into symbolic manifestation of wealth.

All money is, all money will ever be, is a symbolic manifestation of what you believe you have and deserve.

If you don’t believe you have any money, you could sit on grandma’s coffee table for years and not transmute it into wealth. You could have the best songwriting skills on the planet and nothing every comes of it because you don’t believe you have what it takes.

There are myriad reasons why you may not transmute your wealth into its symbolic representation. There is no one right way to do it, no wrong way. Just tune into what you believe, clear limiting beliefs using any tool you can find, and begin to consciously tune yourself to a higher frequency of deservingness. Then, transmute what you’ve got into its natural symbolic representation of your beliefs.

I, of course, excitedly relayed my intuitions to Mark who thanked me for sharing what he already knew. 🙂 He’s far down his own path of transmutation, and you’ll be excited to see the product he’s currently working on.

And now, I’m going to do some prep work for another trip down to the lake. I hear there are more messages waiting in the waves. 🙂

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  1. Hello Mark Ryan, sorry for my language, because I’m french and I don’t correctly speak english, (my speak, is very bad). But what languages do you speak? because I speak in second language Spanish, and you? Would you like to be a friend on face book? I like to much your work and your person, I have a few some Dvd, and I find you are with Joe Vitale his ‘Supers Genius’. I wait your response, and a see you soon with my affection.

    1. Thank you Marie! I found you on Facebook. Thank you for your kind words and for connecting with me.

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