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Riding the Waves

As a follow up to the intuitive guidance I wrote about the other day in surviving the shift, a model of understanding came to me that explains what is going on, and why so many people are feeling unbearable discontent right now.

The model is that of All That Is being the ocean, and we are individual waves. Each wave has a certain height, character and depth. But it is still a part of a larger whole.

We are all a part of All That Is, The Universe, God, a collective consciousness… whatever you want to call it. We are a part of this vast energetic pool of knowingness, and that knowingness seeks to experience life on earth through the individual experiences of each of us. The question of who am “I” and what is that knowingness isn’t important. Just knowing that you are you, and that there is a deeper part of yourself that is connected to a deeper part of All That Is.

It is within that deeper part of yourself that your larger knowing exists. When you relax, meditate, dream, you go into that deeper part of self that knows much more than you do about what is going on.

The deeper part knows your patterns, the things that block you consciously and unconsciously. The deeper part isn’t concerned with politics, healthcare, bankers, environmental disasters, having more money, the annoying co-worker, the current problem of the day, having a better car, or lifestyles of the rich and famous.

It isn’t that the deeper part doesn’t care about the environment, disasters, or the inequality in the world. The deeper part of you feels compassion, care, and love in such situations instead of anger, despair, or outrage. Ho’oponopono is only one of the ways that you can help yourself to get to the deeper part of yourself to feel these things. There are many other modalities that work, too, such as reiki and meditation. Walking through the woods, being in nature, these things help me open to that deeper part of myself as well.

There is a lot of anger, despair, and outrage in the world right now. There are even people feeling anger, despair and outrage that other people are feeling angry, despondent and outraged! I have to admit, I join in on some of those feelings sometimes. We’re human. It is our nature to explore all parts of our existence, from the shallows to the depths.

At those times, it is like I am further into the wave and further away from the ocean. I am more “out on a limb” and riding the wave of the current weather and situation that feels most important. Sometimes there is a reason to go out on the wave for a ride. We are manifest so that we can experience, and learning to travel the various depths and shallows of experience is a part of that life experience as a human. Depth is no better or worse than shallow.

But you can’t stay on the edge of the wave for long, especially during the storms. During the storms (like now), the propensity for seasickness and discombobulation on the edge of the wave will thrash you emotionally and make life difficult. You have to know how to find the depth again to recharge if you want to play on the waves again.

In the depth, there is knowing. There is peace, love, compassion, and joyfulness. You can look at the waves happening, but not be carried away by them. You can look at some of the most egregious actions and not be overwhelmed by them.

Mark has taught me, more than any other person, how to travel the length of the wave. It’s the reason why so many people from all walks of life come to him for incredible coaching experiences; they want to learn how to ride the wave from top to bottom and get the most out of life experience.

I can go shallow and dance on the waves, or I can go deep and feel the peace and knowingness. Living in Mount Shasta has accelerated my finding the depth within myself. I’m amazed at times at how deep it goes, and I’m certain I haven’t explored the full spectrum of who I am in that paradigm. I’m sure I can go deeper. And through being here, I am pretty sure that acceleration of exploration is going to continue.

This could have never happened in Texas. The environment there was not personally conducive to my depth.

Last night, I played with some shallow emotions. And even during a relatively unpretty emotional state, my deeper self was still communicating with me. I was still receiving intuitive guidance even though I was angry and wanting to punch someone. That, to me, felt like progress. And, I was able to recover from anger quickly, express it exactly how I wanted to, and reconnect deeper when I was done.

These situations come up for me, just like they do for you. But the resolution is accelerated. A year ago, an upset might have lasted a whole day. Now, I’m surprised if it lasts for more than an hour. And my learning from these experiences happen much, much faster. Clearing, breakthrough… the other side of pattern transcendence is incredibly freeing.

Overall, I think there is a move away from playing at the shallow end of self. I’m sensing that each of us are realizing that our greater power is in the collective whole rather than the individuation of ego. Connection to each other and all that is has a lot more power than egocentric pursuits. And those who pursue the gratification of ego are seen for who and what they are. They may win at certain games, but the wins are shallow and lonely, and their time will end sooner than you think.

I am sensing that each of us are getting signals to go deeper, to discover who we really are, and the path is within each of us. Your signal may be a thought to go do something that nurtures you (a pull towards something), or it may be that you are so sick and tired of hearing about “xyz” in the news media that you turn it off and spend some time alone with yourself (a push away from something). Whether you’re sensing a push or a pull, something is telling you to go deeper. That something is really your own self, inviting you to open up to the depth and connections within you.

We’ll get to a tipping point eventually, when enough of us begin to explore those depths and open up to our greater knowingness and intuitive guidance. What happens then will be very interesting. We can’t go deeper without affecting everyone else, as they are a part of us. The more we can play with the depths of our own consciousness, the more we can help others do so themselves just by the very nature of our own exploration… ripples in the greater ocean of all that we are.

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