Good Vibrations: Ho’oponopono Radio Interview

The Mark J. Ryan Experience
The Mark J. Ryan Experience
Good Vibrations: Ho’oponopono Radio Interview

Good Vibrations Radio Interview With Mark J. Ryan

Hello Everyone!

Here is a great new 1 hour long interview with the Good Vibrations Radio Show folks on Ho’oponopono.
Solarzar & Kyralani are the host of this wonderful show. The Broadcast out of San Fransisco and surrounding areas.

It was a surprise to learn that they are avid users of the Subliminal Products i have made over the last 4 years.
You will get to hear what they have to say about their results while using them.

Here is the Audio Interview ( Click blue link )

It’s been a while since i did a blog as i have been very busy creating products for myself and a few client friends of mine.
My Filming and Editing company has been doing very well and taken a lot of my creative time.
Good in one way…not so good for my own products and blogs and podcast.

So i committed this fall to slow down on working with others products and concentrate on finishing the many
close to done products. I also have reams of material that i want to do for free on my blog and podcast.

If you have a minute please do drop me and Solarzar and Kyralani an email about how you liked the interview.

I am also curious what you would like to hear me talk about as i begin to do audios and video again.
While i have lots to talk about i would be more than happy to design it in a way as to answer your questions and

Thanks for listening and you will be hearing from me again soon.


Mark J. Ryan

P.S If you are interested in the Z+ Advanced Ho’oponopono : The Technology of Co-operation
Please visit this link Ho’oponopono

Solarzar & Kyralani

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