What You Want

In my first introduction to ho’oponopono, the speech I heard put together a number of disparate puzzle pieces for me.

One intuitive puzzle piece said, “You are more than you think you are.”

Another said, “You need to be less than you think you are.”

For months, I couldn’t reconcile these two intuitions. How can I be more and less? And what does that mean?

Ho’oponopono opened my perspective. Through learning about the “zero state,” I realized that I am much, much more than who I thought I was. I have a vast reserve of capabilities, desires, hopes, and dreams. Some people call this God. Other people call it a higher self. Other people call it the universe.

To me, it feels more like a lifeline to a wider awareness. I don’t think there is line dividing me and All That Is. I am a part of the vast ocean of all that is, just like an ocean wave is a part of the ocean. But I am not the ocean, and the ocean is not the wave.

The intuition of being less than what I thought I was was telling me to let go of data. Let go of all of it. Everything that I believed about myself, everything that I thought was just how things were. This data is not something that we can recognize easily. We end up having unconscious assumptions about how things are. For me, I had many unconscious assumptions that busy = success. I inherited a lot of those beliefs from my very busy entrepreneurial parents. But as I started working with ho’oponopono and clearing data using great tools like Mark’s meditation videos in the Subliminal Manifestation: Attracting Wealth DVD, those unconscious patterns started unraveling.

I realized the dreams I had thought were going to make me happy weren’t making me happy as I accomplished them. Adorable mission style house in a beautiful suburb? Check. Fancy German sports car? Check. More clients than I could have ever dreamed about? Check. Money? Yep.

I had everything I could have ever hoped for, everything I could have ever wanted. And I was still chasing more.

But there was something whispering as intuition within me. Ho’oponopono helped me to open to those intuitions and open to happiness I could have never found on my own.

Some ho’oponopono teachers have explained how to use ho’oponopono to create wealth, cars, houses, even relationships.

But there’s something more important that ho’oponopono does, and that’s healing the relationship within you. When you begin to heal that relationship, when you start to let go to your intuition, to your heart, and to the deepest part of yourself, it opens doors to new avenues of creative consciousness that you simply cannot conceive of right now.

And I’m not saying I’ve found the keys to the kingdom. I just found keys to another room. I’m more than certain that I’m going to be exploring even more rooms, and they may be completely different than those you discover.

Our complexity and diversity is what keeps this place fun and exciting. 🙂

How to Use Ho’oponopono to Open Your Experience

Start with the mantra. Use the four statements: “I love you, Thank you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me.” These statements resonate your energy in a place where you can open and connect with the energy force that creates miracles in your experience.

Cultivate your awareness. Notice what’s different, and what’s the same. Even small events are messages of your experience. A butterfly landing on your arm can mean something. Two people telling you the same thing or using similar words. A person verbalizing something you had thought about. Notice the small things, and bigger things start to happen, too. The key is to cultivate your awareness. Once you start cultivating your awareness, you are given more and more significant messages.

Do something completely different. Take different ways home from work. Try new foods, especially those you said you’d never eat. Walk at a different time, take a different route. Start writing. Try painting. Play a guitar or the piano. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a long time. When the guy or girl who looks completely different than you’re “type” asks you on a date, say “yes.” When someone who holds your opposing political viewpoint says you’re wrong, agree with them and see things from their point of view.

Do something completely out of character. If you’re someone who always goes with the flow and says yes more than you should, say no. If you’re someone who finds certain belief systems offensive, pretend for a while that you believe those things. If you’re a vegetarian, eat meat. (I was actually vegetarian for 14 years.) If you’re a vehement meat eater, try going vegetarian.

The key to opening your experience for change is to keep seeking new experiences, new ways of being, new belief systems. Don’t shy away from conflict, opposing viewpoints, or things you’ve previously found offensive. Experience is most often the teacher, thinking and reading can spur the experiences, but they are not experiences in and of themselves.

The goal is to cultivate new experiences in order to experience something new.

If you’re not happy, if you’re doing everything you think you “should” and not following an internal compass that tells you what feels best, if you’re running your reactive patterns instead of choosing your experience, you’ve got to cultivate and reconnect yourself to that compass in order to shake things up and experience something different.

You think you know what you want. But something within you knows something else. And it’s just waiting for you to open to it.

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