Bringing it to the light

The Mark J. Ryan Experience
The Mark J. Ryan Experience
Bringing it to the light

Hey everyone, Kathy again. Mark is still traveling, however, he took some time away from his activities to enjoy a sunset with his good friend, Oh Be Newman. While watching the sunset over Cayuga Lake, Mark and Oh Be recorded a 47-minute discussion about the blog post from yesterday.

Right click this link to download this 47-minute, 21 MB download MP3:

There are a ton of great insights that come through on the recording. This audio is not about Joe Vitale, though, the breakdown of the relationship between Mark and Joe (and Mark’s decision to talk openly and freely about it) is the catalyst for some wonderful insights… insights about ho’oponopono, the Divine Zero State, letting go, and our role in the whole scheme of things.

These insights will help you with your own ho’oponopono practice.

And these insights are freely given to you in Love.

Right click this link to download this 47-minute, 21 MB download MP3:

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  1. Mark,
    Have no regrets. Everything happens in our lives for a purpose. Joe became a part of your life experience for a purpose, and you kow it. Just love and bless it,and go on with your life.Just let it go 🙂

    Love and Peace.

  2. i appreciate your recorded call and recognize the cleaning and clearing. It is indeed very sad to see this thing get of hand . I am very curious as to what Dr. Len thinks about all this. Ho oponopono is out of the closet so now whats next.
    So how do we make the shift how do you clear this? If we are talking advanced method what is the procedure? Obviously it is now my problem, so now what else do I have to do other than saying the 4 magic lines?
    I commend you on comming out in the open because this is a great learning for all of us and the continual cleaning on this subject.
    Kindest regards and thank you for sharing.

  3. I realy enjoyed this recording ,and I am cleaning cleaning as Dr Len says we are here to clean so I am taking this as an oportunity from Divinty to clean on

  4. Thank you Mark and Thank you Oh Be. Brilliance is yours.

    A Bodhisattva is an enlightened being who, instead of ascending to Nirvana [hence, no longer needing to reincarnate], vows to stay behind until all beings are enlightened.

    It’s a tough vow to take … and a noble path.

    clearing for You. for Joe. for Me. for The Collective.

    namste, G!

  5. Mark – I had the pleasure of meeting you at Joe’s BEYOND MANIFESTATION II weekend at Lake Travis and again at the first Zero Limits session at Lake Travis with Joe and Dr. Len. I thought they were both tremendous events and I learned a lot during both weekends.

    My initial view of Ho’oponopono was as a tool for manifesting material things. But after meeting Dr. Len I realized it was much more important than that. Ho’oponopono is a wonderful method of connecting with the Divine, and while there may be some residual manifesting of material things that come from its practice, it should be viewed as a spiritual process.

    I hope you and Joe are able to work out your differences, because you are both wonderful teachers with your own unique lessons to offer your students.

    I’m sorry
    Please forgive me
    Thank you
    I love you

  6. I didn’t really know Mark but I suspected that he liked ice cream. Now that this issue is clear in my mind 😉 I can just say that I loved that ho’oponopono insights MP3 from him and his friend Ho Be. I’m living issue right now and I can just say that I was directed to this web site, and I’m grateful for it, I feel much better. This recording help me. I find it amazing how close I feel to Mark and his teaching and experience.

    Your friend

  7. The way I see it now, there’s not a single self proclaimed guru living on the planet that has all the answers.It just seems like, its all about the money and promises to attain wealth and happiness.

    I was raised by a mother who’s methods of child rearing involved the use of a belt coupled with anger or rage. There were no appearant rules, you just knew when you saw the rage in her eyes, you had better run, and even then that only made things worse.

    In my honest opinion its not something any child should ever have to experience. You grow up thinking god must hate me, if god even exsists. After many years and many wasted dollars I’ve also come to the conclusion that there is not a single soul on the planet that has the right to utter one single word when it comes to the subject of abuse. Those are my boundries

    After listening to the messages of many religious denominations I became even more distraught Depression, drugs, confusion and guilt. Guilt due to their teachings of forgiveness, when I was honestly feeling as if this woman didnt deserve to live and should have been locked up long ago. I walked away from religion thinking they are just as screwed up as I am.

    Then there is the spiritual people. At first I was afraid which had everything to do with how I was raised. Yes she did a fantastic job of instilling fear into my very core.

    After many years I just dont know if my life is any better. I only kept going because I deserve to be happy. I always clung to that tiny thread of hope and always managed to find the money even when I had very little to buy the next program or the next what ever it was.

    I listened to the interview and the part that stuck in my mind was the description of heaven. With the economy the way it is, I saw it as a message to those who have as an opportunity to truly give back from the heart. Maybe I’m just being dillusional, who knows.

    Anyways I have POA. Her health is not the greatest and has been slowly declining over the years. I’m thinking that the next time she goes to the hospital that’s it. It will be time to leave her in the nursing home, clean up the mess ( house) and walk away.

    I talked with the social worker the last time she was in the nursing home a few weeks ago and she didn’t go there with forgiveness, that had to be the first time anyone actually listened to me. She went on to say she thought there might have been some undiagnosed mental illness long ago. Thats putting it mildly.

    Honestly speaking I just wanted something from mom that she is not capable of giving. You know what I mean, nurturing, love, support, encouragement. I wanted the same thing from my father but he left when I was too young to remember. Since that time I’ve had words with him. The last time we spoke I saw the guilt in his eyes.

    Anyways thats where I’m at with all of this.

    1. Hi Thomas, I wish to share a bit of something (Free at Last) with you that happened several days ago. I read a simple sentence and a dam broke, a wall of armor around my torso and heart fell away and I cried like a baby.

      For several days, every time that sentence came to mind, I choked up in gratitude again. I am 73 and have tried everything I could find to help. Nothing worked. Anyhow if you feel inclined check out a brief post on my blog at http://www.heretobeclear.com/2010/06/breakthrough-yesterday-letting-go.html

      Jimmy Piver

  8. Hey there Mark and O.B.!! The love and kindness and honesty you guys show through this conversation is really sweet. I’m not really into audios, would rather read, but something told me to listen to this one. Glad I did. Wish I was there on the beach with you!

  9. Thank you for being open enough and taking responsibility for what is happening in your life; for showing us that even gurus still have work to do. The journey continues.

  10. Thank you for showing that we all need continuous growth. I’ve gained SO much personal growth from both of your teaching. I hope the universe will continue to heal the pain, and allow all of us to grow. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, BLESS YOU!!!!


  11. I am so impressed and uplifted by the many postings of comments that I’ve read. When I first read about the ‘fracture’ between Joe and Mark, I was at first very disillusioned and discouraged and saw it as evidence that the ‘self help’ and spiritual movement was just a bunch of ‘show’. As I read more posts from Mark’s ‘audience’ and Kathy and Mark as well I was actually uplifted. I did start to realize that, as Peter said, even the experts and gurus have more work and cleaning to do and in this way Mark is leading by example.

    We are spiritual beings having a human experience and that includes all the ‘experts, authors and workshop givers. Rather than looking at this as a disappointment, I too am now looking at this as an opportunity for all of us to practice what we claim to believe. It’s easy to be ‘spiritual’ when everything is going well. It’s when the you-know-what hits the fan that we get to see what we are all made of.

    This blog could easily have deteriorated into a series of nasty and blame filled posts but they are filled with compassion, understanding and genuine best wishes for all involved.

    Mark, thank you for being vulnerable and open and being honest enough to grapple with your own humanity and your ‘tests’ as you work through this. A heart felt thank you to everyone else for role modelling understanding and open hearts.

    I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank You. I love you.

    1. Dorothy,

      I LOVE what you wrote. WE are all human, without a doubt and are here to work through all of our “stuff”.

      Through all of this I have gone through a range of emotions, as I have admired both the work of Mark and Joe.

      I think in the end this WHOLE conversation is so positive, because I believe that we are only as sick as our secrets.. And there are lots of them in the Self-Help industry, meaning that there are a handful of teachers out there that say one thing, while they truly feel another.. In a sense they deny their humanity, I don’t feel that serves anyone.

      I remember Ihaleakala saying that he has not gone a day without making a judgement about someone else, and look at the level he is at..So there you go.

      I reaffirm what I posted on Who Owns Ho’oponopono when I say that people always use the highest and best resources available to them…All we can do is continue to be aware of our behavior, purify our intentions, and leave the rest to the Divine 😉

      Love and Blessings,

    2. Dorothy, I love what you wrote, so much so that I pulled one of your quotes and posted it to Mark’s twitter and facebook with a link back to your entire comment.

      We took a risk saying anything at all. We had no idea of the outpouring of love and kindness, not just towards us, but towards Joe and the whole situation, that would come from our speaking out. Oh Be’s story in the recording about letting go and finding out that the fall from the branch was never as bad as you thought it could be definitely hit it on the head.

      In all of the comments and emails we received, only one was inappropriate, a comment I didn’t post. Everything else had a perspective worth sharing. I wish some of the private emailers would have decided to contribute publicly, but everyone has their reasons.

      This experience has given me hope again, too, hope I really needed after my experiences last year.

  12. Mark, Kathy, Oh Be. Everyone. I have been following this discussion all week.

    I woke up this morning with a realization. We are now living in a completely new paradigm in the area of self help. Mark and Kathy, you brought this forward with your bravery and honesty.

    This era is an era where our teachers no longer promise us that their teachings make a perfect life. Our teachers are honest about their shortcomings and their experiences, and they honor the teacher in all of us. Our teachers become our coaches and friends, no longer owners of secret information from secret societies.

    You have all raised the bar and set a new standard.

    The rest of the self help industry must sit up and take note if they wish to survive.

    Thank you.

  13. I want to thank you for your honesty and the way you are approaching this. It is both encouraging and intimidating to me. I say this because I have a lot of repeating data in me that I need to clean, I can see that I can move forward with that, that is hopeful, but the amount of work to do it is intimidating! It is clear that Ho’oponopono and nothing else is an instant fix for life’s problems. It’s all a process, hopefully one in which we chose the path of growth (where we will face more resistance) rather than the path of least resistance which leads to decay.

    1. Great post, David. It’s a paradox – the path of least resistance appears to be easiest. But the path of growth (where we confront and move past our intimidating fears) ends up being easier in the long run. (yeah, okay, mark, you can remind me I said this later.)

      I have a philosophy: you know how Buddha says that life is suffering? Well, I say that the power exists when you *choose* your pain.

      If you choose to grow and feel the pain of moving past your fear, you don’t have to feel the pain of situations in which there is stagnation and decay.

      Example: diet/exercise. If you eat whatever you want whenever you want and avoid the pain of stressing muscles, you end up with a certain type of pain and decay. If you move through the first few weeks of pain starting on an exercise program and push your body and your taste buds past their comfort zones, you feel a certain pain, but you get to experience the bliss of a healthy energetic body.

      A personal trainer (former marine) once kicked my butt in the gym and talked to me about breaking out of comfort zones… and I learned the paradox of comfort beyond the comfort zone. Well, right after I was able to walk again, lol.


  14. Hey there Kathy, Mark and O.B.!

    Wow, incredibly fantastic how life works. Forgive me for even thinking that my humble opinion may matter, for I am no teacher, nor do I hold any degrees. For what its worth…

    I Googled, Joe Vitale because I was searching for one of his products. I found a link to your site because Joe Vitale was mentioned in your blog. I took the time to read and follow your daily comments because I look up to Joe Vitale and trust him. I keep checking in because I wanted to know Joe would do the right thing. I just listened to the audio with you and O.B. and cannot help but wonder if Joe was there with you on that hill. Was Joe sitting there quietly, smiling ear to ear, and puffing on his cigar? Is this a grand marketing scheme to help introduce you to more people and get your name out there? Congratulations if that is what is going on. Fine job, lured me right in. Turns out, I like you no matter what and have added your site to my favorites.

    If not, can you see the good in all of this now? Joe introduced me to you, kind of. I trust you because you are a friend of Joe’s. I recently got two marketing books from the library. One took me the entire month to read, just boring. The other book took a week and I had so many post-its and notes, I went out and bought it. Having way too much fun with the highlighters. Can you see the good in all of this now?

    Joe Vitale introduced me to Ho’oponopono. I already know his take on it. However, you are Mark J. Ryan someone that I will want to know more about regarding your ideas. Perhaps you will give me the same information, yet it will be in a way that I can better understand it, for I have many unanswered questions.

    As I look around and study the history of so many religions, I do not know what God to believe in, or source, whatever you want to call it. I believe and know that the flowers in my garden bloom overnight. I can only come close to replicating their beauty as I paint them. I believe in that majic or God that makes that gift available to me. I use Ho’oponopono to come closer to that majic in me.

    I pray to me (my soul?) because I have not met God yet. I only know me and that I am real and true. However, he/she/it/God may be in me just as he/she/it/God is in the flower as it blooms. Perhaps I will get to know this majic as I get to know, accept and love me.

    Dear sweet, loving, good, happy, Dawn,

    I’M SORRY for giving an ounce of energy in doubting life.
    I’M SORRY that Mark and Kathy let themselves go through this so that I could learn.
    I’M SORRY that Mark and I do not believe we are enough.
    I’M SORRY that Mark and I did not take action years ago and trust life would work in our favor

    PLEASE FORGIVE ME for putting on the brakes and giving energy to Mark, Kathy and my fears.
    PLEASE FORGIVE ME for submitting my comment and interfering with Mark and Kathy’s path.
    PLEASE FORGIVE ME and Mark for not having certainty, that we are exactly what people need.
    PLEASE FORGIVE ME and Mark for thinking that the words of anyone on earth could effect life’s flow.
    PLEASE FORGIVE ME and Mark for choosing fear instead of faith in life and ourselves.
    PLEASE FORGIVE ME and Mark for expecting from Joe what we are not willing to do ourselves.
    PLEASE FORGIVE ME and Mark for not trusting ourselves the very moment we knew/felt something was not right, yet stuck with the process out of fear we were not enough to do it on our own.

    I LOVE YOU for seeing the majical way that the initial bad was actually good for Mark, Kathy Joe and I.
    I LOVE YOU for the anger and need for revenge that Mark, Kathy and I sometimes feel. How else would we know how seriously I/we are screwing up our lives.
    I LOVE YOU for stumbling upon Ho’oponopono that I/we have learned to take responsibility for our own action/inaction.

    THANK YOU for seeing and reminding me that only I can make me happy.
    THANK YOU for knowing that Joe is right by doing all he can to make himself happy.
    THANK YOU for allowing your inspiration to guide me to Mark.
    THANK YOU for reminding me to have faith in me and not bear my burdens, fear on others.
    THANK YOU for showing me that you only get hurt feelings when you put more faith in others than you do yourself.
    THANK YOU for understanding that no words or action is needed by man to make the flowers bloom.
    THANK YOU for letting Mark and I see that the only effect words have are the energy we give them.
    THANK YOU for letting me see how Mark and Kathy gave fear and doubt energy to Joe’s words. I in turn doubted Mark and Kathy because if Joes words were not true Mark would have seen the good in Joe’s weakness and doubt and not responded at all or put a positive, loving spin on it. I still have faith in his ability to teach me because of his love and compassion despite his fear after having time to reflect.
    THANK YOU for allowing me to see more clearly by Mark’s circumstances that it is fine to follow through with my intent to take action against my previous employer. Yep, I see now that I did my part in making this situation what it is. I don’t hate them now. I don’t hate me now.
    THANK YOU for finally seeing that everyone is ok with whatever they do. It is only what I do or do not do, that matters. No one can hurt me unless I let them. I seriously need to trust in me and life way more.
    THANK YOU in advance for providing all I need despite any decision made in court. I am not there for man made things, Money; I am there because action must be taken to quiet the anger, fear and doubts. I must protect and love myself. Let both of us be judged and then move on. I love my employer for all the good they have done for me, I learned so much while employed there. However, I am owed money. I will love them and me for the process. I have already grown from the experience and truly see now that I allowed it to happen.

    I am not very good at writing. You do not have to post this. Thank you for helping me grow and learn. Forgive me for my opinions. I love and appriciate you bunches.


    1. Thank you Dawn for posting your cleaning on this whole situation. At first I did not want to take responsibility for the events that have taken place with Joe and Mark. After reading your post I started to cry and I knew that I had to take responsibility for my part in it.

      Peace Love and Light to you on your path


    2. Dawn,

      Thank you for your post. I have to admit, you cleaning for Mark and Kathy triggered me. That is a great thing, because in me thinking WHY is she cleaning for someone else, she does not “get it” she is supposed to clean for herself and what SHE feels.. I REALZIED.. I AM the one that must clean on all of this..Too funny.. Like Ihaleakala says.. When I’m stuck, then you are stuck, and we are all stuck …. And on the cleaning goes

      Thank you, for helping me “get it” on an even deeper level

      Many Blessings

  15. Mark and OB
    Thankyou for this recording.It is a good thing to hear such honesty, which is brought with the intention of healing. It is all about embracing every aspect of our humanity to be the way forward in healing. The shadow side of lightworkers is a healthy thing to bring to the light. The more we work towards the light, the more these aspects of self will come up for healing, and i salute you for your accountability, and non blame. Often leaders feel they need to be seen a certain way in order for their audiences to believe in them. Well, a lot of us prefer it if they admit to occasionally having human foibles like the rest of us. That is not from a place of wanting to drag leaders down, but more from having an honest respectful connection.
    I have been in groups finding my shadow wants me to be the best in the group: only to find that that stance keeps me seperate, and lonely. I find admitting it connects me with others. I have seen groups fall apart when it is obvious to most concerned that a leader is pretending they are never emotionally triggered by other group members. We are all aspects of the sonship here to heal together. We all have issues to work through while in these bodies and I am always wary of those proclaiming to be fully realised.
    Love Simon

  16. Dawn, Kathy, Mark,

    Thanks Dawn, Dorothy, Rev Ron, and others who have contributed to the blogs in the past few weeks.

    I too was led to this site for the first time, out of nowhere, 3 clicks later I am here , and the blogs have answered my questions mainly about being human. I have been doing Ho’oponopono for about 4 yrs now and life is great, things are good. I am all the better for it. I have followed Joe, Mabel, Saul, Dr Len and others for my continual spritual growth. However I too have self doubt bubbling up all the time. The one for me last week was , where do I go from here with Ho’oponopono, I want more answers , I want more teachings. My self doubt appeared last week when my thoughts turned from the emails I get on a regular basis, I regarded them as personal imformation but my mind has now turned to marketing hype, I have been had, I have been conned etc. Generally when something comes up I can clean on it and it goes away in a few hours, but lately it has come up for days and I am getting anger, flustration, emotions coming up that I never thought I had.

    To be honest I never connected with Mark’s work before nor knew the extent of his abilities or background (until now) I just labelled Mark as the man behind Joe. By reading the blogs on this site over the past few years worth I have now seen Mark in a totally different light, I am soooooo glad I have. Mark in one of his blogs he wrote lately described this as layers, If I describe the subconscious mind as layers out of 10, I know I can clean to about layer 4. With hat I am feeling at the moment is at layer 7. After reading these blogs over and over again, listening the the downloads 3 or 4 times, looking for an answer. I woke up this morning with the realisation that the message hadn’t changed it is just the Ego or Ego’s that have got in the way, I don’t want fancy cars, I don’t want a siubscriber list of millons, I don’t want to be adored by millions, but why did this bother me so much, for me it appears that for all the dollars I have spent on spritual growth I am now getting it thrown back in my face.

    Dr Hew Len has always said that things will come up, he welcomes the creulness, the obscure it gives him a chance to clean. This only proves that all of us are human, and we all have stuff happening in our lives, it is our reaction to them that is the problem. Letting go is harder than we think, it is when the Ego and the conscious mind tries to take over, intefering with the subconscious mind, so the path to the divine is muddled and un clear. So what is right or wrong, or how do we turn it into something good.

    Mark the events of the past 6 months or so although painful, for me coming in at the tail end of it see it as a great thing, that you can break away from Joe’s shadow and get going on expanding your own spritual growth, by the comments you have alot of people wanting to come along with you as well. You have emerged as a teacher, and for me I have sort to know more about Ho’oponopono, and how to link the 3 states of self together lower self (subconscious mind), middle self (conscious mind) higher self (the divine).
    And have been led to you. With your new program, are you focused more on the subliminal changes to the subconscious mind (cause I have all of your previous recordings ) although they are good the biggest question for me is how to link the link the subconscious mind to the conscious mind in order to them in vibrational harmony that then goes to the divine.


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