Crossing the Line that WILL Change You

I was going through different blogs I subscribe to, and I found one that I knew was going to be dangerous for me… and at the same time good for me. It is weird how I have a sense of these things that seem to get more and more accurate as I get older and less sure of most things.

I was on Michael Fortin’s Blog and came across a comment that was interesting, so I went to the commenter’s (David Burch) blog.

I went down a few posts and found the blog entry that I knew would affect me before I even watched it.

Please take a look at this before going on with this post as I am going to build to a point which will require what this video gives you.

Then I watched part 1 and then part 3 in that order. It had the effect I had anticipated; it was profound.

What had opened with these young adults was something in the middle of their chests: their hearts.

Something that was closed was now open. Something in that same area that was closed in me also opened.

What is that fear we all have of that magical place opening?

Well, all of them told us.

They all went to a place of commonality, a place of hurt, a place of personal pain, a place opened equally very fast for all of them.

This place within htem was opened so fast that all of the adults were affected as well. This place of common grief was so powerful that being in proximity gave permission to that hurt place in everyone to come out. It was now safe to come out, and whether these people wanted their personal hurt exposed — consciously or not — something more powerful within them was not letting this opportunity go by.

The deeper parts of ourselves have been waiting to be allowed to show this so called “weak” part of ourselves out in public. Yet we see and feel how powerful this part of ourselves is… it can change us at a fundamental level, and it can change those around us as well. It is as though we desire to share this hurt with others without one person getting to claim more hurt than another.

There was an acknowledgment that each others’ pain was equally painful. It is a place of equality, a leveling of the field, that can change us all.

I started to consider what keeps us acting in ways that keeps others from being able to go to this place.

What keeps me from acting in ways that keeps others from going there? What keeps YOU from acting in ways to keep others from going there?

I started to realize: it is because we think we are the only ones who feel this way and we are afraid to expose our perceived personal weaknesses from the ridicule of others.

Notice how many in the video used ridicule of others as a defense mechanism to their own pain.

In the USA there a only a few places we are allowed to be this open with our pain: funerals and hospitals. If you do it too deeply outside of these contexts, you may be on the receiving end of the ridicule we all fear. So we keep it to ourselves, and everyone suffers. Maybe we even pretend we don’t feel this or empathize with this deep within our souls.

I loved this video, and I loved how this team of young adults defended their newfound open selves instead of reverting back to defending their old, ridiculing fearful selves.

This is how true change occurs. It is a process. It is about accessing these deep resource states within.

And, thankfully, it can be taught.

When I do coaching with people, this is the depth where I work with people.

When we did the Attract Wealth Seminar, this is the level of process where we helped people achieve such fabulous results.

When we do the seminar outside of Austin in less than two weeks, we will be offering you a change so deep that you will begin to really start to understand the true wealth you have and how much more of life you will attract.

We have a very small number of seats left.

If you feel like you want to open to be all that you can be, if you feel that you want to open to all the wealth that is yours, please come and spend a couple of days with us. Discover this new you that has been there all along and waiting to fully explore this life.

Cross that line with us — together — as an individual and as a team.

We promise you no less than spectacular results in 48 hours.

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  1. Hi Mark,

    Great video and post.

    We spend so much energy and time on attacking, like you noticed in the video, so we don’t have to defend.

    You know me. I love hugging people, and I love people. I used to be so scared, so isolated. I used to never shake hands, just slightly bow to people like we did in kung fu class. I didn’t want to get hurt.

    Today, I don’t shake hands, I hug. It gives me the opportunity to feel the love, and to discover tiny bits of pain and fear that I still haven’t fully acknowledged.

    Thank you for being one of the few trainers and coaches I can relate to. The best joy I can experience is when a client shifts, and I know that’s true with you too.

    Blessings my friend,

    Mr. Twenty Twenty – Free at last! – Exposing the Myth of Motivation

  2. I came across the same video at another friend’s site and was equally moved! I went to the Attract Wealth seminar and can say that I went through a similiar life transformation as what you can see the children experience in the video. I was lucky enough to be a participant in Jerry’s seminar on the following Monday and I have to say that his seminar really and truly served to deepen the change I experienced. I cannot reccomend strongly enough your seminar as a tool to effect massive change.Thank you Mark for your work!

  3. This is an incredibly moving video, and you do a wonderful job of putting it into context for the rest of us. Thank you for sharing it.

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