This is Kathy, Mark’s wife. Mark is traveling. He asked that I write some of my thoughts down and share them with you. Mark will write or record a podcast sometime in the next day or so with some of his thoughts on recent events.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my thoughts with you.

In our judicial system, there is a process that works very well using discovery, debate, and discourse in order to expose the truth so that finality and healing may occur. Evidence is brought forward during discovery, and lawyers present that evidence in a forum meant to determine what is truth and what must happen in order for healing to occur.

Last week, you probably noticed that Mark came forward after a couple of months hiatus from public communication. He and I both spent this time in introspection and discovery of our own, so that we could heal after some rather rough realizations.

Mark also began working on his new product, Subliminal Clearing: Z Plus Advanced Ho’oponopono, which he announced via a successful teleseminar, email mailings, blog posts, and twitter messages.

Our hope is that Mark’s product is a successful first step in communicating the vast and amazing wealth of information Mark has accumulated and developed.

During the process of announcing Mark’s new project, I noticed some minor interference from Joe on his twitter account. Hours after Mark’s first mailing, Joe Twittered: “What’s beyond Zero Limits and ho’oponopono and LOA? Don’t get stuck. Go to the next level.”

Now, Joe and Mark have had their differences… differences that stemmed from Joe’s decision to not pay Mark (though he was promised payment) for the work he did in Russia. I personally didn’t feel like this Twitter message was a big deal, and both Mark and I blew it off. After all, we experienced much worse last fall.

Neither of us even subscribe to his mailings any more, so we wouldn’t have even known this message was posted except for the fact a friend alerted me to it. To me, it was no big deal and we were focused on getting the product launched.

Right after Mark announced his product, Joe announced that he was writing “Beyond Zero Limits” and began to solicit input from his fans on his twitter account.

I thought that was kind of a sad desperate attempt to derail Mark, but it seemed kind of minor, so I didn’t think much of it. Besides, it was completely contradictory of his previous statement that his Awakening Course was the answer to what was beyond Zero Limits and ho’oponopono and even LOA.

None of this affected Mark much at all; he was too focused on making the teleseminar the best he could.

On Sunday, a friend forwarded me an email that Joe sent to his list with the subject line: “Beyond Zero Limits: Advanced Ho’oponopono.” In this email, Joe says, “I never planned to reveal these advanced ho’oponopono methods until I began to see people promoting false and misleading information and saying it was ho’oponopono.” And later, he says, “Please don’t be taken by all the people who claim to know or teach ho’oponopono. Dr. Hew Len warned me about them and sure enough, they’re out there. Stick with the original source of the Zero Limits message.

Let’s see, there are a LOT of people teaching ho’oponopono, but only one of those teachers announced a new product called Advanced Ho’oponopono this week… and that person happens to be a former friend of Joe Vitale’s… a former friend who Joe threatened to ruin financially in an email last fall. (I still have that email, by the way.) I can only assume that Joe is attempting to discredit Mark. Unless of course Joe means another teacher of ho’oponopono.

No matter who he means, the statement Joe makes that he is the only source of knowing about ho’oponopono is egotistic and false. It is reminiscent of the medieval Church telling people that the only way to God and spiritual knowledge was through them. Oh, and don’t forget to tithe 10% of your income so that the church elite can commission fancy artwork… just like Joe Vitale commissions fancy cars and paintings of himself.

Dear Joe, you’re NOT the only source of knowledge of ho’oponopono. You’re not even SOURCE, you are only a vessel, a messenger. The Divine brought a message to you, you saw a way to make money with it, and the Divine used you to bring that message to a wider audience. For that, I am thankful. The rest of your antics were minor in comparison to what needed to be done. But that’s done now.

And now that ho’oponopono has been brought to a wider audience, Spirit is finding other, less tainted messengers and vehicles through whom to communicate. I personally feel that Mark is one of those teachers… but there are others. MANY others.

Joe Vitale does not own ho’oponopono any more than BP owns the Gulf of Mexico…. but Joe certainly seems to attempt to taint ho’oponopono much in the same way, by leaking his anger-laden data all over it.

Mark has been traveling, so I wondered whether or not I should even tell him. Someone else beat me to it, so I gave him my two cents.

I told him I was cleaning on it, but I also thought it was important to answer this communication somehow. But I also said that I thought that the people who have been listening to Mark for years — and even those people who listened to Mark’s work through Joe’s words — would be able to discern whether or not Mark was able to teach ho’oponopono… and these people would also be able to discern whether or not Joe is able to teach ho’oponopono (with Mark no longer providing that spiritual support and knowledge behind the scenes).

So, my take on things is to let it go. I’m not going to answer Joe’s points with evidence in this arena. Mark’s work speaks for itself, just as Joe’s work speaks for itself. In this case, I don’t have to do a line-by-line rebuttal to Joe’s email.

But here’s the problem… because Mark gave so much of his teaching and understanding to Joe (who repurposed and repackaged much of Mark’s knowledge as his own, from my observation), I believe it is only fair to all involved that we go through the discovery process, and engage in debate and discourse so that the truth can come out for healing.

Those who resonate to depth and spiritual growth will resonate one way. Those who want to use ho’oponopono only for material gain will resonate another.

The chips will fall where they may. They always do. 🙂

It’s nice. After all of the awful personal attacks we endured privately from Joe’s horrible emails last fall, I feel healed. Yes, ho’oponopono works. I don’t feel violated by his latest email at all.

I honestly feel that those who resonate to Joe’s message that he is some kind of guru and has The Only One True View of Ho’oponopono will continue to resonate there, and those individuals should stay there for whatever reason. Maybe someday they’ll be ready for something deeper, and I trust the Spirit that they’ll find that teacher. I’m personally partial to Mark’s message and I have been for over 3 years. But I trust that whatever teacher is right for that individual will be brought to them.

After all, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Maybe YOU will be one of those teachers.

It doesn’t have to be Joe Vitale. No one owns ho’oponopono, just like no one owns your own personal Divine Zero State.

As Mark said in his blog post announcing his new product, he has a perspective based on his experience in hypnosis and NLP. He’s not trying to be a guru. I personally think that Mark’s perspective is amazing. It’s even more amazing when he’s working one-on-one with people. I hope you get to see and hear that, too.

Healing in this case, rather than dictated by a judge or jury, will come through a core group of aware individuals working on clearing the data that is coming to light through discovery.

That healing will come through you. 🙂

I do hope that you continue to listen to Mark’s zero-cost teleseminars on advanced ho’oponopono. I trust that you can decide for yourself whether or not one human being owns the path to the Divine Zero State… or whether or not a shared perspective, understanding and experience is warranted… especially in these times.

edited to add: Please also check out this post, containing an audio Mark did on June 1, 2010.