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Transcending the Law of Attraction

I think we’ve had overkill in the self-help movement with the Law of Attraction. It’s almost as bad as the Balloon Boy.

Enough already!

It seems that everyone has a LOA box, and they’re all trying to fit something into it.

The thing is, the box isn’t very big. It may be shiny and pretty and hold a lot of promise, but it is extremely limited. Just by adhering to the Law of Attraction without looking beyond its borders, these proponents are limiting themselves.

Just think how hard people work to figure out: “How does this fit in with the LOA?” People ask this question all the time, and I hear them work hard to come up with solutions. They try to figure out how someone wealthy came into good fortune by attracting it, or why someone whose house burned down attracted that experience. And they usually end up to be pretty corny and simplistic solutions.


Because they want to believe so much that if they just do something in the perfect way, the magic will open up and they will have discovered how the law becomes a law. They’re willing to believe anything else that they’re told or that they logic-out for themselves just so they can believe in the promise of a shiny little box.

Wait …so there is something I have to do to make the law a law? Or do I have to believe something for it to go into action?

This scares me a bit. I know the brain is hardwired to protect us and we are 4 times more likely to sort by what is wrong than what is right with our world. We are wired that way because of big hairy creatures that were once on the prowl for us. So we had to look at everything as a possible enemy to be killed before being killed ourselves.

Now I know from doing so much work with people over the years that it may not be 4 times as much but it is close as an average….and might be 10 to 20 times more with some folks.

I am glad this law doesn’t bop me on the head with all of the negative thoughts I run in a day.

Some say it is 60,000 thoughts per day per person on average…so that means 48,000 are protective and mostly negative. (No wonder people have such a hard time trusting their inner voice!)

There must be an “Idiot Law” that works hard to protect me against the Law of Attraction.

Really, if you don’t believe me… get a pen and a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. Put all your positive emotions on one side and negative on another. And you will see how many more words we have for negative emotions that positive.

And how many more times do you get as intensely happy as you have ever been intensely upset?

The LOA is more like a Proclivity of Attraction
Now I do believe there are many things you can do and think that attracts a PROCLIVITY to attract more good things in your life.

I have proven to myself over and over again…but a law…nope.

Sorry. When I throw a stone over a bridge into the water it always hits the water and always makes ripples and some kind of a splash “time after time” and over 49 years it still works perfectly every time. I can count on it… in time and action… now that is a law.

Even if it was a law, it could not be the ONLY law. Certain laws can be transcended to higher laws… a great example a wonderful Preacher taught me years ago was the difference between the law of gravity, and the laws of aerodynamics, momentum and inertia.

When we add momentum and inertia in context to areodynamics, we overrule gravity. You should be thankful for this during your next flight! As long as we continue to use all three laws together, gravity is superseded. Of course, take one part out and gravity does play a role again instantly.

So I look at my laptop and want it to levitate by using the LOA. I feel it. I believe it. I know it and 99.99999999….% of the time it sits right there with gravity doing its thing.

I might get upset that the LOA doesn’t work, so I add momentum and inertia and throw the laptop across the room. Anyone taking a snapshot of it in flight would swear I achieved my goal as they see it momentarily levitating without knowing it was traveling from left to right instead of up and down.

But sure enough, when momentum and inertia wane, aerodynamics gives way to gravity as the law of impact takes final precedent when pieces of laptop begin to levitate at high speed in different directions.

And in all the time it took for my experiment and to get the laptop fixed, I could have opened the laptop and created something.

As my friend says, “Why try and use energy to levitate this laptop with your mind when you can just go over and lift it up with your hand?”

A lot of people misuse the LOA. They think it is the end-all and be-all without considering other Laws that are higher…and more useful to you.

Examples are the Law of Change and the Law of Uncertainty. I promise if you begin to learn how to use these laws, you will have an infinitely sized box to put every learning into. And your life will be much richer and happier than you could ever extract from the LOA. A by-product is usually getting more than you ever expected…. and a lot less at the very same time.

I have been disillusioned recently with those who purport to be experts in the LOA or create products about the LOA. I’ve been disillusioned for a long time with people that I know privately think that the LOA is a bunch of “woo-woo nonsense,” but put out products to sell to people who believe in the LOA.

I have seen the dark side of LOA, and the bright and hopeful side from people who earnestly try to create a better life for themselves. And I have to tell you I don’t think LOA in and of itself has anything to do with money and success.

I have observed other things that are much more important to success. Stay tuned for more on this.

You’re Still Creating Your Own Reality
The big question is… who are YOU? Where do you stop and All That Is begins? You’re part of a giant whole, a drop in an ocean of consciousness. But none of us, as much as we try, really understands how we’re separate, what makes us that one drop. Does a drop of water cause it to rain? Does the droplet in the ocean create the wave?

But the consciousness in the water droplet experiences the wave, and the drop of water experiences crashing to the ground in a thunderstorm.

A group of individuals might experience a natural disaster together – a wave. One person might be exempted in a miraculous way, just in the same way a drop of water might shoot out from the wave and crash to the ocean again in a different way than the wave itself.

Of course, we can see the wave outside of ourselves differently than the water droplets can see the wave they’re soaking in. And it’s very difficult to see all of the rules of consciousness operating upon us.

It is limiting for one phenomenon like this to be labeled a law. It is next to impossible for this phenomenon to be the end-all, be-all of laws operating in our conscious reality.

It’s time to explore consciousness and conscious creation beyond the “Law” of Attraction. To find out who YOU really are, what consciousness is, and how to co-create a life beyond what you thought possible.

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  1. Isn’t the loa the same thing as the law of expectancy… The thing at the end of Kevins first Influence Boot Camp? If it isn’t, what’s the difference?

    I would call loa a romantisized version and a more in-depth explanation of The law of expectancy.

    Kind of like “Adam, Eve and the snake” vs “Nature vs Society”?

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