Self Hypnosis: You had the power all along

off to see the wizardBoth of my kids love The Wizard of Oz. The first time Claire was able to choose a Halloween costume, she went as Dorothy. Her mother had great fun making her costume and picking out sparkly red shoes to go with her gingham dress and pig tails.

When the movie was released in 1939 to a depression-weary America, it provided a wonderful message about “there’s no place like home.” At the end, after Dorothy’s magical journey and victory over the wicked witch of the west, all she really wanted was to go home.

red-shoes It was then she learned that she had the power all along to get what she really wanted. All she had to do was tap those ruby red shoes together and say, “there’s no place like home.”

What if you had those same abilities?

What if I told you that you already have the equivalent of those ruby red shoes in your possession? What if I told you you didn’t even need special shoes?

You probably already know that your mind is as powerful as any shoes you could ever buy… or find stuck to your feet after a house falls on a witch. Your unconscious mind is more powerful than any magic that is out there.

Our conscious mind, however, tends to block that magic from happening. Of course, it can’t stop the magic of keeping you alive, your eyes blinking and your lungs breathing. But it stops a bunch of other things that you’d like to have happen. Perhaps you’d like to lose weight or achieve greater success, quit smoking or get a project completed without having to deal with procrastination getting in the way.

self_hypnosis_for_successYou can learn how to quickly and easily bypass your conscious mind through the magic of Self Hypnosis. Years ago, I wrote a book about Self Hypnosis for Success, and I’ve recently updated it. For only $27, you can learn how to tap into the magic of your unconscious mind and find the home that you deserve.

After all, peace, love, happiness, success and dreams come true are our birthright as children of the Divine. You’ve never been meant to live a life without the things you want. It’s trance you’ve been under for far too long. Learn how to break free of that trance, get to the “home” that you so richly deserve.

You don’t have to live another day without it. You just have to get those magic shoes working for you… or even better, your unconscious mind.

Are you done waiting to live the life of your dreams?

Dorothy learned that there’s no place like home. You and I are learning that there’s no place like your dreams come true. Wake up from the trance, and wake up to your dreams.

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  1. I love that movie and the message. We always do have the power, even when dealing with fraudulent wizards. LOL.

    Great blog. Thanks for the reminder, Mark!!



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