Red Pill Hypnosis Meditation

Red Pill Hypnosis Meditation

Are you ready to take the red pill? Listen to this incredible meditation and see where it takes you. Your reality will not be the same after listening to this. Take a look at your 5 senses, and discover how they can fall apart into a new matrix. You won’t be the...
Releasing the thought virus

Releasing the thought virus

Here is a treat for you. Have you ever wondered how NLP and belief shifting can shift a marriage? Well, listen in. My wife Kathy and I had an argument this morning. Now, we’re not a normal couple, but we’re not necessarily that different from anyone else....

Brainwashing Central Part 5

Part 5 in my series on brainwashing. Download On YouTube file | Play in new...

Brainwashing Central Part 4

Part 4 in my series on brainwashing. Download On YouTube. file | Play in new...
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