Part 3: Stimulus and Response

The Mark J. Ryan Experience
The Mark J. Ryan Experience
Part 3: Stimulus and Response

Hello Eveyone!

Today on Part 3: I have a long episode filled with great information and stories on “Stimulus and Response.”

I ramble on for about an hour and forty minutes, and I talk about the foundation of learning and Hypnosis and NLP which is Stimulus and response and what can be done with it.

You will hear me not only give you lots of great information but many stories to help you get a better understanding of how best you can use this powerful resource.

I also get into Behaviorism and B.F. Skinner and how he used stimulus and response to shape behavior in animals and humans. There are a few shall we say “interesting” stories I give about how i have witnessed it used.

Thanks for listening!

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Mark J. Ryan