Why people hire me: Getting Unstuck

When people need to get unstuck, they hire me to help. Even if they’re not quite sure why they’re stuck, or what they’re stuck on, I help them get past it. Whether it is money issues, relationship issues, career, or life path, I help my clients quickly — within an hour or so — get past the data and beliefs that keep them spinning in one place, unable to move forward.

How do you know when you’re stuck?

Stuckness shows up with some emotional markers. Perhaps you’re frustrated about something, or maybe confused. A feeling of being in the wrong place, of being behind, of feeling deprived, of being in a loop of procrastination. Many times it is bad feelings, a recurring emotion, anxiety, sadness, anger, or a sense of wanting to give up on your dreams.

Those emotions are actually wonderful tools to know exactly where the erroneous beliefs or minimized perceptions are, so we can quickly identify what’s wrong and move you past it.

Being stuck in a minimized perceptual state can have many ramifications on your life. It can cause stress-related health problems, lack of sleep, problems in relationships, an inability to be present with your loved ones. It is as if the universe is asking you in greater and greater terms to wake up to what isn’t really you, to wake up to the truth of who you really are.

When you’re stuck, you’ve got two problems: you don’t know how to stop feeling the negative emotions and you don’t know what positive emotions will inspire you to get out of it. Because your limited perception cannot show you the way, getting a highly skilled coach who understands the mind will make huge changes in your life.

Many coaches can get you to change your state and emotions. Those changes might even last for a short while. But if you don’t know how to get to the core beliefs, the core perceptions of reality, you’ll end up back in those erroneous beliefs quickly. If this has happened to you, your problem might just be you have been using the wrong coach.

Moving out of stuckness

I recently coached a woman who was really stuck. From her marriage, her job, her children, everything around her felt like it was imprisoning her in a place she didn’t want to be in. She had great reasons and excuses for every one of them.

We first located the core beliefs supporting the negative emotions she had. We shifted those, gave her a new perspective, and some resources that could help her in the future when those feelings might arise again. When she cleared up the old childhood memories, she immediately felt unstuck. When we talked about her old issues, she could address them from a new perspective. The stress and anxiety she felt wasn’t there anymore. She was able to tackle anything that came her way.

This all happened within the first 30 minutes of our session. She was a new person, but still the same person. Her husband wrote me later, knowing I had worked with her. He said that she was really taking care of business and had moved past the emotions that were blocking her.

Knowing what you want from life

I have worked with  a number of young men, men who didn’t know what they wanted to do in life. In a short period of time, we uncovered the things they were good at and liked to do but were not aware of it. Some were not aware of how to create a career based on the things that they loved, the things that inspired them. In these types of coaching calls, we form a game plan and install some motivating emotions to get them going on their desired path in life.

Getting what you need

I had a gentleman who ran a business of professionals who told me that my coaching and products had helped him make 2 million dollars. However, he was expanding his business and needed another $2 million. This time he was going for a loan but it wasn’t going the way he hoped. We made a plan about how to talk to the bankers and what to say to them. More importantly we worked on how to project the confidence that he knew what he was doing and how to answer their doubts about the loan. He had already been rejected twice and had one more chance. We actually did several session to prepare him and he called me soon after. He was ecstatic as he got the 2 million dollar loan easily this time.

Maybe what you need isn’t a loan. Maybe it is a raise, asking someone out on a date, presenting a business proposal, getting venture capital, or just passing a test. Coaching can help you.

A few weeks ago a woman called me for help in marketing and selling a product she had developed. Her stuckness was based on the fact that she didn’t believe in her product or know how to sell it. She also didn’t believe in her abilities to sell. We worked through those core beliefs, and it became incredibly easy to get her excited about her product. We worked through creating scenarios of successful selling experiences. Then it clicked. She said, “I now know exactly what I have been missing and what to do. It was me the whole time not the product.”

Sports performance coaching

I have helped many golfers and tennis players — even over the phone and Skype. Most of our issues in sports performance are emotional and action based. When I get inside your head and clean those up, it is amazing how quickly my clients know exactly what to do. We lay out a course of action while in this state of confidence. It sets up a different type of motivation. You move from a place of reward expectation that then pulls you into a successful state. This is really cool to experience, even from my perspective as a coach. I love watching my clients shift and start living the life they have always wanted to live, and to do this with such ease. You can feel right away that you are living the life you were created for. It is so natural without the resistance you have been used to.

Some clients know exactly what they want and were created to do, but no idea of how to do it. It is amazing sometimes how simple and practical some solutions are.

I had a gentleman who was a successful coach but kept getting stuck on certain clients that gave him some trouble. He didn’t know what to do in the middle of the session, which made him feel less confident. He was afraid his clients would notice. So just thinking about this experience made him not want to coach anymore, even though these types of client were rare. He had had enough bad experiences to have it stuck in his imagination.

During our session, I stopped myself. I knew this man was really competent and a professional, too. I realized the issue was more of a procedural issue. He wasn’t asking the right question before his sessions. This framed the session improperly ahead of time.

So I asked him to consider what would happen if he asked this client he had certain questions ahead of the session and if she answered them in a certain way. What would he say then before the session to her to keep her from upsetting the session? You see, when he would get upset by this client, he would try to quickly end the session ahead of time. His problem clients were such a small part of his work experience, but it took up way too much space in his thoughts. We came up with a simple procedure to reduce his stress, and manage expectations. He was stuck in a mindset that he had to have all of the answers, as many coaches believe, but when he realized he didn’t have to and that he could manage expectations ahead of time, it gave him freedom.

Do you have resources?

With any coaching experience, it comes down to resources. People don’t have the resources, emotional, spiritual, or mental, to manage the experiences of their lives. We come up with resources and change perspectives during coaching sessions that make living life easier, more pleasurable, and more fun.

Some of my clients have experienced trauma in their lives. I’ve worked with a number of veterans who have terrible events that play over and over in their heads, paralyzing them. Some clients are going through significant life changes: divorce, the death of a loved one, the loss of a job or career.

One clients years ago was dying, going through the trauma of losing everything. She wanted to know how to best live the rest of her shortened life. This was a tough session, for both of us.

And yet, other clients are ready to go, and just need some confidence in taking that scary next step. They’re smart enough to know there will be mistake, and they’re smarter to find people who can help them avoid a few along the way. I’ve worked with people starting businesses, writing books, making a product. These coaching sessions are so much fun. It’s a pleasure to work from a place of creativity and building something new. When people are in this place, they really begin to really understand how they can best live their best and happiest life.


How can I help you?

This is a great time for you to start getting unstuck and moving forward into the life you want to create. So many things are changing in our reality right now. Moving out of the stress of this shift can be very easy if you have the right resources. To help you, I’m discounting my comprehensive coaching sessions for a short time.

The comprehensive coaching session runs approximately 2 hours and costs $250. This also includes a thorough intake that is part of the pre-session. It helps me really narrow down your patterns and what to focus on for the session. In this session I will ask you lots of questions about yourself and why you do things. Within these conversations I discover a lot about you and can usually find pretty quickly patterns that are holding you back.

Once you do this session, then we can usually schedule the shorter clarity session, as it becomes easier to work on new issues once I figure out your basic patterns.

The shorter session run about 1 hour…and sometime can go to 90 minutes and run $150

With these sessions, I use a different intake and really narrow your session down to one issue. After filling out this intake we can take off running for this session because I have an idea of where to start quickly. These are really productive and sometimes we have been done in 30 minutes. You will be amazed at what we can do in the time this session has to offer.

I also do in person intensive sessions. These usually run between $1000 to $1500 per day depending on what you would like to shift in your life. This is my favorite type of coaching as I really get to watch you and see in person what is going on. We usually spend most of the day together including meals and take a break when you need to.

People have come for coaching intensives from Europe and all over the United States to beautiful and magical Mount Shasta. The energy of the mountain and the natural beauty of this area are highly conducive to change work, opening you up to something much larger within yourself.

I have also traveled to meet people in various locations around the world, to Europe, Asia, and South America. I really enjoy doing sessions along the coast of California and have traveled to various places from San Diego to Santa Barbara, and from Carmel to Bodega Bay to take in the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean as inspiration for the expansive change work people seek.

Ready to get started? Just let me know what you’re seeking. We’ll get started mapping out a new experience for you, something that will really open your experience to a new reality.


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