Secret Billionaire Synchronicity

I went to Dallas with Joe Vitale the other day.

The Rolls Royce Needed its 2000 mile service from all the Rolls Royce Masterminds Joe and I have done:-)

It was a wonderful ride and I must say the attention you get driving into a Waco Texas HEB grocery, store for a bite to eat, is pretty incredible. I have become accustomed to seeing people smile at the site of Eleanor (Joe’s Rolls Royce)… and me & Joe sitting in it.

Now granted I never get that kind of a smile in my car from a college girl in her Mercedes… but I sure get plenty of those Baylor girls looking at me and smiling in Eleanor.

Very seldom do I get a smile from any college age person… or a black person… or a Hispanic person… or an Asian in my car… but when Driving Eleanor… I get the best kind of smile from most of them.

Now Joe has other fancy cars that get looks… but nothing like the Rolls Royce Phantom.

While i was in that HEB grocery parking lot waiting for Joe (and I parked a distance away to protect the car) I had a sense that I was the flower and all the bees were looking for pollen because before long… there were people appearing outside the car door.

One really nice young man with awe in his voice asked, “Sir, can I please take a picture of your car?” I said, “Sure take all you want,” with a smile.

People were going out of their way to come by me even though I was doing my best to keep out of the way 🙂

Next visitor was a black man in a beat up car who pulled right up to my window coming from the other direction… he rolled his window down less that two feet from me and was asking me to roll down my window… I was hesitant… in my own car car and i might have driven off or gotten a little distance before rolling my window down. I hesitated because this guy looked like some of the guys I have seen in gangs… I thought… but wait a minute Mark “You’re in the Rolls… he likes the car… it is not about you.”

So I rolled down the window… smiled and nodded my head at him and asked him how he was doing.
Up comes a big five year old smile that overwhelms his “Gansta” appearance and music playing and he says in a long… slow… loving manner, “Man I sure dooooo Looove your car.”

I smiled back and said “Thank You” and he drove away.

In Dallas it was the same way. Even the people in the Mercedes… Audi’s… Escalades… old and young… beautiful and ugly… black or white or brown… Highland Park or poor sections… executives and poor folk or even the homeless… almost all smiled big at Eleanor.

This got me to thinking. You can’t help but feel in your body and heart all these people of all different possible colors, sizes and shapes, and bank accounts… were projecting this shining attention at me as well because I was sitting IN the Rolls Royce.

It wasn’t just the car that made them project their best attention… it was also the thought of WHO might be in the car. The Possibility. Either way they had a story to now tell.

It was their personal projection…their illusion… supported by Hollywood and Madison Avenue… that allowed them to set free an inner part of themselves that shone.

I understand why people in Hollywood or people with money and power get caught up in this kind of shining attention. Being on the receiving end of all that positive shining energy was incredible… seeing so many human beings at their best… shining… is… intoxicating.

One of the reasons why is that it makes the best come out of me back towards people I was not used to giving my best…or receiving it.

I have friends in the entertainment industry that say a good audience can make or break you.

I personally have been caught up in this kind of intoxication earlier in my life and learned the hard way that when the fame or power or Rolls or money goes away… so too can the attention and the people giving it… that came with it.

This time around I had my previous lesson in memory to texture the present attention I was getting.

And since I had a past experience with this type of addiction… I was able to allow myself to feel it in a different way while still enjoying it.

I started to think what kind of world this would be if we all looked at each other as if we were driving Rolls Royce cars… better yet… what if we looked at the person as the star in the Rolls Royce?

What would this world be like?

I can guess…Pretty darn good!!!

I think of all the aging actors and actresses getting plastic surgery for one more dose of the feeling of another human being looking at them as a star. So much time, money, and pain to go through for these shining attention looks from people. How we value them!

What if we ourselves could look at them as if they were still in their prime to save them that pain of surgery?

Funny thing is that we are all really stars and we put on this opaque or dark cloak and all kinds of illusions to hide from ourselves and others who it is we really are.

We are Children of the Family of the Divine…which in itself is all we really need to know.

Some say we each really are the Divine…They must not believe it fully yet:-)

Yes, I am guilty all the time of forgetting, but I must say the Rolls Royce Trip to Dallas reminded me of what is in all of us to give and receive.

No, I didn’t forget about the synchronicity.

When Joe and i dropped of Eleanor for service… I asked the Receptionist where we could go for lunch nearby. She recommended two restaurants in the same building complex. When we got there we realized she had sent us to two 5-star restaurants that were worthy of a Rolls Royce owner. We picked one and went in.

I felt a little funny as I was not only wearing shorts and white socks… tennis shoes (no one can see them when i am driving Eleanor 🙂 )… and to add insult to injury… they were still wet and stained from when the lid to the coffee cup came off and lots of coffee went all over my shirt and shorts. The shirt was black, so I was safe there. But now I was getting a few different looks from my fellow diners than the looks I received when sitting in Eleanor. My, how life can change fast!

We sat down to eat with one Joe’s business partners Kevin Wilke of Nitro Marketing…who turns out to be a great guy! The meal and service were amazing.

At one point Kevin said we are dining with billionaires today. Both Joe and I looked around… and right behind me was the Billionaire Gentleman.

Funny because I started to feel like one of those people looking at the me in the Rolls Royce moments earlier. Fast perspective change again!

We finished up and went back to our hotel for a few hours rest before going out to eat for dinner with our friend Joni Patry at the restaurant she owns with her husband Daniel, Patry’s Bistro. Daniel’s father was one of the best chefs in the world when alive… and Patry’s Bistro’s carries on his tradition of Fine French Cuisine.

We went there and were meeting Chris Jenkins, a Luthier (Guitar Maker) who had just finished an exquisite, custom, rare wood handmade guitar just for Joe called the Saddle Pal.

If you are in Dallas, you MUST go. The food and service are fantastic, prices very reasonable, and Joni and Daniel will treat you incredibly well.

We all sat down to eat and one of Joni’s friends joined us. Now here is where the story gets really juicy.

Turns out this lady is also a Billionaire. It gets better…she owns the restaurant and the complex where we ate earlier that day sitting next to the first Billionaire.

She invited us to lunch at her house the next day, but were unable to make it. Maybe next time:-)

After Dinner, Joe, Chris and I borrowed Joni’s office and filmed Joe getting his first looks at his brand new saddle pal.

I will have that video up soon… and I will have more thoughts on the Billionaire Synchonicity if you are interested.

Let me know if you are.

Have a great day and smile at someone today like they are in a Rolls Royce. Smile at them as if they are a Billionaire. See what happens.

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  1. That just goes to prove that one can change the inside if one holds the outcome image in his mind! And yes, it’s an easy thing to forget, isn’t it? I have to be constantly reminded of it myself.

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