Beat Procrastination (and get something much more)

When I first met Mark, I saw him coach. His one-on-one work with people amazed me; it blew me away. I don’t get to see him do that very often anymore; his coaching sessions are very private.

I have a rare treat for you… and it’s a treat for me, too. I just listened to the call the other day, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Recently, Mark asked some people if they would be willing to be recorded during their coaching session. Quite a few people came forward, but Mark selected only a few.

Lorinda is one of them.

Lorinda is a woman living in Arizona who has spent the last few years helping her brother recover from an addiction. She’s one of those souls Mark really loves to work with. Caregivers like Lorinda are the ones who give from their heart in meaningful ways to make this world a better place… and Mark loves helping those people reconnect to their spirit so they can be cared for themselves.

Mark coached her to a place where she can now find a way to care for herself. One coaching call awakened something within Lorinda… it awakened a connection to something deeper, more joyful, more exciting and wonderful.

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