Where is Mark now?

Currently, I am in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russian Federation. Joe Vitale and I just finished presenting a seminar in Moscow.

Speaking in Moscow was amazing. The crowd was tough at first… asking many questions and very interested in getting as much as possible from our presentation. But the more we gave, the more the seminar participants gave back.

It has been an amazing trip thus far. We received a private tour of the Kremlin. We were treated like rock stars by more people than we could have imagined.

And today, one day after the Moscow seminar, I received a wonderful email.

I want to thank you Mark one more time for the inspiring, candid and great job you did with Mr. Joe Vitale, here in Moscow during the two-day seminar on the Law of Attraction. For your patience while asking our endless questions, for perfect explanations of very important details and wonderful examples. It was great experience for me particularly and I guess I am going to feel the influence of this seminar and your majestic manners of speaking. Thank you foe being so kind, candid, caring, noticing everything. God bless you and everything you do.

Sincerely, Tina Mikayelyan

It is the gratitude from people like Tina that makes the work worth it.

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