When you want to change

Recently, I worked with a client who had been harboring a lot of resentment towards others. She had decades of experience of other people wronging her. Yet, she was a pretty smart woman, and she knew that the pattern she was experiencing was causing the current pain in her life.

“It’s like my current boss is doing the exact same thing my boss 5 years ago was doing,” she said. “It’s almost like they are the exact same person. So, the problem must be with me.”

The coaching session had a lot of value. I wanted to share some of the insights that my client had during the session. Perhaps you will see some of yourself in the session, and you, too, will experience a shift.

Why experience a shift?

In this client’s case, her experiences were reflecting back certain beliefs she had about herself and others. She wanted to experience something different.

She thought she was coming to me to work through resentment towards her boss and the stress it was creating in her life. However, she left with a greater understanding of her values, her goals, and how the resentment towards her boss was holding her back in more areas than she realized.

What she couldn’t see is that those beliefs were also affecting areas of her life she believed were immune to the boss resentment. She thought that when she went home at night, she was leaving the job behind her and she could put her energy elsewhere. However, she was still bringing the resentment with her. And the resentment was affecting areas she never wanted it to.

Resentment was manifesting most painfully in her relationship with her boss, but it was also causing her pain in her finances, her intimate relationships, and in her relationship with her child.

She was smart. She was strong. She thought she could hold the feelings of resentment away from those she loved.

Of course her boss would want her to change. She wanted a different situation, too, which was manifesting as a desire to get a new job. She was so angry at her boss that she just wanted to be done with him.

All of those conflicting feelings were creating unwanted manifestations in other areas of her life.

She finally understood that she was the one that had to change in order to have a more peaceful life.

You are the point of power for your own change

I started asking questions, and then took her through some exercises to get her past her blocks and opening up her unconscious to believe something different about herself.

She said something important:

“I keep wanting him to change so I don’t have to feel like this. But I know I have to find a way to stop feeling like this so he can change.”

She got it. She saw the fulcrum point of power. The point of her power to change was within her.

When we’re dealing with relationships (and nearly everything is relationships, even your relationship with money), we can never say the problem is “out there.” If your boss is being a jerk, and objectively, he may really be a jerk, your experience of his jerk behavior comes from within you.

I was talking to someone recently about the rash of videos exposing police overstepping their boundaries. We were wondering if police were really becoming more abusive or if the prevalence of cameras were just catching more police in negative situations.

My conversation partner said, “Yes, but if you’re not vibrating at that level, you’ll never see it. And the police might never even see you.”

It all comes down to you, your experience, your beliefs, and the values you seek to fulfill.

If you see it in your life, it is there for a reason and it affects more than you know.

Are there situations you’re facing right now that are not ideal? Do you want something better? Do you feel stuck? Are you tired of holding on to things that don’t serve you?

A coaching session can help you see something you couldn’t see before, and it is done in a protected way. The thing is, there is something within you, something Divine, that wants healing for you. If you’re not going to seek healing yourself, then healing will come in a different way. However, it might take a difficult situation to occur before you realize how deeply your beliefs and thoughts are affecting your manifestations.

For some people, it takes multiple difficult situations occurring before they realize how deeply their beliefs and emotional state are affecting their manifestations.

Ignoring the painful situations doesn’t help. Breathing deep and soldiering on doesn’t help. Fighting back doesn’t help. If the core beliefs and values are still operating under the surface, the negative situations are going to keep showing up until you let go.

When you’re ready to change, when you’re ready to let go of the painful situation and experience something much lighter, productive, and positive in your life, contact me. I can help you shift your beliefs, thoughts, and patterns to open you to a new reality in a single coaching session.

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