Spiritual Currency

Kathy, my girlfriend, has a 7-year-old son, Max. Max loves to play with coins, even much more than paper money.

To Max, the sound and look — and maybe taste — of coins are much more valuable in his world than paper money. In fact, he values the penny the most. Maybe because it is different in color than the silver coins.

My favorite denomination is the $100 bill. I am sure it would be even a higher denomination if that was more practical. My value comes not from the distinctions of color or name or taste… it comes from what I can buy with it. Really, it comes from what I perceive I can buy with it.

Sometimes I have fun with Max’s naivety. Knowing what I know about the social value of money and Max’s value of money, I can bring him a box full of pennies and ask him to trade his box full of quarters. He lights up with a big smile and says “OK” and we trade (for awhile at least). Kathy looks at me and laughs because I think I am getting as much of a deal as Max does. In his reality, he is making out better than I am. There is something magical about touching that level of childhood trading logic.

I can also trade two green colored pieces of paper money for one piece of Max’s money. It is fun for me to convince him that two pieces of paper with a 5 and a 1 on them is worth one of his pieces with a 20 on it.

Max smiles. So do I.

Kathy shakes her head.

While this example shows different levels of values, it also shows in a simplistic way how we as human being are duped into accepting currency that is worth way less than what we give for it.

There is a currency of the spirit and we know the currency of man is money. The currency of spirit is Love. Joy. Peace. Compassion. Forgiveness. Understanding. Compassion. The most valuable is love.

What else besides money do you value more than love?

You may say nothing in your belief systems. But in your behavior or words, it is in full swing.

We don’t want to want to admit that we stubbornly don’t want to forgive on the inside. But we will tell that person we have forgiven them when we really have not. We don’t want to admit out loud we have a prejudice and then condemn those who say out loud what you feel on the inside.

What we really do and what we say we do are two different things.

We say we deal in Spiritual Currency. We say we value a quarter more than a penny, but we then hoard our pennies. We say we know the value of a $100 bill, and we go quietly into our closet and count the pennies.

What I say to you next I say to myself and have for years as I work through my own hypocrisies.

I have heard so many people tell me in coaching or therapy or personal conversations, that they want to make more money and enjoy life more and that they have tried everything.

I spend a few minutes with them. With all the training and skills and intuition I have developed over 20+ years working with hundreds of people, I am quickly able to identify one thing that can transform their entire lives. I identify that one penny. The penny that if they give it up or let go of will change their life and give them what they want.

If they give up this one penny or exchange it, it will open up the floodgates to their abundance.

Will they trade it in, or up? Sometimes. If they are lucky.

Most of the time they will defend their penny and status quo, and then tell me, but I really do want it. It’s an amazing quandary.

It reminds me of the How to catch a monkey story.

Why do we hold on to the penny? We hold on to that penny so tightly because we don’t know or have not personally experienced the equal value of a quarter or a $100 bill in Spiritual Currency.

We claim to know it, but do we really?

How do you get a dog to let go of a Bone? You throw it a piece of meat!

If you have really tasted the meat (sorry to all my vegetarian friends; Think tofu.), you will drop the bone. If you have not tasted the meat, you might say, “This bone tastes better, and I am keeping it.” You keep it only because you really don’t know.

What I want to help you do is experience the treat, and then teach you how to continue to get there on your own.

Why? Because when you start to do this in many areas of your life, when you start to trade in your pennies for $100 bills, you get more for the same amount of effort…maybe even less. It is the first trade that is the most difficult.

The work I do is all about giving up your pennies in exchange for abundance in all areas of your life. The more areas you open up, the more wealth will come your way as well.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if you died with your wealth still in you?

So how can you do more of this?

Imagine if you had a river running through your property and a beaver had dammed up the flow just above your property. You end up getting very little water… the water that was supposed to be yours. Now you could spend a lot of time and take it apart a little at a time. Or you might hire an expert that can come in and look at the damn and figure out that if you were to remove one log the rest would fall apart as a result. You would get your well-deserved water, and you could do it right now.

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  1. Mark,
    You never cease to amaze me! What an incredibly profound message.

    Jerry is in fact a sage and so are you my dear. Continue to allow that light of yours to shine brightly.

    Love and Blessings


  2. Hi Mark,

    Thank you for such a beautiful and insightful article into what’s possible, and our friend Jerry Stocking.

    I request that you continue to share your life, insights and stories here on a regular basis.

    They do enrich lives, mine included.

    Mr. Twenty Twenty
    Ex Hostage – Professional Visionary

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