Self Hypnosis for Success

Do you want something? Would accomplishing something new change your whole life?

Maybe you want to start your own business. Or lose weight. Have more confidence in dealing with people. Maybe you just need some discipline. Or maybe you need to find out what you really want out of life.

Wherever you are feeling stress, anxiety, frustration, or any other blocks, there is a proven method of getting what you want using the power of your unconscious mind.

Self hypnosis can help you succeed. I’ve assembled a product, Self Hypnosis for Success that provides the key to tapping into and unlocking your unconscious mind.

No more being frozen or the feeling of being stuck in the mud with your hopes and dreams! I will give you clear instructions on how to pull yourself out of the rut, get unfrozen and start moving again.

This product includes:

  • 58 page instantly downloadable eBook
  • Instant download of 3 hour, 48 minute audio version of the ebook (with loads of extra bonus commentary)

Why Self Hypnosis is your Secret to Success


self_hypnosis_for_successListen. No matter what’s happening in your life, you’re under a trance. We’re all under a trance of some sort or another… all the time. The greatest marketers of all time were hypnotists, putting their subjects into a trance to buy products. Your entire life has been a series of trances that have come from outside of you.

Do good in school. Be good at home. Clean your room. Take out the trash.

Don’t you think its time you learn how to use hypnosis to gain control of your own unconscious thoughts? Don’t you think it would be a lot easier if you could get rid of all of those external trances… and start to train your mind to be in the trance that actually helps you?

Self Hypnosis for Success

Self Hypnosis is the Key to tapping into and unlocking your Unconscious mind


Your unconscious doesn’t decide to not breathe because it doesn’t feel like it. It doesn’t not blink because your eyelids decided to procrastinate. It doesn’t decided to not wake you up for days because it forgot to wake you up!
The unconscious mind is programmed for success. Why not tap into it and let it take over for the things that really matter to you? You can use the power of self hypnosis to program your unconscious to make anything effortless, including:

  • Weight loss
  • Quitting smoking
  • Overcoming fear
  • Standing up for yourself
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Alleviating chronic pain
  • Overcoming stress
  • Exuding confidence in all situations
  • Staying relaxed in stressful situations
  • Increasing sales
  • Attracting more wealth
  • Forgiving others
  • Inspiring creativity
  • Overcoming creative blocks
  • Expanding conscious awareness
  • Becoming more intuitive
  • Dealing with negative people or situations

You get the picture. Self hypnosis can be used for almost anything.


Bypassing the mental blocks


The blocks that are getting in your way are really in your conscious mind. Self hypnosis trains you to learn how to bypass your conscious mind and get to the real power of your unconscious. Your unconscious is always successful at what we’ve asked it to do. It blinks, digests food, wakes you, puts you to sleep, allows you to brush your teeth without thinking, etc. Learn how to get it to do the things you really want, rather than act upon your fears, dislikes, or resentments.

There are millions of successful things your unconscious mind does ALL day EVERY day successfully. It can sure handle a few more things you want it to do successfully. Self Hypnosis for Success teaches you how to get it moving towards what you rely want.

A famous hypnotist named Richard Bandler once said, “When a bug is flying straight for your eye, it is the unconscious mind that automatically shut the eyelid to protect you without thinking, and it is the conscious mind that keeps the eye open wondering, ‘what it is that thing ready to fly into my eye?’” It’s your conscious mind that is causing you the trouble, not your unconscious!

How many bugs are you trying to look at that get in your way? Are you over-analyzing your finances instead of allowing your unconscious mind to open to new and creative fun ways to create more income? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to just let your unconscious mind successfully do its thing?


Time to try Self-hypnosis for Success!


It is much easier than you think! Really!

Self-hypnosis is the way to get over the humps in life. It is the way to get past the conscious mind blocks.
Lots of folks call Wednesday “Hump Day.” They know if they can make it to Wednesday or “over the hump day,” they can make it the rest of the week.

But how many other things in your life do you not even make it to hump day?

You don’t even make it to the part of the journey that is a fun downhill ride to the completion!

Now what if every day felt like downhill and you were easily able to get yourself to make things happen the way you wanted to?

The simple skills you will learn in Self Hypnosis for Success will help you to eliminate relationship, personal, health, and money issues.

Your life can turn from a rough river ride down the rapids into a smooth kayak ride on a placid mountain lake.
Your mind turns from unsightly weeds into a well-manicured, productive garden. but you have to know what seeds to plant and where. Your unconscious mind is very fertile ground waiting for the right seeds to grow. Self Hypnosis for Success helps you find those seeds, those instructions, that your unconscious needs to create success.
Get the instructions now for Self-Hypnosis for Success and start getting productive results in your life.

Here is what you get in the easy to comprehend ebook and audios. I made them to be understood in layman’s terms. I also using many hypnotic suggestions in the audios to get you to understand Self Hypnosis and to PRIME your unconscious mind to receive these new suggestions from you! Yes, I will also teach you exactly how to structure the words so your unconscious mind understands what you want to do.

First off you get 3 hours and 48 minutes of me reading the Self Hypnosis for Success book. I also add many extra comments and stories. I also am using hypnotic suggestions to prime your unconscious mind to receive the material for your highest success.

SELF-HYPNOSIS FOR SUCCESS is 58 pages of text, diagrams and picture to support your learning

  • Conscious Vs Subconscious Mind The more you understand what exactly the Unconscious mind is the better it can help you to get what you consciously want…and more! I really go after you getting this understanding from many angles
  • Hypnosis: The Communication Tool – Yes Hypnosis is a language tool…it is like the Rosetta stone or an interpreter between the Conscious mind and the Unconscious mind
  • The State of Hypnosis – Yes Hypnosis is a state of mind just like peace is a state of mind. The more you practice this state of Hypnosis the easier it is to go there and make the refinements you want in your successful life
  • Do I Lose Control While Under Hypnosis? No you don’t! You actually gain more control….and I will explain why
    Is Hypnotism Real? – I will explain what I believe and then you can make your own decision but whatever you call it…it works!!!
  • Time Distortion You know how waiting in line can seem forever? And Having fun goes by quickly? What if you could make those work in reverse…or for your benefit?
  • Intelligence And Hypnosis Yes there is a correlation…find out
  • The Conscious May Be Just a Part of the Unconscious – Is it all one or are they separate?
  • SELF HYPNOSIS TRANCE INDUCTIONS We start to get into the HOW of Self Hypnosis in this section.
  • Contraindications For Self Hypnosis. Something (as a symptom or condition) that makes a particular treatment or procedure inadvisable; when not to do self-hypnosis.
  • Techniques and practice sessions. Here are the techniques I will explain and take you thought practice sessions on the audios:
    1. The Braid Effect
    2. Deepening effect
    3. The Mirror Technique
    4. Using The Cherval Pendulum
    5. Ericksonian Protocol
    6. Self Hypnosis Protocol #2: Nested Loops And Suggestions
    7. How Do You Know Which Approach Is Best For You?
    8. Basic Guidelines For Self-Hypnosis From John Overdurf And Julie Silverthorn
    9. Short Version Self Hypnosis
    10. Self Hypnosis Protocol: Traditional Approach, The Long Version


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