Hypnosis and NLP Part 2A: The Map is not the Territory

The Mark J. Ryan Experience
The Mark J. Ryan Experience
Hypnosis and NLP Part 2A: The Map is not the Territory

Interested in learning more about Hypnosis and NLP? Listen to episode 2A in this series: “The Map is not the Territory… The Menu is not the Meal.”

This podcast explores the foundations of Hypnosis and NLP, how the mind works, and how you can use it for change and influence — in a good way.

My updated 2015 version ran long at one hour and 20 minutes. Up next will be the second part, entitled “The Menu is not the Meal.”

Then in part 3 we will get into Stimulus / Response or what we call in NLP “Anchoring.”

These initial introductory podcasts and training will help you build a foundation for the more advanced material.

If you stay with me, I know it will change your life for the better. I have 10 years of emails and testimonials on how it has already helped thousands of people. At one point over 180,000 people were accessing these podcasts every month. There are still over 2,000 subscribers after 8 years.

A lot of new techniques have been developed and discovered. I’ll be teaching this information, but you need a foundation to understand and implement it.

Feel free to share this information with anyone you feel might benefit.

You can also see this video on YouTube here.

3 thoughts on “Hypnosis and NLP Part 2A: The Map is not the Territory”

  1. David Billingsley

    I’ve seen the episode of the Actors Studio interview with John Travolta and I remember being extremely impressed with him. There was a time when ‘Hollywood wisdom’ said he was washed-up and would never be an A-List movie star again, but it was clear from his interview with James Lipton that he didn’t share that sense of himself. Amazing mind control, indeed. So, Mark – If your training can do that for me – I will be both amazed and delighted. I’ve been using your Ho’oponopono DVD training to clear away old baggage, so hopefully I’m ready to become seriously cool like Mr. Travolta! Thank you for all you do.

  2. Thank you so much Mark! I look forward to hearing your next pod casts! Great to have you back sharing your great knowledge!

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